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    Beach "Anse Takamaka" Mahé (Seychelles)

    Anse Takamaka is one of Mahé’s most beautiful beaches, and is well worth a visit for anyone looking for the picturesque beaches they see on postcards, as well as try out a bit of snorkelling in the beautiful waters of the Indian Ocean. Nearby restaurants Chez Batista Restaurant creole 0.4 km 3.0 of 5 472 La Gaulette creole, international, italian

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    The South of Mahé (Seychelles) | Anse Royale, Anse Intendance, Anse ...

    The picturesque Anse Takamaka is followed by the horseshoe-shaped Baie Lazare, and the village of the same name, both of which are named for the first French from Mauritius, Captain Lazare Picault, who was sent to the Seychelles in 1742 to determine whether settlement was possible and, after, to successfully establish a colony.

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    Top Seychelles Attractions | What to do in the Seychelles | Seychelles ...

    Explore Anse Intendance 7. Anse Takamaka (Mahé) Anse Takamaka is a beautiful beach in the southwest of Mahé. This is the perfect place to spend a relaxing day by the sea, thanks to the shady plants, a gently sloping seabed great for swimming and playing, and a lovely restaurant at the end of the beach.

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    Cerf Island (Seychelles) Travel Information | The Inner Islands ...

    Anse Takamaka, Cerf Island Fans of nature and tranquillity seekers will certainly find that on this island, which possesses no roads or shops, and provides the ideal place to relax and enjoy nature in its purest form. The few accommodations available to guests don't disturb the family atmosphere of the 1 x 1.5 km island in any way.

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    Beach "Anse Bazarca" Mahé (Seychelles) -

    Shops and restaurants available nearby at Takamaka. Description: Anse Bazarca is located in the south of Mahé, near to Police Bay and Petit Police Bay. Unlike many other Seychelles beaches, the ocean here is rather deep, and the waves crash against the shore with more force than on other beaches.

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    Beach "Anse Parnel" Mahé (Seychelles) -

    The popular Surfer’s Beach Restaurant is located nearby. Description: Anse Parnel is a relatively secluded little bay, offering beautiful white sand and extremely clear water. The ocean here is relatively shallow, and the lack of sharp drop-off means that the water is safe for children and unconfident swimmers.

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    Beach "Anse Citron" Praslin (Seychelles)

    Anse Citron is a small, oft-deserted beach in the south-west of Praslin, along the coast from more popular and larger beaches such as Fond de l’Anse and Anse Takamaka. The water here is unique in that it is extremely shallow, just a few centimetres even at low tide, making it safe for children, but rendering swimming impossible here.

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    Beach "Anse Intendance" Mahé (Seychelles) -

    Description: Anse Intendance is a well-known wild beach in the south of Mahé, the largest Seychelles island. This breathtaking white sandy beach is framed on each side by incredible granite formations, and ranks among the most beautiful spots on the island, if not the whole world. Thankfully, getting to the beach via car or bus is really simple.

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    Beach "Anse Cimitière" Praslin (Seychelles)

    At the beach there is beautiful, shallow water, numerous badamier and takamaka trees, and a relatively calm atmosphere. This is a great beach for relaxing with a good book or simply lying in the sun. It is also a good spot for snorkelling and windsurfing, and equipment can be rented nearby for those who feel a little more active during their holiday. Anse Cimitière is also extremely family ...

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    Shopping in the Seychelles | Supermarkets, Shops, Markets, Shopping ...

    Pineapple Studio, Anse Aux Poules Bleus, West Coast Road, Mahé Opening hours: Mon - Fr 10 - 18, Sa 10 - 16, Sun closed, Map , Phone: +248 4 361 230 Pineapple Studio 2 , Shop 2, Codevar Building, Albert Street, Victoria, Mahé


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