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Carol and Charles
di Carol and Charles

Carol and Charles' Week in Paradise

My husband and I got back from our honeymoon in Seychelles on the 2nd of September 2017 after 7 days. We had a splendid stay and we appreciate how organized Seyvillas was when we were making our bookings for accommodation and transfers, it was so easy for us.

Image: We landed at Seychelles airport at around 3pm on 26th August 2017 and we totally loved the reception we received from Creole. The transfer from Mahe to Praslin by Creole was very well executed; we got our ferry boarding passes and proceeded to the ferry. The experience was not so bad but the turbulence was a bit uncomfortable so I opted to sleep it off, my hubby on the other hand was okay hehe.

The journey to Praslin was about an hour long, the drive to Berjaya Praslin Resort was a pleasant one as we enjoyed the views of the sandy beaches, humid air and ‘fishy’ smell haha, and I honestly don’t enjoy that smell. The reception at Berjaya Praslin Resort was a pleasant one and we received a warm welcome with some refreshments. We checked in to our room and it was all that we had expected. Very clean and spacious but one of the water bottles was half full which was a bit odd. Breakfast was good but it could be improved by offering a variety of options. Praslin was an interesting island where we stayed for four days.

Image: Image: Things were a bit expensive especially food so we opted to be buying dinner at a certain food truck, the menu included rice with goat meat, beef and chicken. For lunch we used to eat either fruits or a snack on our way as we explored the island. We got to taste some very interesting fruits that we have never seen before back home in Kenya except for the passion fruit which slightly different from ours and is sweeter and bigger than the one in Kenya. We also hired a car which we used to move around the island.

Image: Anse Volbert (Cote d'Or) and Anse Lazio beaches were quite good, very clean with very many people vacationing. Got to ‘swim’ in the ocean for the very first time and I was so surprised that the water was that salty!! Haha. My hubby was successful in convincing me to try the water despite my phobia for large water bodies; we got to enjoy diving over the huge waves of water.

Image: We left Praslin for La Digue via the ferry on Wednesday which was our fifth day from the time we landed and it took a very short time compared to the journey from Mahe to Praslin. La Digue was too awesome and we got to ride bicycles on the Island which I enjoy doing unlike my hubby who was left behind all the time lol. We got a chance to view the huge tortoises and we fed them. We also saw the huge vanilla plantations and later went to relax at the Anse Source d'Argent beach, really enjoyed this beach coz of the lovely granite boulders, we lastly had creole chicken at a restaurant near the beach. We left La digue for Mahe in the evening.

Image: The journey from La Digue to Mahe was a rough one, I got sea sick. We checked in at Stephna Residence and we were very well received by Henry, very nice guy. The apartment was too good with a huge bed and very clean. Our first dinner was prepared by Henry and he set us a table for two by the balcony, we really appreciated that, it was awesome.

Image: Image: We visited the food market and bought a few things, we also did shopping for some groceries which we used to cook for ourselves, and we found that to be cheaper. We hired a car that we used to go round the whole island.

Seychelles is an extremely beautiful country and we really enjoyed our honeymoon there, it was really worth it. Thank you seyvillas for giving us the opportunity to explore the lovely islands, the exquisite sandy beaches and breathtaking sceneries. Thank you Creole for the wonderful and prompt service and shout out to Aniffa (Creole) for your natural hair secret and lastly thank you Henry for your kindness and hospitality. We wouldn’t have had a wonderful experience without all of you.

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