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by Anna

Our trip to the Seychelles

My name is Anna. I am a fourteen-year old girl from Sweden. I went to the Seychelles for about two weeks together with my family, and we really enjoyed our trip. At first we landed at a small AirPort on the island Mahe. It is the main island with a lot of restaurants and shops were you can find art, postcards, clothes etc. We only stayed for a couple of hours before we took a ferry to the next island, Praslin.

Sunset in the SeychellesSunset in the Seychelles

Praslin is a much smaller island, and everyone seem to know each other. We stayed in two different hotels, both situated next to the sea. The first hotel, Sea View Lodge, even had a sea view. The people at the hotel were very nice. They gave us fresh fruit every day and the room was small but cozy. During the whole trip we ate most of our breakfasts at our hotels and bought the food in the supermarkets, mostly because of the high prices at the restaurants. Everything, not only the food, is very expensive. We even tried to avoid the cabs as much as possible.

Beach in the SeychellesBeach in the Seychelles

We arrived to Praslin on Christmas Eve, so we went out to eat a lovely buffet at a place called Les Laurier. I am a vegetarian, and both I and my family, (who eats meat), really enjoyed our meal. The chef was really nice too, he even gave us a ride back to our hotel with his car. We stayed at Sea view lodge for about three nights before heading to the next place, called Acquario Villa. It was quite nice, especially a women in the reception called Nora. She took care of us during our time at the hotel, and we had a great time, even though there were some rainy days.

After a week on Praslin it was time to take the ferry to the next island, La Digue. It's a quite special island actually, there are almost no cars. The most popular way to transport is by bike, but we got picked up with a golf car from our hotel. I liked La Digue even better than Praslin, but it is hard to tell why. I get bored pretty easily, so maybe the reason was all the action on La Digue. Even though it's not crowded, there are a lot of people everywhere. It is tourists from all around the world, but also people who actually live there.

Transport in the SeychellesTransport in the Seychelles

Another reason could be the dogs. I love dogs, and they were everywhere. Small, big, hairy, cute and wild. Some are owned by the hotels and restaurants, but there are many living on the street too. It breaks my heart a little to see them so skinny and so scared, but they are smart and they know how to flirt with tourists to get them some food.

Stroking a dog on La DigueStroking a dog on La Digue

However, the first hotel on La Digue was my favourite. It was situated close to a lot of nice beaches, not far from the main village and the American family who owned it was really sweet. A sunny day at the beach calles for a lot of drinks and fresh fruit. It was not a problem on La Digue. People sold fresh juices and fruit platters everywhere, or why not an icecold fresh coconut?

View of the oceanView of the ocean

I ate so much mango I think I might have became one, and I tried sweet fruits and mixes I had never even heard of. Amazing? Amazing. We also ate a lot of food from small street restaurants and fast food places. They had everything from salads to burgers and curries. It was not junk food at all, but actually quite fresh.

We celebrated the New Year with a dinner, (buffet of course), at a place called Fish Trap. The food was amazing and I ended my 2016 full and satisfied. We had a table on the beach, and we looked out to the sea while counting down the new year, holding each others hands. Something for you to try next year, celebrate the New Year on a beach in the Seychelles with the people you love the most. It is pretty great.

Beach on PraslinBeach on Praslin

After five nights at O'Soleil Chalets we moved to our last hotel, Casa de Leela. We spent our last three nights on that guesthouse a bit further from the sea. This place had a pool though, so we survived. We spent a lot of time lying in the sun, enjoying our last hours in the paradise.

Our trip to the Seychelles was one of our best so far. We laughed, ate good food and got some nice sun on our pale faces. We are returning back to Sweden a little healthier, happier and closer to each other. But most importantly, we are returning with a knowledge that we want to do this again.

Anna's sister, Emma, also wrote her own travel journal about their trip. Read it here!

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