How do I book?

On our website, you can find descriptions and pictures of all of the hotels and villas in our programme, which give you the most detailed idea of the accommodation as possible. This is also the case for our island-hopping packages. Furthermore, each of these page contains a contact form, which you can use to send us an enquiry. This can also be done by telephone.

First of all, we will make you an offer based on your enquiry. You will then have the opportunity to request changes to various aspects of our offer. If you would then like to accept a binding offer, you send us the necessary contract form, and we send you your booking confirmation, along with other information about your booking.

Can I contact you by telephone?

Of course! Our team knows each object in our programme first-hand, and they are more than happy to use this knowledge to help you create your tailor-made holiday over the phone.

Why is an offer only valid on the day it is issued?

Our offers are created on an individual basis, and are only valid for one day. This is because the hotels and villas in our programme may receive bookings from other sources in the meantime, while flight prices and availabilities can also change with little notice. Should you require more time to think over the offer, we are more than happy to update it for you at any point.

Why is SeyVillas unable to give me a binding statement of the availability of their hotels before I send a booking enquiry?

Our availability calendar is updated by our Seychelles partners (hotels, guesthouses, yacht charter companies etc.) themselves. This can sometimes mean that the availability of our accommodations is outdated. After your booking enquiry, SeyVillas will contact the owner of the appropriate establishment or accommodation in order to give you a binding, accurate availability status.

For the larger hotels and chains who we work with, each establishment or company tends to work with its own booking system, all of which differ from each other enormously. Therefore, it is currently not possible to combine all of these systems with each other and our own in order to display binding, up-to-date availabilities. In terms of confirmations of availability, we are only able to provide this when we first receive the confirmation ourselves from the hotel.

What happens if a hotel cannot confirm my booking enquiry?

In cases where the hotel you have requested is no longer available, we will send you an alternative suggestion, or, you can send us your own replacement suggestion. In addition, if the hotel, guesthouse, yacht etc. is unavailable, you can also withdraw your booking interest at any point between sending us your initial request and accepting an offer.

Do I book a package holiday with SeyVillas?

All our local services (accommodation, transfers, day trips, weddings) are considered as a package holiday. The international flights are not considered as a package holiday, but as a brokered service.

Will I receive a secured payment certificate?

Yes, we will of course send you a secured payment certificate. This is a legal requirement for travel and tour operators, and serves as the basis for the receipt of payment from you, as our customer, to us, as travel operator.

When do I have to pay and what payment options are available?

After receiving your confirmed booking enquiry, we will send you a booking confirmation (PDF) within three days by email. We will also send you your secured payment certificate at this point. After receiving the booking confirmation, you must pay 30% of the total amount within 5 working days. For flights, SeyVillas acts as an intermediary, so flight costs must be paid in full (100%) within five working days. The remaining amount must be paid, at the latest, five weeks before the start of your holiday.
We offer payment by bank transfer (our preferred method of payment) or credit card (Visa and Mastercard). Unfortunately, we cannot accept payments with American Express.

How will I be looked after while on holiday?

We have contractually-regulated agreements in place with the largest local tourism services in the Seychelles. They will take care of welcoming you to the Seychelles and with transfers. They are also available for questions, and can help you out with any problems that may arise in relation to your holiday in the Seychelles.

Can I take out travel cancellation insurance?

We strongly recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance. The costs of this are minimal compared with the cost of a holiday, and will insure you against any potential illnesses which may result in you having to cancel your holiday. We are also able to take out travel cancellation insurance for you on your behalf, as well as travel health insurance and full insurance packages.

What is the Service Fee?

The service fee helps us to properly manage and update our website as well as to continuously improve travel processing and customer advice. This ensures us that we can continue to offer you the best advice and the most accurate product in the future.

Special services included in the service fee:

  • Personal and individual consultation by our qualified team.
  • Free change to your holiday package if your flights are changed (no re-booking fee by SeyVillas).
  • Implementation of extra wishes (e.g. candlelit dinner, bike rental, excursions etc.).
  • Local contact person on-site throughout your holiday
  • SeyVillas emergency contact number at the weekend
When does the service fee apply?

The service fee applies to bookings of two or more travel services (including accommodation, transfers, flights, day trips, weddings).

What is the sustainability levy for tourism?

Since 01.08.2023, the sustainability levy for tourism has come into force. Holidaymakers have to pay between 25-100 Seychelles Rupees per person/night on arrival, depending on the size of the accommodation booked.

This contribution is used for nature conservation projects, such as the expansion of renewable energies or the mitigation of coastal erosion in the Seychelles.

The amount of the levy is as follows:
Accommodation with 1 - 24 rooms
25 SCR per person/night
Accommodation with 25 - 50 rooms
75 SCR per person/night
Accommodation with 51+ rooms
Accommodation not located on Mahé, Praslin, La Digue or Cerf Island
Sailing tours
100 SCR per person/night

The environmental sustainability levy must be paid at your booked accommodation and applies to all persons aged 13 and over.

The payment is usually made in cash in the local currency “Seychelles Rupee“. If your accommodation has a card reader, you may also pay by credit card (fees might apply).