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    Let us know how you enjoyed your holiday in the Seychelles.

  • There are 321 reviews of SeyVillas.

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    • Jimmi 31.01.2024 11:04

    • Sevillas are a company that you really can count on. Everything was so easy with their helps.
      So easy to book and the transport between every island was top notch.

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      This must be the paradise on earth.
      My eyes have now seen things that I never imagined.
      Just love Seychelles and this trip is staying in my mind forever.
      And the people was so nice.

      Le Duc de Praslin (Praslin)

      Le Duc de Praslin

      This was paradise and so close to the water. Everything was perfect and really good food and drinks. ????

      Le Repaire Boutique Hotel

      Fantastic stay and the food was delicious great. You must have the pizza.
      So friendly people that work on Le Repaire. And even closer to the water with a stoning beach. ????️

      Bliss Hotel (Mahé)

      Bliss Hotel

      So beautiful room. We were staying in the family room that is over the balcony in the picture and it was so beautiful.
      Falls a sleep with the waves and woke up to the waves. And so beautiful view from the room.


      Perfect, perfect, perfect
      They were always on times and always with a smile on their faces.

    • Peter 06.01.2024 22:52

    • Super service und Beratung. Uns wurde das empfohlen, was wir suchten!

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      La Digue ist Traumhaft schön und ruhig. Mahé ist zwar auch malerisch schön, aber man braucht praktisch überall ein Auto. Auch wenn ein Restaurant oder Strand 500 m von der Unterkunft entfernt sind, muss man an den sehr schmalen Straßen entlanglaufen, und die Autos und Busse rasen mit wenigen cm Abstand vorbei. Daher fand ich den Aufenthalt in Mahe weniger erholsam weil man immer mit dem Auto irgendwo hin fahren musste. Es sei denn, man bleibt an einem von den teureren Resorts direkt am Strand, oder man bucht touren. Im Vergleich zu anderen Strand/Urlaubsorten sind die Seychellen relativ teuer aber dafür auch weniger Massentourismus. Wir kehren wohl zurück aber dann bleiben wir auf den kleineren Inseln wo man zu Fuß oder mit Fahrrad leicht durch die Gegend kommt.

      Chalets Bougainville

      Super Appartement mit herrlichem Blick. Wir waren in der Villa Limon direkt neben dem Pool. Küche ist sehr gut ausgestattet, Bett mit neuer, super bequemer Matratze und riesige Terrasse wo man den Tag verbringen kann wenn das Wetter schlecht ist oder man nur faulenzen will. Die Inhaber sind sehr hilfsbereit und helfen bei der organisieren Touren, usw.

      Lage ist ein wenig entlegen, zu Fuß ist in der Umgebung wenig zu erreichen (und die Straße so schmal, dass das laufen unangenehm und unsicher ist). Ein Auto is hier ein muss. Dafür aber ruhig und man kann die Wellen und das Meer und die Vögel vom Balkon aus hören und sehen.

      Villa Creole (La Digue)

      Villa Creole

      Gut gelegen und ausgestattet. Aber: Es lohnt sich mehr, wenn man eine von den 2 Villen mit dem Pool buchen kann. Die hinteren 2 Villen haben nur Liegen im Garten und wenig Schatten. Es wird viel auf La Digue gebaut und den Blick/Zugang zum Strand, den man auf manchen Fotos im Internet sieht, gibt es nicht mehr, da ein neues Hotel direkt davor am Stand gebaut worden ist. Ebenfalls ist der Strand jetzt nur durch einen Zugang an der Straße entlang zu erreichen....wer weiß, wie lange das noch bleibt bevor das auch bebaut wird.

      Es gibt allerdings ziemlich viel Verkehr auf der Straße (für diese kleine Insel wo es kaum private Autos gibt). Mit den vielen Baustellen gibt es viele Laster die hin und her fahren.

      Trotz der Mankos ist Villa Creole zu empfehlen. Guter Preis und großes Grundstück wo man in Ruhe den Tag verbringen kann, im vergleich zu neueren Ferienwohnungen und Hotels die nur kleine Außenbereiche haben. Supermarkt und Restaurants in der Nähe. Fahrräder werden vom den Inhabern vermietet.

    • Clive 18.12.2023 20:41

    • We have used you in the past and will do so in the future. Great service. Everything always goes to plan.

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      This was our sixth trip to Seychelles - and won't be our last. Surprisingly varied from island to island. But paradise everywhere - even if the weather in December can be a little wet!

      Six Senses Zil Pasyon (Félicité)

      Six Senses Zil Pasyon

      Amazing location, friendly staff, great accommodation, if starting to look slightly worn now. Would have given 5 stars - except we were not provided with any breakfast on the day of our early morning departure.

      Four Seasons Resort Desroches Island

      Perfection. Staff seemed really interested to engage with us. Location is spectacular. We particularly enjoyed cycling to remote beaches around the island - to find hotel-provided towels, beach equipment & chilled water waiting for us. Will definitely return!

      Mango House Seychelles, LXR Hotels & Resorts

      Staff seemed to lack the attention to detail that one would expect with a 5-star hotel. Used towels at the poolside not cleared-up for 24 hours - and fresh towels not always available. Drinks glasses at viewing decks not cleared for 48 hours. Gardens not as well kept as they should have been.
      A great location with potentially great facilities. But our bathroom had a bad drain smell - which we reported to reception. Nothing was done.
      Certainly won't be returning here.


      Punctual. However, a little unnerving to have the driver speeding from the ferry terminal to the airport whist having a conversation on his hand-held mobile phone.

    • Martin 08.12.2023 14:35

    • My partner and I recently came back from a 17-day trip to the Seychelles. Months prior, from the moment we started looking into how to plan our trip, we were extremely impressed with how well the Seyvillas website was organized. It was so easy for us to look at various options for our accommodation.

      We received a quote from Seyvillas within less than 24 hours after sending in our request. That turn-around was very impressive!

      We had a few things to consider, and delayed confirming our acceptance of the quote. By the time we did, it turned out that one of our accommodations was no longer available. The Seyvillas team immediately suggested an alternate which, as it turned out, was actually much better than the one we had been looking at.

      We had also thought we should book one night in Mahé at the end of our trip, to ensure we would be there for our flight out the next day.

      Ena suggested we consider having that last day in La Digue instead, and taking the early morning ferry to Mahé the next day, since our departing flight wasn’t until 19:35. This was a great suggestion since it gave us more time to enjoy La Digue and avoided the hassle of staying at a place on Mahé for only one night.

      We were extremely impressed with the promptness of all of our communications by email. And, at one point we had a question about stores and restaurants that would be within walking distance from our accommodation just outside Beau Vallon. We weren’t planning on renting a car, but the description of the accommodation suggested that due to its location renting a car was advisable. After an online chat with your team, we determined that the suggestion of renting a car was only because the accommodation was uphill from Beau Vallon. We like walking, and hiking, so having a car was not needed. This was all sorted out within a few minutes by an online chat. The information was very helpful and the service was extremely quick!

      All in all we could not have been more impressed with Seyvillas and your partner, Creole, who handled the trip once we were there. Everything went so smoothly, it was hard to believe!

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      We spent only 3 nights in Mahé since our main objective was to spend more time on Praslin and La Digue. Because our time on Mahé was limited we opted for a one day private tour of the highlights of the island. As it turned out, this was a great way to see a lot in a short period of time. Alistair from Ocean Blue had been doing our transfers so we hired him. He was a very knowledgeable and thoughtful guide and took us to some places that we are sure most people wouldn’t get to see.

      On both Praslin and La Digue, we had a more leisurely pace and got to experience the local culture and people first hand. Overall the people are very friendly and welcoming.

      La Digue was our favourite island. We rented bikes for the week, at a very reasonable price, and experienced the island very easily that way. Everything is so easy to get to!

      We were staying at self-catering accommodations but ate several of our meals at restaurants. There is a great variety to choose from and the quality of food is very wide ranging, from basic pizza or fish and chips on the beach to fantastic food at places like Chez Jules on La Digue (probably our best meal on the entire trip).

      Finding the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables we are accustomed to in Canada was a bit of a challenge, but we made do and managed to make our own meals when we weren’t eating out.

      Two of the self catering places we stayed at offered breakfast and dinner, which we took advantage of on a couple of occasions. That was a great thing to have as an option.

      We found the prices of meals and beverages to be higher than we were expecting (the same or higher than they would have been back home in Canada) but that was typically offset by the great locations.

      Overall, it was so nice to experience the laid back, slower pace of life in the Seychelles. We want to keep that part of our trip alive inside us for as long as possible.

      SeyView Apartments

      Our unit here had a great terrace with a terrific view over the ocean.

      The kitchen was incredibly well equipped, probably not unlike what you would have in your own home. This is exceptional compared to most self-catering places we have stayed in.

      The place was spotlessly clean and in great condition. It is fairly compact but well laid out. The grounds themselves are also well kept and clean.

      The owners are very helpful and available on WhatsApp for anything that might come up (nothing did).

      A nice bonus was having the plunge pool to relax in at the end of the day before enjoying a cocktail and heading into Beau Vallon for dinner.

      Although it was recommended to rent a car, we were staying only a few days and didn’t mind the short walk into Beau Vallon. The road is a bit steep so we often took a taxi back up the hill at night when it was dark.

      For longer trips, to see the rest of the island, we arranged for a taxi / guide.

      In our mind this was great value for the price.

      Sea Splash Self Catering

      We had one of the two upper floor units. The terrace was huge, and had enough room for a dining table, sitting lounge, and two chaise lounges. It is south facing so it gets a bit hot mid day, but there is shade under the thatched roof which covers part of it.

      The unit is large, bright and spacious. Katiba looked after the unit daily and kept it spotlessly clean. She was very helpful and kind.

      The kitchen could have been slightly better equipped. For example there were no large bowls to make a salad in or to serve food. A pair of scissors would have been helpful. Minor things like that.

      Nicole, the owner, was very helpful throughout our whole one-week stay. She was always available on WhatsApp and got back to us quickly. Unfortunately, my partner was really sick for a few days. She arranged for a friend of hers who is a taxi driver, to take us into town to a private medical clinic. She was kind enough to bring fresh coconut juice to help settle his stomach.

      We would highly recommend having dinner (at least once!) that is offered. The quality of the creole food, including all home made sauces, salads, and BBQd fish / chicken, was really, really good. And, the portions were very generous.

      The location is a bit remote, but that’s what we were looking for - something away from the centre of the two towns. There is a small mini-market just a 5-minute walk away, which has the essentials.

      If you want to get out to explore the island you would need to rent a car, or hire a taxi.

      There are two small but lovely beaches within a two minute walk from the guesthouse. We spent time every day at the small beach just east of us. It felt like we had our own private beach.

      This guesthouse offered great value for the price.

      Anse Severe Beach Villa

      This guesthouse is perfectly situated, right on the beach. The location could not be better. We had one of the two upper floor units which had a large terrace that included a dining table, two comfy chairs and a suspended lounger.

      There is a filtered view of the beach and ocean through the trees.

      Juel, the on-site gentleman, handled everything from welcoming us when we arrived, to doing all of the housekeeping and keeping things running smoothly. He kept our unit extremely clean - daily service. He was very friendly and it was a pleasure dealing with him.

      We did not meet or have any interaction with the owners but Juel spoke highly of them.

      The grounds were very well kept - leaves raked daily.

      The unit itself was quite dark which was unfortunate - it made it difficult to read in the sitting area for example. The bathroom was also fairly dark. This could easily be remedied by changing the wooden pendant lights, which were there for looks only, to some track lights.

      The kitchen could be slightly better equipped - a pair of scissors, a bread knife, minor things like that.

      Otherwise, the place was perfect. We would definitely stay here again.


      All of the on-site services, once we were in the Seychelles, were exceptional and it’s hard to imagine how they could have been improved.

      The staff at Creole who welcomed us in each location were friendly and helpful. The transfers went very smoothly, always on time.

      We weren’t expecting to have a contact person assigned to us as our personal assistant on each of the islands. That was a bonus. We made use of their help in choosing restaurants, signing up for day trips, etc. they were always very prompt at getting back to us.

      It was a very good experience and we appreciated all the effort that went into it behind the scenes to make it come off so smoothly.

    • Julie 04.12.2023 05:38

    • From the original booking communication was quick, informative and helpful
      Booking was easy, I had a couple of questions that were responded too immediately
      I would recommend SeyVillas to anyone booking a trip to The Seychelles

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      Absolutely beautiful island quieter than we imagined but that made the holiday even more relaxed

      Maison Soleil (Mahé)

      Maison Soleil

      Andrew Gee was an incredible host and nothing was too much trouble, he was always on hand to answer questions, arrange our car hire, pick up and return to the airport and share his beautiful home with us
      Maison Soleil is a beautiful piece of heaven hidden away in the most beautiful part of the island

    • Andrew 14.11.2023 00:16

    • Seyvillas provide a professional service in top class! Very efficient and easy booking process, together with a prompt and reliable follow-up in all matters.

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      This was our fourth visit to the Seychelles, and probably the best yet! We have family here, so this will definitely not be our last visit. Though the number of tourists seems to have increased, there is still plenty of space on the beaches :-) Every time we come, we visit new beaches. This time we discovered Petite Anse, a gem of a hideaway on Mahe. The walk through the Four Seasons resort was long and arduous, but well worth it once you reach this fabulous beach. Only drawback was that to eat at any of the restauarants on the beachfront, one has to book at least 24h in advance. We can also highly recommend a day visit to Hilton Labriz on the island Silhouette, taking the boat from the jetty at Bel Ombre.
      The landscape and vegetation of the Seychelles are extraordinary and quite unique. We had however quite a lot of heavy rain (late Oct/early Nov) which was a surrpise as the rainy season usually comes a little later.

      Eden Hills Residence

      Excellent accomodation with very friendly and helpful staff. Thank you Veronique and the team! Fantastic welcome package of goodies, including pink champagne in the fridge! Daily refill of water and coffee/tea!
      Wonderful quiet pool area and off-the-road parking option at the property. Only downside was other occupants occasionally not being particularly respectful with their parking :-( There is room for 5 cars, but it requires that everyone parks sensibly and with consideration for others.

    • Devan 07.11.2023 11:46

    • Great service, prompt response and excellent service

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      Lovely destination, great food, clean beautiful beaches, friendly locals. Highly recommended

    • Maria 26.10.2023 05:36

    • Every demand was responded. Never had a problem

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      Excellent destination if you want to relax, experience tropical vibe and see the nicest beaches in the world. Will be back

      Mazu (La Digue)


      We have had 3 accomodations in Seychelles and Mazu was definitely the best one! They are a great team and try tu fulfill everything you ask for. Very clean, new room with a perfect pool and very tasty breakfast. Definitely come back, thank you

    • Stirling 09.10.2023 10:44

    • Great service from Seyvillas would highly recommend anyone to use them.

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      Loved the beauty of Seychelles the small beach coves and the colour of the ocean really fantastic, people are very friendly and helpful just found to eat and drink rather expensive but had a great holiday.


    • Justyna 28.08.2023 19:44

    • Szybki, świetny kontakt, polecam

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      La Digue piękna, urocza, przytulna wyspa, doskonała na wypoczynek o każdej porze roku, nasze dzieci były zachwycone spotkaniami z lokalnymi żółwiami!

      Coco de Mahi (La Digue)

      Coco de Mahi

      Wspaniała obsługa przez gospodarzy, bardzo smaczne posiłki, poleca wybrać śniadania oraz kolacje. Bardzo czyste pokoje, cicha spokojna okolica, doskonała lokalizacja, blisko do sklepu oraz najpiękniejszych plaz na wyspie! Dziękujemy jeszcze raz Markowi oraz Hilary za wspaniała gościnę.

    • Gábor 20.08.2023 11:57

    • Easy handling good web page and service.

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      Best ever place for vacation. No crowd anywhere. Enough place on beaches and wherever you go. Perfect environment. Cleanliness and precise planning, order wherever we went to.

      Cote d'Or Footprints

      Both the location and the villas are perfect.
      Free isage of boats and SUP is an amazing extra we did not know about before.
      Our host was super helpfull and kind in whatever we could ask about.

    • Alicia 16.08.2023 11:01

    • Ensured we had a unique, stress-free and memorable vacation! Would recommend to anyone thinking about a Seychelles vacation.

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      So lovely! perfect combination of adventure, discovery, nature and relaxation. exceeded our expectations.

      Heliconia Grove (Praslin)

      Heliconia Grove

      Casa de Leela (La Digue)

      Casa de Leela


    • Andreas 07.08.2023 12:10

    • Wir sind sehr begeistert, wie toll die Organisation der Reise geklappt hat. Alle Termine und angekündigten Uhrzeiten waren super pünktlich. Netter Service vor Ort!!!

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      Ein tolles Reiseziel, nette Menschen, schöne Landschaft , gutes Essen und Trinken. Viel zu sehen und zu erleben

      Cote d'Or Apartments

      Das Objekt hat eine tolle Lage, zu Fuß 1 min zum Strand.
      Das Apartment ist in die Jahre gekommen. Klimaanlage direkt an der Wand und Tür zum Bad - wenn Badtür offen, dann bläst die Klimaanlage nur ins Bad. Da die Klappen an der Klimaanlage defekt und kaputt sind. In der Küche gab es keine Teller ausreichend für 3 Personen, Töpfe , Pfannen nur eklig und alt und abgenutzt. Nicht brauchbar
      Übergardinen im Schlafzimmer links rum aufgemacht!!!! Hat offensichtlich seit Jahren keiner gemerkt.
      Das Frühstück war von uns um 8,30 Uhr bestellt - kam einen Tag gar nicht. Auf Nachfrage wurde dann eiligst etwas gebracht, keine Entschuldigung. Personal sehr unfreundlich.
      Frühstück war unakzeptabel. Es bestand aus 3 kl. Gläsern mit Saft, schon kalten getoasteten Weißbrot (obwohl ein Toaster im Aparament vorhanden war), Nescafe - 3 Löffel, 2 Teebeutel, Schale mit 2 aufgeschnittenen Organen und ein kl. Schälchen Marmelade!!! Zur Abreise wurde nicht mal auf Wiedersehen gesagt!!!!!!

      Etoile Labrine (La Digue)

      Etoile Labrine

      Tolle Unterkunft. Zimmer durch Zustellbett für unsere Tochter recht klein im Verhältnis zum Vorobjekt

      Das Frühstück ein Gedicht, mit Liebe und Freundlichkeit serviert. Echt toll

      Gute Betreuung , netter Service
      Auch das Angebot mitZubuchung von Abendessen optimal

      Fisherman's Cove Resort

      Tolles Hotel, nette Mitarbeiter, Suite super

      es gibt nichts auszusetzen!!!


      Transfer auch pünktlich und sehr nett

    • Sara Thaulow 23.07.2023 08:27

    • The best place to book your dream holiday in Seychelles! Super helpful staff that makes sure you have all the information about your trip to Seychelles including extra services for our honeymoon. So happy for the package we've gotten from Seyvillas ????

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      Seychelles is a great honeymoon destination. Coming from Europe, although some food is familiar its made in a different way and everything we tried tasted soooo good! Literally didnt have any bad food here ???? the views are breathtaking wherever you look and everything looks unreal ???? however, you really need to be careful in your choice of hotel, location and the beaches because this can make or break your vacation. Some beaches are beautiful but too shalow to swim or full of stingrays. Some have strong currents. The taxi organized by the hotel can be 80€ but locally only 300 rupees. You really need to be observant and do your research do have the best experience in Seychelles and local people will make sure to also inform you, if not always ask because Seychelles are the real paradise! :))

      Berjaya Praslin Resort

      From our arrival to the end of our trip, we were really taken good care by the manager of the restaurant, chef and Bilal. These people had their best interest in securing a great vacation to us when it comes to food and activities on the island. We got a room upgade for our stay and even got to enjoy the complementary 4-course dinner on the beach as a part of our honeymoon which was undoutably the best part of our stay. Bilal gave us the map of the island and told us about all the places we could visit to avoid tourist traps and gave us the bus schedule, which made our stay apsolutely amazing. We had friends living nearby in a more expensive resort and they didnt even get all the amazing services and care we've gotten, not to mention that the resort is placed on one of the best beaches on the island, it has a bus stop in front and beachfront restaurant. Cannot recommend it more and thanks for the whole team for making our stay so special! ❤️

    • Luisa Maria 11.07.2023 20:31

    • Very helpful and always friendly! We got very quick responses and we were happy with our booking. Maybe some more information about the islands and tipps would be nice.

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      We enjoyed every moment of our honeymoon on the Seychelles. The nature is stunning, the local people are so friendly and helpful, the food is good and the beaches are amazing!!

      Hotel L'Archipel (Praslin)

      Hotel L'Archipel

      Perfect stay! This accomodation was our favorite. The Service was excellent, the food very good, the room had an amazing view and the place was really really nice with its beach, the garden, the pool, the bar and everything else. The staff here is really friendly and professional!! Breakfast is made with a lot of heart :) nice things to choose and good quality! The room had a very good standard and the house keeping did an excellent job.

      Le Domaine de L'Orangeraie

      The pool area was really nice and the restaurant was good. We were a little unhappy with the quality of the room (the bathroom was not in a good condition and house keeping was okay) - for the price we expected a little more quality and service (the staff at the reception was not very helpful and friendly). The breakfast was good (a lot to choose) and the hotel is located very nice.

      STORY Seychelles

      The room was very clean and had a good standard. The breakfast was okay (a lot to choose but not that quality that we expected). The pool area and the whole place was very clean and in a good condition. The staff was friendly, the food of the restaurants good and the resort is in a good location to start some trips to see the island.

    • Ákos 09.07.2023 19:24

    • Everything was Ok.

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      Watching wonderful pictures and videos didn't prepare us for the "African reality" that we experienced sometimes.
      The picturesque sites are there, and really very beautiful, but Seychelles is not ONLY this.

      Acquario Villa (Praslin)

      Acquario Villa

      It was Ok.

      Villa Creole (La Digue)

      Villa Creole

      It was nice, but very hot. No shades in lack of bigger trees, no thermo-isolation, no double-glass windows. The AC was unable to cool down the hot house.

      GT Selfcatering Apartments

      The house was pretty good, cool enough, big enough, maybe some some pieces of furniture a bit outdated, but still OK.


      SeyVillas' local partner, Creole Travel organized almost everything well. There were contact persons at every change of places.
      At the 1st and 2nd leaving of accommodation, we also got a Whatsapp message a day before, so we could be sure of the schedule of transfer, and this also worked well.
      Before our last transfer we received no such message. I also tried to contact Aida, via Whatsapp, who was given as a contact person, but she was not available on the phone. So we were without clear information. The time schedule we received at our arrival (from Creole Travel), indicated only that the transfer would be at 16:35 on our last day, so we thought that this was also the time for leaving the house. (When leaving the other 2 houses, we were not forced to leave earlier than the transfer time indicated in this schedule.)

      Another negative point: The shipping back between La Digue and Mahe was in windy weather, and almost all passengers became badly seasick. Some additional information prior to the sea-transfer would have been very welcome. Eg: Not to eat the last 2 hours before the sea-transfer. Or an offer for an extra night, to avoid the windy weather, or the possibility of air-transfer as an alternative, with a warning of possible seasickness at sea in windy weather.

    • Scott 06.07.2023 21:35

    • SeyVillas is definitely the best choice for families to rent a reasonably affordable place to stay (compared to hotels) in a beautiful destination. Staff were responsive and pleasant.

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      Seychelles was a dream destination for us and it really lived up to the imagination. Especially Praslin and La Digue provided one of the best weeks we have ever spent on vacation.

      Bel Horizon (Mahé)

      Bel Horizon

      This accommodation had lots of great reviews already, and completely lives up to them. The owner was extremely nice, the view is amazing, and the apartments are clean and well-equipped. The pool was great for the kids and the location is good near Beau Vallon. There is some excellent snorkeling off the small beach, although you can only go when the tide is up. We enjoyed a custom grilled dinner from one of the workers there - very delicious and memorable! Would not hesitate to recommend.

      Villa Saint Sauveur

      We had one of the best weeks ever at Villa Saint Sauveur! The host Jeanine was so nice and helpful. Praslin is a beautiful island and right across the street is an almost deserted pristine beach with views across to Mahe. It's a big house with a huge yard - fun for the kids to run around on. The location is good - not too far from the ferry or Vallee de Mai. I would definitely recommend renting a car, it is not walking distance to any restaurants or shops, but the house felt safe with a nice fence around it. As long as you are expecting a relatively isolated house without resort amenities, this was a great place to stay to experience Praslin.

    • Kristina 21.05.2023 11:21

    • SeyVillas provided us very helpful support and everything was very easy, about the organisation, reservation and payment about the service.

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      Seychelles was our dream destination and we recommend for everyone who want to get perfect vacation with local experience and very friendly people there.
      The beaches are not touched nature, with turquoise water and white sand everywhere.

      Le Relax Hotel & Restaurant

      Le Relax doesn't disappointed us. The room was very good and clean, they welcomed us very friendly. Staffs there helped a lot about the local food and recommended us for the places which we must to visit.
      The breakfast and food where so local and delicious.

      Palm Beach Hotel (Praslin)

      Palm Beach Hotel

      Good location in peaceful part of Praslin.
      Natasha from the hotel, welcomed us with map of Praslin and all places which we must to visit and how to go there.
      The room was 4 meters from the pool, with perfect sunset view.
      They packed breakfast any time when we missed the breakfast at the mornings.
      Very friendly staffs in the hotel and the restaurant.


      The transfer service was excellent and on time. They contacted us and reminded for any transfer day before.

    • Beth 12.05.2023 08:56

    • Professional, efficient, informative would use the service again.

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      Amazingly beautiful beaches and friendly locals

      Anse Severe Beach Villa

      Warm and friendly accommodations, we rented two grande villas to recharge before doing a week long scuba live aboard. Perfect location to explore La Digue. We included transfer to/from ferry, timely and seamless logistics. Bikes on property we useful to head to beaches. Enjoyed the glass bottom kayaking 3 hour tour and beach hike. Do miss taking dinner at Belle Vue Peak restaurant it was a highlight the local cradle food and the staff - memorable evening.



    • Barbro Marie 07.05.2023 21:52

    • Great service, thanks!

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      Beautiful, so beautiful ????

      The Beach House (Chateau Martha)

      A place with a soul!
      Lovely house in true colonial style. Spacious and airy. Comfy beds. The staff is lovely and so helpful. Gourgeus breakfast with freshly made juice, eggs your style, fresh fruits, toast, butter, jam.
      The ocean view from the terrace is stunning!

    • Fanny 23.04.2023 09:43

    • Agence au top ! Les conseillères sont à l écoute et répondent rapidement à nos demandes. Sur place, tout s est passé à merveille ! Je suis 100% satisfaite et je recommande Seyvillas a tous ceux qui veulent passer des vacances sans stress aux Seychelles

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      Un voyage de rêve avec au programme des rando, du vélo, de la pêche et des baignades inoubliables des eaux eaux chaudes et turquoises ????

      Berjaya Praslin Resort

      Hôtel au top, super emplacement proche de la plage et des restaurants. Chambre deluxe spacieuse et propre. Et piscine dans un cadre extraordinaire. Je recommande !

      Orchid Self Catering Apartment

      Très bon emplacement mais literie vraiment pas confortable et lieu bruyant (musique et animaux)
      Terrasse et machine à laver +++

      Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay

      Hôtel avec belles prestations (piscine, restaurants, plage), personnel aux petits soins mais déçue des chambres car vraiment petites


      Au top

    • Jubee Joseph 21.04.2023 15:44

    • Helpful and on time. All went well

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      2nd time visiting after 5 years This time with two kids Good weather, food. Will be back in few years.


      Friendly and helpful

    • Neeltje 11.04.2023 17:49

    • Thank your for friendly and excellent. We really think you are top class.

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      Praslin is our favourite. Such friendly people!

      La Pointe Beach Huts

      We stayed in Tourterell. To us, it is a little holiday dreamhouse. The staff, especially Annacel, was brilliant.

    • Marcel 23.03.2023 08:44

    • Easy to communicate, easy to search for places. Highly recommended.

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      We liked the nature, the food and the people. We didn't like the masses of tourists and we think that restaurant prices are too high for the food and service offered. It just doesn't make sense: those places are empty and if the takeaway is able to offer you an octopus curry for 100, in the restaurant it should cost no more than 200, but certainly not 400! Ingredients are mostly local, si that's one thing to think about.

      Saria Self Catering

      Saria self-catering exceeded our expectations. Our hosts were super friendly. They organised the transfer from the harbour, gave us fresh fruit from their garden and helped us in many ways. The place is very well kept and was cleaned everyday! Way more than what we expected from a s/c apartment. We can only recommend it to anyone!

    • Dariusz 14.03.2023 17:01

    • Generally good but the contact was not excellent. I wrote several questions without answer, then i have write again and again.

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      Seychelles in my favorite destination. I live on Eden Island during winter time in Europe

      Cerf Island Resort (Cerf Island)

      Cerf Island Resort

      Very good place for vacation. Very friendly staff. Close to Mahe Island with very good communication with the main island. Large villas with colonial style. Good food. Possibility of many activities.

    • Pia 05.03.2023 09:40

    • Very nice vacation. We contacted Seyvillas and got excellent and good support. They answered fast and everything was professional.

    • Holiday on the Seychelles


      Bliss Hotel Praslin

      Perfect and beautiful. Nice beach but nothing to see in the water. Not a good spot for snorkeling. For relaxation - perfect.

      Le Repaire Boutique Hotel

      Real nice. Close to everfything. Helpful staff.

      Fisherman's Cove Resort



      Very welcoming and helpful. Always on time and informative .

    • Christine Doris 15.02.2023 18:25

    • Reaktionschnell=top//Alle Wünsche=erfüllt//Sehr freundlich & hilfsbereit!! Thanks
      Carhire on Praslin = Capricorn = absolute TOP !!good old i10 in best condition!!
      Carhire on Mahé = petit cars = schmuddeliger new i10 / sonst okay, die wussten nichts von Verlängerung bis 20h!!
      Hilton Dbl Tree = Personal (Reception etc.. etwas eingeschüchtert/unkompetent, eher no more!
      Hilton Northholme = zu teuer Preis-Leistung! Personal auch etwas eingeschüchtert/viel Wechsel = eher no more !
      Domaine des Orangeraie = super, Personal kompetent, bestleaded! gerne wieder!
      Coco mer, BlackParrot = sehr freundliches Personal allover felt at home, for me the best!r! I'll return
      Creole Travel-Agents = zu viel oder gar nicht in Contact.. liegt an mir: bin gewohnt von früher selbst organisieren.
      Ohne SmartPhone = schwierig!! VISUM/TravelAuthorisation nur bei Airport-Einreise 1x gezeigt/Covid od any Health =nie !
      Liebe Grüsse Ch. Kissling .... bitte keine Advertising-mails mehr!!! ich melde mich falls wieder Sey-Holiday

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      Praslin = my favorite for beach and relax
      I loved the roads and trips over all hills and to all beaches with that small i10Hyunday!
      But You have to drive left/turn Yr brain and love cardriving in every situation be reactive!
      People most friendly, food creole=I love it but after 2 weeks it's enough!


    • Darta 10.02.2023 16:59

    • I would highly recommend SeyVillas to anyone looking for a stress-free and memorable vacation experience in Seychelles.

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      Time will stop in Seychelles - the natural beauty, rich culture, and welcoming people make for a truly unforgettable experience!

      Bougainvillas Seychelles

      If you're looking for accommodation that genuinely feels like a home away from home, look no further than this gem of a property!

      From the moment we arrived, we were greeted with the warmest welcome from the owners, who went above and beyond to ensure our stay was comfortable and memorable.

      The property itself was stunning, very spacious and spotlessly clean (we can't stress this enough), providing the perfect space to relax and unwind after a long day exploring the beach and other local attractions. The view and the sunrise from the windows were simply breathtaking and we enjoyed bird songs and the sun every morning from the terrace. The delicious and generous breakfast offered something a little different every morning - freshly baked eggs, delicious local fruits and jams, and a variety of other mouth-watering treats were all included, making for a wonderful start to each day.

      We would highly recommend Bougainvillas to anyone looking for a comfortable, quiet, and welcoming place to stay. We had an amazing time at Bougainvillas and we look forward to staying there again in the future. We wish you all the best! ❤️

      Yes, you'll need a car to get to the property comfortably, but in general, we suggest renting a car in Mahe no matter where you stay to be able to see all the beautiful places at your own pace.

    • Philip 10.01.2023 09:30

    • Great and uncomplicated booking procedure.

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      Seychelles is a beautiful country but do not expect Europe - you are in Africa and the service in restaurants, etc. is much different from what you are probably used to. The environment is clean in most places and if you plan well ahead you will also find places where you can experience good but expensive food. We now went there twice and I would strongly recommend visiting La Digue which is much different in comparison to Mahe and Praslin - Island hopping is easy and if you are not scared by the price, I would also recommend flying to Praslin instead of taking the ferry (depending on the season it could be rough).

      Le Repaire Boutique Hotel

      The location is excellent and the restaurant is by far the best one on La Digue island. You will need to reserve a table for sure or order food for takeaway. Although the staff is friendly, the hotel is clean and the food is excellent, I would probably stay at a more quiet place next time - due to the popularity, it gets crowded and you hear people outside your room starting at 6 am until 11 pm. Overall, it is absolutely one of the best places to eat and stay during La Digue - just make sure your room does not face the restaurant area. The pizza is probably the best one you have eaten in your life.

    • Richard 20.11.2022 12:22

    • Amiable and helpful personnel. Our initial flights got canceled, but we handled it via Seyvillas and got to the destination and back as intended. Considering all the stress and management that is involved in vacation planning, especially for Seychelles traveling, Seyvillas definitely helped us big time so that we could just focus on the vacation instead. Recommended, definitely worth the extra few bucks.

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      A paradise on Earth. The best vacation we've had in years. Gorgeous country, filled with helpful and friendly people and spectacular sightings. Definitely not cheap, but also definitely worth the cost.

      Acquario Villa (Praslin)

      Acquario Villa

      We've started our vacation here and it was the best thing that could've happened to us. Nora (the manager) is a lovely and kind person who welcomed us to the island with a big heart and a lot of helpful tips and arrangements. Perfect location by the Cote D'Or with a house amongst the granite rocks, palms, and trees, so you get to be with Seychelles' wildlife. The rooms were always pristinely clean, and Nora really makes you feel at home right away. The best stay in Seychelles overall.

      Chateau Saint Cloud (La Digue)

      Chateau Saint Cloud

      A beautiful hotel in the heart of La Digue. The staff is very friendly and helpful, the rooms are super clean and tidy, the breakfast is delicious and with a bike, you can reach any place in La Digue very quickly and easily from the hotel.

      Grann Kaz (Mahé)

      Grann Kaz

      A beautiful clean guesthouse with very welcoming and helpful staff. The breakfast and the dinner are delicious, the rooms are always clean and spacious with a large kitchen as well. The staff is very helpful with tips and tricks but also getting a car hire easily and straight from the place. You definitely need a car as most of the best places on Mahe are not located nearby. Overall a wonderful stay.


      This was a huge help when transiting across the island, but also inside of the islands as well. The staff was extremely punctual (the delays only happened when we were waiting for other (slow) customers to board the transfer), very helpful and kind, and got us to the places we needed to be always in time. A huge stress relief.

    • Marta 11.11.2022 16:22

    • Very good service

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      Beautiful country, nice people. Intersting nature and wildlife.
      Food quality in some restaurants was a disappointment. Generally extremely high prices.

      Ocean Villa (Praslin)

      Ocean Villa

      Very nice and comfortable villa. Well kept property with direct access to the beach. Nice hosts that helped us with practicularities during our stay, i.e taxi booking, or actitivites. The villa was neatly cleaned every day. We loved it! Highly recommended.

    • Zeger 26.10.2022 20:05

    • The total trip including the transfers was perfectly orgonised. not 1 failure. a relaxing holiday with a lot of things which can be explored by yourself. like hinking, boat trips, diving, cycling. We never hired a car but traveled by bus, but it's optional.

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      A relaxing holiday with a lot of things which can be explored by yourself. like hiking, boat trips, diving, cycling. We didn't hire a car but traveled by bus, but it's optional. nice beaches and warm water ( 26 degrees. lot of tropical fruits. small shops. food is quite expensive but this makes sence if it all needs to be imported.

      Acquario Villa (Praslin)

      Acquario Villa

      Close to the beach and the dive shop. Close to the bus stop. A lot of privacy. The manager can prepare some nice grilled fish for you. Walking distance of restaurants en foodshops. TV and a small kitchen

      Bernique Guesthouse (La Digue)

      Bernique Guesthouse

      spacious room, nice place close to the foodshops and bakery. very good breakfast. easy to reach with a bike

      Lemongrass Lodge

      up the hill, quite steep if you want to walk ( 31%), 300 mtr from the beach. kitchen and large rooms with seperate shower. depending on other quest it can be very relaxing. 1.8 km away from the supermarket. 400 mtr away from a diving centre.


      all went perfect. a relaxing holiday.

    • Andene 03.10.2022 23:13

    • It was amazing service. Every thing was on point and we enjoyed it alot. Would recommend this service.

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      Its a beautiful place with lovely beaches and our expectations we succeeded.


    • Merle 17.09.2022 20:28

    • Fijne en duidelijke communicatie. Alles was ook goed geregeld waardoor de vakantie geheel stressvrij is verlopen.

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      Behulpzame mensen, lekker eten en goed voor een afwisselende vakantie.

      The Beach House (Mahé)

      The Beach House

      Super lieve gastvrouw en personeel! Kamer zag er goed uit op een fijne locatie. Hebben bij geen enkel restaurant meer zo lekker gegeten als bij hen.

      Beach Villa Guesthouse

      Heel fijn verblijf gehad, gezellige eigenaren. Excursie via hen naar Curieuse ook zeker een aanrader.

      Belle des Iles Guest House

      Grote kamer met buitenkeuken. Fijn verblijf gehad midden in de natuur!

      Cerf Island Resort (Cerf Island)

      Cerf Island Resort

      Superfijn verblijf gehad. Eigenlijk wat te kort, maar langer liet het budget helaas niet toe. Hebben wel ongevraagd een gratis upgrade van de kamer gehad, hebben we zeer gewaardeerd! We hebben deze dagen in een droom geleefd. Service was perfect, leuk ook dat er kayaks zijn die gewoon gepakt kunnen worden. Houd er alleen rekening mee dat full board niet voor drinken geldt, dat moet gewoon afgerekend worden.


      Goed geregeld en gecommuniceerd. Lekker airco aanwezig in alle bussen en geen enkele keer te laat.

    • Giacomo 18.08.2022 12:26

    • Best way to plan your holiday to Seychelles. The team was super supportive even when covid forced us to cancel the trip they were super quick in delivering voucher.

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      Very good beaches and sea. The weather in August is not so cool (very cloudy and strong wind, thus We were able to visit only some beaches) but is also true that every season has their own treats. The prices are very high everywere (higher than the average of european cities). Even takeaways were super expensive (15/20€ for a very poor meal basically composed by rice, few meat and vegetables). Full of families and couples…if you are looking for something after 9pm you will be disappointed (everything is closed by that time). Overall I have enjoyed the trip but for sure i will no come back.

      Bliss Hotel (Mahé)

      Bliss Hotel

      The best hotel of our trip. Private beach, pool and rooms are amazing. Internet very poor considering that you are paying over 200€ per night. The buffet in the barefoot restaurants is really expensive (more than 50€ Per person) and very poor in variety and quantity.

      Berjaya Praslin Resort

      Room was ok but not worthing the price. Even if the hotel was full there were nobody around (no music in the pool and no active pool bar for sure doesn’t help). Terribile internet wich is unaxceptable considering the price

      Anse Severe Beach Villa

      We stayed in Villa Petit and it was amazing. Very comfortable, in front of the sea and very close to city centre. Outside there are always two huge turtles.

    • Jayne 25.07.2022 10:07

    • We have no complaints at all - the process was easy and the team at Seyvillas put together the pieces of our holiday jigsaw - dates / flights / accommodations / transfers all according to our budget. Not a complaint but a suggestion maybe - I did all my own legwork on which side of the islands to stay on (according to the time of year and wishing to avoid sea weed and find sheltered waters).

    • Holiday on the Seychelles

      This was our first visit to the Seychelles but we are captivated - the beaches, the ocean and the relaxed atmosphere there plus the friendliest warmest people - make it a perfect destination for a proper holiday. There is much to do, so if you like adventure that is there for you - but it is also brilliant for just relaxing and enjoying some down time.

      Cote d'Or Footprints

      Cote DÓr Footprints could not be more perfect - we started our holiday here and the welcome from Annia made us feel like we had landed in heaven. Beautiful spacious clean accommodation in the best location. Close to restaurants and supermarket. Apartments have everything you would need. Excellent recommendations from Annia where to eat and places to visit - THANK YOU!!

      Etoile Labrine (La Digue)

      Etoile Labrine

      Lovely clean rooms. The location is set away from the main resort of La Passe but with bikes it was easy to reach - and fun to cycle around. Easy to walk to the Source D'Argent beach which was an absolute highlight of our trip. Breakfasts were amazing every day with kind and friendly service - no-one would go hungry here! Fruit and vegetables are all grown in the gardens here - our of this world! Whilst this accommodation is not the most modern it has a charm and authentic feel to it - and the welcome from the owner with drinks was wonderful!

      Sables d'Or (Mahé)

      Sables d'Or

      We stayed in the new modern apartments here and they are superb! Gorgeous decor and style and you have everything you need in the apartment. Good restaurant choice and supermarkets near by and fabulous location for the gorgeous beau vallon beach.


      It was good to have all of the transfers booked to fit with the accommodation. Sometimes it felt a little chaotic at the jettys but that was all part and parcel of the experience and the fun - and it all worked! During July the crossing between Praslin and Mahe is VERY choppy - worth knowing this in advance and if you suffer from sea sickness at all book for the top deck. It is absolutely worth it for this hours journey. All of the minibus transfers were very punctual and smooth.