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Best Travel Time

When Is The Best Time To Visit The Seychelles?

The Seychelles are home to a tropical, warm climate the whole year, with an average temperature between 26 and 32 degrees. Thanks to its equatorial location, the Seychelles does not experience much variation, and the weather is therefore ideal all year-round for a holiday. However, the country is affected by the south-east and north-west trade winds, which change certain things throughout the year. Therefore, the best time to go to the Seychelles depends on what you want to do during your holiday. Keep reading to find out what month suits you best for your Seychelles holiday!


What is the climate like in Seychelles?

In general, the following applies when talking about the Seychelles’ climate:
December - March:
During the north-west trade winds from December to March, the average temperature lies between 27 and 28°C. Rain showers are relatively common, especially in December and January. These showers are intense, but short, and the sunshine comes back normally after around 30 minutes or so. This travel time is perfect for anyone looking to escape the European winter and enjoy some sunshine.
April & November:
The months April and November are the hottest months of the year, where there is no trade wind. The days can be very hot, around 30 - 31°C. This heat can seem even stronger as there is little breeze, meaning that the humidity that the Seychelles experiences all year round is a little stronger than normal. At the same time, the lack of wind ensures that underwater visibility is perfect. These are the best months therefore for snorkelling and scuba diving. Often, March, May, and October experiences similar weather to these months.
May - October:
During the south-east trade winds from May to the start of October, the temperatures range from 25 - 29°C. This time doesn’t see much rain. The days are sunny and hot, and there is a comfortable breeze thanks to the trade winds. These months are ideal for active holidaymakers, including those who like sailing, hiking, and windsurfing. Due to the wind, the ocean is less calm, and underwater visibility is not as high.

What is the best month to go to the Seychelles?

The answer to the question of what is the best month for a holiday to the Seychelles depends on what you are interested in doing during your stay. Here you can see an overview of each month and its typical weather conditions.

Average Temperature (°C)272828282827262627272727
Hours of Sunlight567888877876
Water Temperature282728272625232323262527
Precipitation (mm) 396208171178171617087105170164301
Rainy Days9566633445510

Are you looking to visit the Seychelles during the European winter? No problem, as January in the Seychelles sees daily temperatures between 24 and 30°C. The weather is warm and humid, and short, strong showers are fairly commonplace.
Ideal for: swimming

February sees similar weather to January, with temperatures ranging from 25 - 30°C. The second half of the month sees the wind settle down a bit and conditions for scuba diving and snorkelling become better, even if strong showers are still a feature of the month.
Ideal for: swimming

The temperatures in the Seychelles in March range from 25 - 31°C. The north-west trade winds start winding down here, and there is less rain than the previous two months, ensuring that visibility underwater increases to around 30 metres.
Ideal for: snorkelling, scuba diving

April in the Seychelles marks the end of the north-west trade winds. Now it is time to sunbathe, snorkel, and scuba dive! There is little rain and no breeze. The daily temperatures are around 24 - 31°C.
Ideal for: snorkelling, scuba diving

In May, the temperatures are around 25 - 30°C. The climate here is beautiful, as it is relatively dry and not so humid. This month is also ideal for a typical relaxing beach holiday.
Idea for: snorkelling, scuba diving (especially the first half of the month)

June in the Seychelles also sees beautiful weather, comfortable temperatures from 25 - 29°C, and little precipitation. The wind is a little stronger now, enabling you to enjoy sailing or hiking a little more easily.
Ideal for: sunbathing, sailing, surfing, hiking

July is the coolest month in the Seychelles, with temperatures ranging from 24 - 28°C bringing comfortable conditions with them. The south-east trade winds bring a lot of wind to July and August, making these the perfect months for active holidaymakers, as it is time for sailing, surfing, and hiking.
Ideal for: sunbathing, sailing, surfing, hiking

In August, the temperatures also range from 24 - 28°C, making this another cool month in the Seychelles. The strong wind and low levels of humidity make this month ideal for hiking tours on the numerous hiking paths in the Seychelles.
Ideal for: sunbathing, sailing, surfing, hiking

In September, the Seychelles’ weather sees little rain and somewhat warmer temperatures than the previous months (24 - 29°C), making this the ideal month for lying on the beach and enjoying the turquoise ocean water!
Ideal for: sunbathing, sailing, surfing, hiking

October is also home to beautiful weather and comfortable temperatures from 24 - 30°C. The south-east trade winds are dying down here and there is once again less breeze. Holidaymakers can look forward to perfect swimming conditions.
Ideal for: sunbathing, snorkelling, scuba diving

In November, “Summer” starts in the Seychelles. The temperatures once again reach 30°C (24 - 30°C), and the ocean is very calm. Snorkellers and scuba divers will get their money’s worth now, as the visibility is excellent thanks to the lack of breeze.
Ideal for: snorkelling, scuba diving

In December, the temperatures range from 24 - 30°C. In comparison to November, there is also more rain, usually in terms of strong showers that you can spend in the warm ocean.
Ideal for: swimming


Rain in the Seychellen

When is the Rainy Season in the Seychelles?

Most Seychelles holidaymakers ask when the rainy season is. In general, the Seychelles sees short rain showers almost every day, usually during the night, and this contributes to the beautiful greenery of the islands. There is the most rainfall in the months of December to February, with December and January seeing 9 - 10 rainy days and around 300 mm of precipitation, making them the rainiest months. The Seychelles are located outside of cyclone ranges, so you shouldn’t expect any storms.

What can you do when it rains in the Seychelles?

The evergreen nature of the Seychelles is not an accident! There are showers almost every day, but they tend to be short. If it rains for a longer time, which can happen in December and January, it is worth visiting the various art galleries on the island! The large hotels and resorts also offer cooking courses where you can prepare delicious Creole cuisine. Finally, swimming in the ocean as it is raining is actually a wonderful experience as the ocean water tends to be much warmer than the rain!


FAQs about the Seychelles Climate

When is there seaweed in the Seychelles?

The south-east trade winds between May and the start of October bring with them lots of seaweed to the island of Praslin. This of course affects the pristine surface of the beaches, but is actually a good thing as it shows that the underwater world around the Seychelles is in really good condition. In the picture here you can see the beaches on Praslin where you will find seaweed during this time. If you want to avoid that, you can visit the beaches on the other side of the island, which are generally free from seaweed. An exception here would be Anse Volbert (Cote d’Or) in the north of Praslin. Between December and February, the north-west trade winds bring some seaweed to these shores.

The following beaches are affected by seaweed from May to October on Praslin:


What is the water temperature in the Seychelles?

The water temperatures in the Seychelles range from 23 - 28°C throughout the year. The coldest temperatures are between July and September, while October - June sees consistent temperatures from 25 - 28°C.

When does the sun rise and set in the Seychelles?

Sunrise and sunset in the Seychelles doesn’t vary much throughout the year, only by around 30 minutes in total. In January, the sun rises at around 6:15 and sets at 18:40, while in June these times change to 6:30 and 18:15 respectively. Spectacular sunset views throughout the year are a real highlight of any Seychelles holiday!

When is the cheapest time to travel to the Seychelles?

We are often asked when it is cheapest to travel to the Seychelles. Due to their equatorial location, the climate doesn’t vary much throughout the year, so there is also not much in terms of price changes from accommodations, and there is no classic peak season or off season. In general, holidays outside of European holiday times are cheaper. We also recommend that you don’t wait too long to book, as accommodations become fully booked so you might miss out!

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