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by Emma

A Trip to the Seychelles: Emma's Review

As soon as me and my family came to the airport on Mahé I knew that I would love these islands. It was Christmas morning and I was tired after several delayed flights. When we had got our luggage we went with ferry to the island Praslin. The water was turquoise, heaven blue and temperature was around 30 degrees Celsius.

Sunset on PraslinSunset on Praslin

After one hour we were on Praslin. There we would celebrate Christmas and live for about a week. The hotel we lived in was called Sea View Lodge. It had a cosy balcony with sea view and just like all of the other hotels, a kitchen. They also had a pool, but it wasn't that fresh. The hotel was completely okay.

We celebrated Christmas evening on a very nice restaurant that had a buffet. I can really recommend it! I loved almost everything on the buffet! The chef was very nice too. He gave us fruit and fresh aloe vera, drove us home and disposed a boat trip to a turtle island for us. I'll tell more about that later! The restaurant was called Les Laurier.

Christmas dinner in the SeychellesChristmas dinner in the Seychelles

The boat trip went to an island outside Praslin. Giant turtles live there wildly! The island was very beautiful and we took many good pictures.

Giant tortoise on PraslinGiant tortoise on Praslin When we felt like we were done by the turtles we went over to a beautiful beach, walking through a "swamp". We just chilled until it was time for lunch. It was BBQ, wich was included in the price of the boat trip. The food was very good. It consisted of different kinds of fish, rice, bread, creole sauce, salsa, bananas and drinks.

Beach on PraslinBeach on Praslin

After lunch we went back to the beach before going to a small island were we were going to snorkel. But I was disappointed! There were threads from jellyfish in the water and I almost didn't see any fishes at all. After some days we changed hotel to one called Acquario Villa. The hotel wasn't more expensive than the first, but I liked it far more. There we had three beds, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room and a nice balcony. It was fresh and the staff was very nice and helpful.

Acquario Villa, PraslinAcquario Villa, Praslin

Even though we had we no sea view nor wi-fi we liked the place. Later that day it rained, but then we went to national park, Vallée De Mai and checked on they unique coco nuts. It was fun to have been there, but we're not quite sure if we really saw these coconuts. There were also 'black parrots' but we didn’t see a glimpse of them. The rest of the days on Praslin we mostly relaxed on the beach. After that it was time to go further to La Digue.

Vallée de Mai, PraslinVallée de Mai, Praslin

We went by ferry again. We were picke up with a golf cart and went to O'Soleil Chalets where we would stay for five days. I liked the place a lot! A disadvantage was the wi-fi which was expensive, but still quite poor. The American family that rented the cottage to us also rented out bicycles and snorkelling gear. It is almost impossible to get around all of La Digue by foot. Most of the island is possible to walk or bicycle around, but some parts are only jungle. However, we cycled to some lovely beaches and after some jungle walking we came to Anse Cocos, my absolute favourite!

Anse Cocos, La DigueAnse Cocos, La Digue

On one of the beaches nearest to our hotel we could snorkel, and we saw a lot of beautiful fish. First it was a little difficult to get out to the reef from the beach. I fell down on the reef on because of the waves and almost hurt myself, but when we finally made it out to the reef was it amazing! I’ve snorkled many times before I was quite impressed anyway! Unfortunately we saw no sea turtles, something 90% of all snorkelers there apparently do. When you snorkel here, make sure to have reef shoes. It was very sharp on bottom and I also saw more than 30 urchins.

New Year's Eve we celebrated on a nice restaurant, the Fish Trap. They had a large buffet with very good food.

New Year's Buffet at the Fish Trap restaurantNew Year's Buffet at the Fish Trap restaurant They also had a clever musician. The next hotel we went to, and also that last, was called Casa de Leela, which we found thanks to the helping agency Sey Villas. There we had we a very fine cottage with two bedrooms with separate bathrooms, a large kitchens, a living room, a huge balcony and a nice pool. Even the wi-fi was pretty good. We really enjoyed this place!

We were away on our trip for almost three weeks, which was just enough time for us to see all the things we wanted to see. Here is some advice if you are going to the Seychelles:

Cook at home sometimes. Restaurants can be expensive and we regret to we not do that more often.  Bring along spices and other stuff that you need to cook. There is not always so much to choose from in the grocery stores. We brought our own oatmeal so that we could do porridge for breakfast at home.  Always bring lots of water. It could be difficult to find. Compare prices if you can.

Thanks for reading. I hope you will enjoy the Seychelles as much as we did!

Emma's sister, Anna, also wrote her own travel journal about their trip. Read it here!

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