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by Medha

A memorable experience!

We planned a 14 day visit to Seychelles (including almost 2 full days of traveling).
Our first stop was La Digue.
This little island blew our minds away right from the moment we stepped on it.
The lush greenery, clean air and the rich flora and fauna was an experience to remember.
We felt at peace far away from the commercial world and constant stress.
Our trip comprised of three islands to discover – La Digue, Praslin and Mahe.

Beach – La DigueBeach – La Digue
Beach – La DigueBeach – La Digue
La Digue was a lot of fun to discover with rented bikes, we were surprised how quickly one could ride through the entire island!
However, our real surprise awaited us until the day we chose to go trekking with a tour guide and a wonderful group of other travelers.
It was simply the best part of our trip – discovering the hidden beaches and walking through the forests, and, without practice I would say it was a challenging trek
Nonetheless, the most beautiful memory that I carried in my heart from Seychelles.

Beach – La DigueBeach – La Digue
Beach – La DigueBeach – La Digue
Tortoise – La DigueTortoise – La Digue Next, a comfortable ferry ride led us to Praslin where we stayed with a native family who we found via Airbnb.
We stayed near Anse Volbert (Cote d'Or) – a perfect beach to chill and bathe.
We found a diving center at the beach and went diving a few times. Well, all I can say that it was one of the best dives of my life as I got to see sharks!
The national park Vallée de Mai, was interesting and so was Anse Lazio which seemed like a place right out of a painting.

Sea-Food - PraslinSea-Food - Praslin The last and final stop of our trip was on the capital island, Mahe.
We enjoyed our stay right opposite to the beach at the north-western part, the Beau Vallon. The sun sets were simply spectacular. Renting a car was an ideal choice in Mahe as there is a lot to discover.

Mahe - Beau VallonMahe - Beau Vallon Petite Anse - MahePetite Anse - Mahe We feel that 12 days an appropriate time to discover the three islands. It was just the vacation that we needed!
I would totally recommend it to anyone looking for escaping in to nature. There are endless possibilities to do so, and with a noteworthy influence

Tips for first timers: Do try the Taka Maka drink, the special Rum from the Seychelles.
The food is absolutely delicious, the local cuisine has a very stark Indian influence which is a must try.

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