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Aviv and Daniel
by Aviv and Daniel

The Perfect Honeymoon

My Partner and I decided to go to the Seychelles for our honeymoon a long, long time ago.
We tried to arrange our honeymoon by ourselves in the Seychelles but thank god we came across Seyvillas!
We would have not been able to do a better holiday without them.

First thing after we landed was to take a ferry to Praslin (which we would have not gone there if we did it ourselves).
When we arrived at the hotel Le Domaine de La Reserve we have been welcomed as if we are VIP guests, the staff was very nice and very helpful through the entire stay.
Than we have seen the room- we had the best room at the hotel! Very big and well equipped room with everything you can think of.
There was no reason to get out of this hotel, but we glad we did because Anse Lazio is unmissable.
Praslin - SeychellesPraslin - Seychelles Anse Cot D’or- PraslinAnse Cot D’or- Praslin The swimming pool of the hotel is so good (with a bar in the middle of it) that when it was too hot we went there, there was no reason to spend time inside places.
There is a great bar at the hotel, with entertainments every few days at the evening which is very nice.

The pool at Le Domaine de la ReserveThe pool at Le Domaine de la Reserve Than we moved to La Digue Island, the hotel is a very quiet place even quieter than the island itself.
To La Digue there was no chance for us to arrive if not for Seyvillas. In La Digue we have found some of the most beautiful beaches of the entire world! And the Island is so calm and relaxed, you go from place to place with bicycle, it is brilliant.

Bicycle riding – La DigueBicycle riding – La Digue The hotel - Le Relax Luxury Lodge was a small hotel with almost a family feeling at it.
The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, took care of everything we thought of.
The most important tip we got from the staff at La Relax- Snack Bellevue, whatever you do, don’t miss it!

The view from beside hotel Le RelaxThe view from beside hotel Le Relax The sunset from restaurant Bellevue - La DigueThe sunset from restaurant Bellevue - La Digue Than we moved to Mahe Island, the icing on the cake! The hotel was absolutely the best hotel I have ever been to.
When we arrived we have been welcomed as if we are the only guests (and there are at least 300 guests), than we had seen the room- a giant room, more equipped than our house, like a princess' room.
This hotel has 5 restaurants you can choose where to eat, and tastes from every corner of the globe. There is one restaurant which I want to point out- Trader Vic’s is an extremely good restaurant, with great Vibe and even better food. You should not miss it.
The long, nice beach is somewhere you can spend a lot of time, and the hotel had exercises for you so you won’t get bored... And if you don’t like activities with an instructor, there is always the gym, a world class gym, you can go to.

The view from above- Mahe IslandThe view from above- Mahe Island We had an amazing honeymoon that would have not happened if it was not for the great arrangements of Seyvillas, so we want to thank the company from the bottom of our hearts.
You can be assured that if someone goes to the Seychelles we would recommend to contact you.

Thank you!
Danielle and Aviv

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