Chiara Bonanni

At SeyVillas since: 2022


Chiara's Top 3 Seychellen Highlights

The laid-back life of the locals

image - The laid-back life of the locals
Especially worth mentioning because…

… I come from a large city, and am a little jealous of the locals that they can live without the hustle and bustle of a city!

… they really seem to enjoy this way of living.

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The impressive, untouched nature

image - The impressive, untouched nature
One of my highlights because…

… the islands put a lot of effort into maintaining the nature!

… I’ve never seen so much green in my life! Wherever you are on the islands, nature is always nearby.

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Beautiful beaches (especially the lesser-known ones)

image - Beautiful beaches (especially the lesser-known ones)
I like this because…

… the mixture of small bays, large beaches with granite boulders, and turquoise water, is really impressive.

… the beaches are a bit different depending on when you go - sometimes calm, sometimes a little wild! That means there’s always something to discover!

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Chiara's favourite experience in the Seychelles

The feeling of freedom that you have when cycling on La Digue. I like to cycle in my free time, but this took on a whole new meaning for me on La Digue. It was wonderful going from beach to beach by bike and cycling through the jungle in the middle.


Chiara's Insider Tip

I recommend getting into the rhythm of the islands and forgetting the more hectic life back home. Enjoy some time to relax and forget about the passing of time!

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