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Ena's Top 3 Seychellen Highlights

The beautiful beaches

image - The beautiful beaches
Spectacular because…

… I’m a fan of beaches and the Seychelles’ beaches are simply perfect, with fine white sand and turquoise water.

… you often have the beaches all to yourself.

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The cuisine

image - The cuisine
My absolute recommendation is…

… a tour, perhaps to Curieuse island, with a delicious barbeque right on the beach!

… the “catch of the day” (job fish or red snapper) with Creole sauce is always good!

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The stunning nature

image - The stunning nature
My highlight because…

… a hike through the green palm forest is ideal for switching off!

… there are all kinds of plants that are endemic to the islands!

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Ena's favourite experience in the Seychelles

What stood out to me was getting to know the islands by myself! With a rental car or a bike on La Digue, you can really discover the whole island, stop wherever you want to, and visit even the unknown beaches. All in all there is so much to see on the islands and plenty to do!


Ena's Insider Tip

Talk with the locals! Get to know more about the country and its people. The friendly local population are always happy to help out with some tips for you!

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