Jelena Jovanovic

At SeyVillas since: 2014


Jelena's Top 3 Seychellen Highlights

Hospitality of the Seychellois

image - Hospitality of the Seychellois
One of my highlights because...

...they are always happy to listen and help out! can really see how much they love having guests!

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Breathtaking nature

image - Breathtaking nature
I highly recommend this because....

...I’ve never seen so much green vegetation anywhere else in the world.

...the colourful flowers, for example the Frangipani, are simply beautiful.

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Stunning beaches

image - Stunning beaches
I love going here because...

...I love the soft, white sand and the turquoise ocean water! can go snorkelling really well in the Seychelles thanks to the stunning underwater world.

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Jelena's favourite experience in the Seychelles

My favourite experience so far was the week-long Catamaran tour around the inner islands. It’s really great to see the islands from the ocean and land at different spots to get to know them. I can really recommend it to everyone!


Jelena's Insider Tip

Try out the local cuisine! Curries, smoked fish salad, grilled fish, and more! Creole cuisine is simply sensational!

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