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Kachinibye's Top 3 Seychellen Highlights

The stunning beach “Anse Source d'Argent”

image - The stunning beach “Anse Source d'Argent”
Absolutely impressive because...

... the turquoise-coloured water and the dazzling white sand create a picturesque backdrop.

... the uniquely shaped granite rocks are breathtaking.

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The UNESCO National Park “Vallée de Mai”

image - The UNESCO National Park “Vallée de Mai”
Always worth a visit because... can discover the endemic Coco de Mer palm up close. can immerse yourself completely in nature on the various hiking trails through the park. Simply marvellous!

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A trip to Curieuse island

image - A trip to Curieuse island
My absolute recommendation because... you can see over 200 giant tortoises in the wild.

...the hiking trail leads right across the island through mangrove and palm forests. An excellent place for nature lovers.

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Kachinibye's favourite experience in the Seychelles

I was extremely impressed by my day trip to Curieuse and St Pierre. The combination of snorkelling and a visit to a deserted island where only a few rangers and hundreds of giant tortoises live was simply fantastic. While snorkelling around the small island of St. Pierre, I saw an amazing number of different species of fish. The clear water here allows for particularly good visibility and so I was able to see the fascinating coral formations, small rays, colourful fish and even a sea turtle! I would definitely recommend this trip!


Kachinibye's Insider Tip

If you are thinking about travelling to the Seychelles, then I would definitely advise you to choose the "island hopping" option which is on our website. That way you can discover at least a few of the 115 islands for yourself!

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