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Madline's Top 3 Seychellen Highlights

Biking on La Digue

image - Biking on La Digue
One of my highlights because

you can simply ride from beach to beach!

you can enjoy the relaxed island flair even better.

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Hiking to Anse Georgette

image - Hiking to Anse Georgette
I highly recommend this because

you can get to know two of the most beautiful beaches on Praslin!

you can enjoy views of Anse Georgette from above, which is great for photos!

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The openness of the Seychellois

image - The openness of the Seychellois
Simply great because

they are happy to get chatting and you’ll likely pick up a few tips along the way!

you get to know the country AND the people, simply great!

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Madline's favourite experience in the Seychelles

I can’t pin it down to just one thing - the Seychelles offer something new every day and there is something to discover around every corner if you keep your eyes open and leave the guide book at home. It’s really worth it!


Madline's Insider Tip

If I told you, it wouldn’t be an insider tip! I’d rather recommend that you just take a bike or a rental car and explore. Visit some of the beaches that aren’t included in every travel guide as they have their own flair and you’ll likely have the beach all to yourself.

Wanderlust is something that I’ve had since my studies, so I’ve spent a lot of time travelling and exploring the world. I’m really happy to help guide you to your dream holiday in the Seychelles with SeyVillas and do some of the homework for your travel planning alongside you.
— Madline, SeyVillas

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