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Susan & Atte
by Susan & Atte

Anniversary Trip to Seychelles

I headed to the Seychelles with my loved one to experience exotic beachlife, snorkeling and people. And we got what we came to look for: the view from our hotel's beach was amazing!

Baie Ternay Marine ParkBaie Ternay Marine Park

We just stood there, our mouths wide open, that's how beautiful the beach and mountains surrounding us were.

We stayed at Berjaya Beau Vallon hotel the whole holiday. The hotel is situated right in front of the beach so it was easy access.

The Climate of the Seychelles

The climate of the Seychelles is warm and very humid. So if you are thinking of hiking or just regular walking considering the weather and the climate it's just better to take a bus or just walk on the beach.

First Week

We booked a boat and snorkeling trip where we saw the Seychelles through a sea view. The weather was good and sunny and we even saw one sea turtle when we were heading to Baie Ternay Marine National Park.

47|Beau Vallon BeachBeau Vallon Beach

Our captain anchored the boad to a beautiful beach and we had time to walk, swim and snorkel. The crew prepared a tasty meal for us and we ate and enjoyed it on the beach. After lunch we head to the reef to get a better look at the underwater life: the water was so clear that it was no problem to see fish and other creatures at the bottom of the sea. At the end of the trip we went to Port Launay, where we sat on the beach bar and took some drinks.

The Second Week

The second week was more cloudy and a monsoon was hitting the islands hard. It was still a good idea to take a bus to the island's capital, Victoria. We explored the beautiful city and headed to Botanical Gardens. It was a magnificent place: long alleys with huge palms, flowers, ponds, and of course the endemic Coco de Mer palms.

Botanical GardenBotanical Garden

The rainforest part and some really big trees made the biggest impace on us. Another garden that we visited another day was at Anse Royale, where we also travelled by bus. The local busses are a really cheap way to travel, only 5 rupees (about €0.5) one way! The Jardin du Roi garden located at the top of the hill where there was also a colonial house and a spice garden.

You really get the feeling here what it was like in the 17th century when spices were grown here and islands were isolated from the other world. At Le Jardin du Roi we saw all kinds of fruits: lime, avocado, grapefruit, pineapple in their natural habitat! The place was so beautiful and there was also a restaurant where we took some refreshments before continuing our trip.

Jardin du RoiJardin du Roi

If you'd like to see a tea factory built in 1950 you should visit the small Seychelles Tea Factory and Shop. Here you can see how the tea is made and buy different flavoured teas for your friends and family at a really good price!

Jardin du RoiJardin du Roi


All in all the Seychelles was worth visiting because of the exotic nature and its isolated location which has an effect on its people and culture. The food was good everywhere we ate. We would especially recommend Coral Asia Sushi restaurant.

Coral Asia Sushi RestaurantCoral Asia Sushi Restaurant Coral Asia Sushi RestaurantCoral Asia Sushi Restaurant

We hope you also have a pleasant vacation in the Seychelles as we did!

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