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Honeymoon in the Garden of Eden


Our honeymoon to the Seychelles was one big highlight in our travel experiences. It started on board Emirates where we received a small cake and champagne to celebrate our wedding on 2 February 2015.

Upon arrival in the Seychelles we drove our rental car to the Banyan Tree Resort, beautifully located in Anse Intendance, Mahé Island. When we arrived, we were welcomed by refreshments and invited to sit outside on the veranda. There we were treated to the first wonderful view on the golden beach, palm trees and light blue sea. The main reason why these islands are famous.

Giant TortoiseGiant Tortoise Curieuse viewCurieuse view

For a week we dove into pure luxury during our stay at the resort. We had spectacular views from our hill villa with private pool. It was great to have a rental car, so we were able to leave the resort occasionally for dinner and sightseeing. Otherwise we would have been dependent on the high expenses in the resort. Although the resort restaurants Chez Lamar and Saffron were both worth a visit, because of great food and setting. In the resort, you can easily jump on a golf cart that takes you anywhere within the resort.

Sting raySting ray Doctor's HouseDoctor's House

After a week of relaxing, sun-bathing, swimming, diving and sightseeing on Mahé, we boarded the Pegasus for a 5-day/4-night cruise to some other more northerly situated islands. It was a great way to experience more of the scenery and nature on the islands in an efficient and easy way. Because the ship isn’t too big, it anchored near the smaller, even inhabited, islands. The beautiful wildlife and landscapes we got to see in a short amount of time were breathtaking!

Ship anchored at CurieuseShip anchored at Curieuse

The Seychelles are so different from everything we are used to at home in our busy, densely populated country that part of us never wanted to leave. But knowing the end of the honeymoon would be imminent, we loved every minute of it intensely.

My travel journal

On Valentine’s Day we boarded the Pegasus of Variety Cruises for our 4-night cruise booked with SeyVillas. After a week of pure luxury in the Banyan Tree resort on Mahé Island, we were curious to discover more of the Seychelles.

The ship and other passengers

After the safety drill our ship left Port Victoria, but we didn’t go far at first. Just outside the bay we anchored near St. Anne for a swim and we stayed there for the first night. We got to know our ship and the other guests. Most of the passengers were part of senior group travelling from the USA, Canada and UK. Before dinner was served we had a drink and everybody introduced themselves. After we explained the reason of our travels, our honeymoon, they gave us a warm applause. The ship’s interior is simple but covers the expectations. The cabin was cozy and just right for us. Food (included) and drinks were of good quality and quantity. Prices for alcoholic beverages like beer and wine (imported) reasonable. The Indian Ocean became our swimming pool during our days on the ship and facilities like snorkelling gear and canoes were available to enjoy the sea life.

Birds on CousinBirds on Cousin

Tortoises and sting rays

The next day we visited the uninhabited Curieuse Island. With tender boats we were brought to the shore, where we were welcomed by local preservers of the island’s wildlife. Only few steps away we noticed the giant land tortoises, what remarkable creatures!

We stood eye to eye with these beautiful animals. They were so relaxed while resting in the shade of waving palm trees. There were so many tortoises everywhere and of course we took many photos. We hiked from the tortoise breading centre to the old doctor’s house, remains from the period this island was a leper colony.

History of the island is well described in and around the house. After the BBQ we walked along the beach. Suddenly it was just the two of us, the palm trees and the transparent waters. Then we noticed two sting rays in the water gently approaching us.

So close to the beach! With our feet in the water we instantly stood still and silently watched the gracious animals fly through he water. That evening we saw the sunset over Curieuse from a relaxing seat on the upper deck. What an amazing day in the Seychelles.

Chick on CousinChick on Cousin Scenery CousinScenery Cousin Banyan TreeBanyan Tree Lizard & MillipedeLizard & Millipede


The island of Cousin has a bird sanctuary where we got to know more about bird life on the islands. Because the birds are used to visitors and do not consider them a threat, it was easy to approach the animals. Even the small chicks quietly sat on a branch, giving us the chance to take photos of their furry feathers and cute little appearance. Walking round gave us a perfect opportunity to see more of Seychellois nature: Coco-de-Mer, crabs, lizards and millipedes. In the afternoon we went snorkelling near the beach of Anse Lazio on the island of Praslin. After walking the beach we returned to the ship for dinner.

View from the cliffs on Aride IslandView from the cliffs on Aride Island St. PierreSt. Pierre Cabin on boardCabin on board Docked at St. Anne BayDocked at St. Anne Bay

View from the cliffs and fishes

On day 4 we climbed to the highest point of Aride Island and enjoyed the endless view over the Indian Ocean from the cliffs. On the island we saw plenty of tortoises, birds and even some giant banyan trees. The sea near St. Pierre was pretty rough when we anchored there in the afternoon for snorkelling. It was a challenge to board the tender boat. But St. Pierre was worth an underwater view! Lots of fishes near the rocks of the tiny island. Sometimes you imagine what a small uninhabited island in the tropics would look like. St. Pierre is a good example: some rocks mounting from the blue ocean, with palm trees on top.

Veranda Banyan Tree ResortVeranda Banyan Tree Resort Mahé sunsetMahé sunset Anse IntendanceAnse Intendance

Creole night

In the evening we arrived at St. Anne Bay on Praslin, one of the bigger islands. For us, this was the last night in the Seychelles.

Victoria Clock TowerVictoria Clock Tower

The next morning we would disembark and fly Air Seychelles from Praslin to Mahé after which we would fly home on Emirates. We made some friends with the people on board, so it was lovely to end our tour with the Creole night on board the ship. There were Seychellois singers who performed some local and international music. We danced local dances with two girls, who brought their little sister along. She was a bit shy at first but then joined in the dance workshop of her bigger sister. We had a great time and great food, outside on the deck, underneath the star-filled sky.

Orevwar, Seychelles!

After breakfast we said goodbye to everyone, settled our bill and left the ship. We still had some time before our flight to Mahé, so we stayed in the harbour and saw our ship sail away. We waved to some of our fellow passengers who continued their cruise for another 3 nights. It was like a dream to spend our honeymoon on these amazing islands. It wasn’t easy to adjust, after returning home. But when we saw our photos we realized how special this trip was. We agreed to go back as soon as we would have another chance.

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