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Anse Intendance, Mahé
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The powder-fine white sand, the thickly-vegetated mountain backdrop, the perfect turquoise water, and the imposing granite formations make Anse Intendance a real postcard image. The incredible beauty of the location makes it no wonder that Anse Intendance is, for many, one of the most breathtaking beaches in the Seychelles.


  • 1000m x 25m - some visitors
  • Water gets deep quite quickly - seaweed from June to September
  • Normal tide - high waves
  • Beautiful wild beach on Mahé
  • Great for photographs


At a Glance:

  • Spectacular wild beach in the south of Mahé that ranks among the most beautiful on the island.
  • Due to the lack of offshore coral reef, the ocean gets deep quickly here. Swimming can also be dangerous between May and September.
  • The beach is sometimes watched over by a lifeguard from the Banyan Tree Resort.
  • Easy to reach with the bus or car. There are parking spaces next to the beach, and the bus stop is just a few minutes away.
  • Numerous palm trees offer protection from the sun, although watch out for falling coconuts!


Anse Intendance is a well-known wild beach in the south of Mahé, the largest Seychelles island. This breathtaking white sandy beach is framed on each side by incredible granite formations, and ranks among the most beautiful spots on the island, if not the whole world. Thankfully, getting to the beach via car or bus is really simple. The bus stop is located just a few minutes from the sand, and there are also parking spaces nearby. Besides the incredible beach, Anse Intendance bay is also home to the Banyan Tree Resort, therefore the beach itself is largely visited by guests of this prestigious hotel. In fact, this resort is almost the only thing in the whole bay, with no further guesthouses or restaurants located nearby. There is, however, a small beach bar, which sells a few snacks and some cold drinks to keep you ticking over while you enjoy the beach. The fine, white, sandy beach, in combination with the thickly-vegetated mountain backdrob, the turquoise water, and the imposing granite formations create a picture-book backdrop to the beach. There is no offshore coral reef to protect the bay from the open ocean, so the water does get deep quite quickly, and during the south-east trade wind (May to September), large waves can strike the beach, making swimming dangerous for most people. The locals often enjoy surfing in the bay, as the conditions can be perfect for surfboards and bodyboards. Besides that, the beach is always excellent for sunbathing, and the numerous palm trees provide relief from the sun when you want a break. That said, watch out for falling coconuts, which can be rather dangerous! Anse Intendance ranks among the most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles, and, for many, it compares favourably with anything worldwide. Even though it is not always possible to swim here, the beach offers almost everything that you’d expect from a postcard location. During the months where you can’t swim, the bay is the ideal location for a romantic picnic on the incredible sand, and a great place to enjoy the sunset over the ocean.

Nearby restaurants

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Captain's Villa

Guesthouse · Mahé · Anse Royale
4.5 of 5 135 Reviews
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Distance: 2.84 km
Rooms: 9
Pers.: 2 - 5
Beach: 100 m
Double Room with Balcony or Terrace
For 2 people / night
€ 88 - € 110
Service: B

Chalets Bougainville

Apartement · Mahé · Takamaka
4.6 of 5 24 Reviews
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Distance: 3.18 km
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Studio Cocos
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Kempinski Seychelles Resort Baie Lazare

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Distance: 4.11 km
Rooms: 147
Pers.: 1 - 3
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Ixora Villa

Villa · Mahé · Anse Royale
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Distance: 4.43 km
Rooms: 1
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For 4 people / night
€ 140 - € 150
Service: B

Le Nautique Luxury Beachfront Apartments

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Distance: 4.50 km
Rooms: 8
Pers.: 2 - 5
Beach: 20 m
Queen Garden View Apartment
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€ 165
Service: B

Demeure de Cap Maçon

Guesthouse · Mahé · Takamaka
4.5 of 5 90 Reviews
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Distance: 2.99 km
Rooms: 6
Pers.: 2 - 4
Beach: 150 m
Standard Suite
For 2 people / night
€ 175
Service: B&B

Coco Blanche

Apartement · Mahé · Anse Royale
5.0 of 5 81 Reviews
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Distance: 4.23 km
Rooms: 7
Pers.: 2 - 4
Beach: 50 m
Ocean View Villa
For 2 people / night
€ 120
Service: B

Domaine Desaubin Luxury Villas

Guesthouse · Mahé · Takamaka
4.0 of 5 1 Reviews
Distance: 1.74 km
Rooms: 3
Pers.: 1 - 2
Beach: 50 m
Deluxe Villa with 1 Bedroom
For 2 people / night
€ 140 - € 220
Service: B

Coté Sud

Apartement · Mahé · Takamaka
4.5 of 5 47 Reviews
Distance: 1.34 km
Rooms: 3
Pers.: 2 - 4
Beach: 1500 m
Apartment il Girasole
For 2 people / night
€ 94 - € 100
Service: B

Valmer Resort

Hotel · Mahé · Baie Lazare
4.0 of 5 425 Reviews
Distance: 4.38 km
Rooms: 25
Pers.: 1 - 4
Beach: 200 m
Ocean View Suites
For 2 people / night
€ 241 - € 321
Service: B&B
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