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by Gonny

La Digue Adventures

After a few days of travelling, we finally saw La Digue appearing in the distance.
Image: Now we would see if all people had told us about La Digue being the most beautiful island on earth would be true...
After arriving on the island, a friendly taxi driver of Creole Travel took us to the Orchid Self Catering Apartment where we would stay this week.

The reception was very friendly and our apartment was nice, situated in the middle of a garden with beautiful flowers and birds visiting our terrace.
The first day we used to have a look around, getting familiar with the shops and restaurants...etc. After that we started discovering the island.

The 4th of November we decided to make good use of the day, we set the alarm for 5.30.
We wanted to climb the highest peak of the island, Belle Vue (Eagle's Nest Mountain), before it would be too hot.
After that a trip to the beach that is said to be the most beautiful on earth, Anse Source d'Argent... Exciting day!

We took our bike to go to the starting point of the climb. Half way we got a flat tire so had to leave our bikes behind.
We proceeded on foot. Good choice it appeared because cycling really would have been impossible.
Roads far too steep to ride a bike! The climb was amazing following narrow paths, steep climbs through a jungle using lianas to get higher and higher....

Image: At 9 o’clock we reached the summit (333 m.) The view was overwhelming. Very much worth the climb!

View from Belle VueView from Belle Vue Going down we were very happy staring the day that early, seeing sweaty tourists starting the climb at a later time of the day.
Walking down with our bikes we arrived home at 10 o’clock. The friendly owner of the Orchid Apartments arranged a new bike for us to continue our day, so off to the beach we went!

Cycling back to the Orchid apartmentCycling back to the Orchid apartment To reach Anse Source d'Argent you have to cross L'Union Estate & Anse Source d'Argent. In the park you can see a large group of tortoises.
The tortoises are very friendly and love to be fed with the leaves that are piled up beside the enclosure. On we went to the beach...

Feeding tortoises at Union Estate ParkFeeding tortoises at Union Estate Park We parked our bikes near a nice restaurant, had a drink and lunch, and continued our walk starting from a viewing point which gave us very high expectations for the rest of our day.... so pretty! (20171104_114626)

Viewing point at the beachViewing point at the beach Every word said about Anse Source d’Argent is true.... this beach is so incredibly beautiful.... The rocks, the aqua-blue water, the white sand....

Anse source d'argentAnse source d'argent The picture doesn’t show how beautiful it is... you have to experience this in real life...

Lazy rest of the day, having some fresh juice at one of the juice bars you see so many on La Digue and enjoying the beautiful views... Going back one last glance at the amazing ocean surrounding the island and back on the bike going home again...

Fresh juices at Anse source d’argentFresh juices at Anse source d’argent Returning from Anse source d’argentReturning from Anse source d’argent La Digue, heaven on earth...

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