Beach "Anse Source d'Argent"

La Digue
Anse Source d'Argent, La Digue
Coral reef


The absolutely breathtaking scenery is the real highlight of Anse Source d’Argent. The mixture of shallow, clear water, golden sand, and imposing granite formations make it one of the most picturesque beaches anywhere in the world, and one that’s well worth visiting for anyone taking a holiday to the Seychelles.


  • 1100m x 20m - lots of visitors
  • Shallow water - protected by coral reef
  • Occasional presence of seaweed
  • High tide can cover the beach
  • One of the most famous beaches in the world, with many visitors
  • Excellent conditions for swimming and snorkelling (at high tide)


At a Glance:

  • World-famous beach, and one of the most photographed spots in the whole world thanks to its amazing natural beauty.
  • The beach is protected from the open ocean by a coral reef, ensuring the water is shallow and calm, with small waves.
  • Extremely family-friendly thanks to the shallow, clear water, protected by the coral reef.
  • Restaurant, toilets, and parking can all be found near the entrance to the beach, as well as several fruit stands at the far end of the beach.
  • Natural shade provides protection from the sun.
  • Visitors are advised to come early, as the beach is particularly busy between 10.00 and 17.00 each day.


Anse Source d’Argent, in the south-west of La Digue, has often been described as the most beautiful beach in the world, and it is certainly one of the Seychelles’ most famous attractions. The beautiful mix of turquoise water, golden sand, and impressive boulders makes it a unique prospect worldwide. Access to Anse Source d’Argent is via the Union Estate, which charges 115 Rupees per person each day for access, however the outcome is well-worth the fee. Besides this initial entrance fee, access to the beach is easy thanks to a number of well-signposted paths. One of the main reasons for the beach’s popularity, besides its astounding beauty, is its variety of activities. The shallow, clear water, as well as the coral reef protection, means the beach is a great spot for families, and is also perfect for swimming and snorkelling. That said, it can be difficult to swim here at low tide, as the water is extremely shallow, but at high tide, the water is deep enough to swim while still being shallow enough to be safe for most swimmers. The protection provided to the beach by the coral reef ensures that the open ocean feels far away, so parents shouldn’t worry about their kids playing in the water. On top of that, the nearby restaurants and fruit stands mean you can easily spend a whole day here if you like, although those wanting the beach to themselves should arrive before 10.00. As mentioned, the beach is also famous for having been used in a number of prominent photoshoots and films, including movies such as Emanuelle, Crusoe, and Castaway, as well as the famous Bacardi adverts of the 1990s. Anse Source d’Argent is truly a must-see for all Seychelles holidaymakers, and especially for those staying on La Digue. The unique mixture of shallow water, pristine white sand, and impressive granite boulders make it a real treat, and one that visitors will remember for a long time.

Nearby restaurants

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Villa Pasyon

Villa · Transit certified · La Digue
5.0 of 5 12 Reviews
Distance: 1.28 km
Rooms: 1
Pers.: 4 - 10
Beach: 400 m
For 4 people / night
€ 282 - € 375
Service: B

Etoile Labrine

Guesthouse · La Digue
4.5 of 5 417 Reviews
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Distance: 1.34 km
Rooms: 10
Pers.: 1 - 4
Beach: 700 m
Deluxe Room
For 2 people / night
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La Digue Island Lodge

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Distance: 2.27 km
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Agnes Cottage

Villa · Transit certified · La Digue
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Amethyst House
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€ 120
Service: B
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Villa Creole

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€ 136 - € 163
Service: B

La Diguoise

Guesthouse · Transit certified · La Digue
4.1 of 5 389 Reviews
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Distance: 1.81 km
Rooms: 10
Pers.: 1 - 4
Beach: 350 m
Standard Room
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Pension Michel

Small Hotel · La Digue
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Distance: 2.12 km
Rooms: 8
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Standard Room
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Service: B&B

Casa de Leela

Apartement · Transit certified · La Digue
4.5 of 5 259 Reviews
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Distance: 2.07 km
Rooms: 19
Pers.: 2 - 4
Beach: 950 m
For 2 people / night
€ 150
Service: B

Hyde-Tide Apartments

Apartement · La Digue
4.1 of 5 9 Reviews
Distance: 2.34 km
Rooms: 3
Pers.: 2
Beach: 5 m
Standard Apartment
For 2 people / night
€ 225
Service: B&B
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