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by Anna

Postcard Holidays on Seychelles

After reading many reviews about Seychelles we decided to divide our holidays in the following order: 7 days on La Digue, 3 days in Praslin and 1 day in Mahe.

La Digue

We arrived to Mahe on Sunday morning at 8 am and directly took the bus to Victoria.
There is a bus station just opposite from the airport and the ticket costs about 0.50€, which compared to the taxi fare of 50 € was quite a good deal.
Unfortunately, because of the long customs and passport check we didn’t manage to catch a ferry at 11 am so we had to wait for the connecting one at 1pm.
We finally arrived to the hotel at 4pm and in hindsight I think it makes sense to actually stay one night in Mahe instead of travelling directly to La Digue.

Turtle.jpg Le Repaire Boutique Hotel where we stayed was just exquisite! There are 2 pools, direct access to the beach and very good service.
The seafood pizza in the restaurant was far better than any pizza we ate in Italy!
If you stay in La Digue it makes sense to rent bikes, as it is the main way of transport in the island.
It costs about 10€ per day per person but you can easily reach any place in the island. You can easily ride to the most famous beach called Anse Source d'Argent which looks like taken from a postcard.

Anse Source ArgentAnse Source Argent For example you can ride in the evening to the Fish Trap restaurant where we had a very good Fish Plate and amazing sunset view.

Fish Trap Fish PlateFish Trap Fish Plate La-Digue-Sunset-FishTrapLa-Digue-Sunset-FishTrap The hotel has also Kayaks which one can rent for free. We did it for two days and really enjoyed exploring new, secluded beaches.

KayakingKayaking The only problem with this type of transportation is that there are no shops or cafes so if you want to drink water or eat something you might have a problem. Fortunately there are coconuts everywhere, but it still took us about 30 min to figure out how to open it.

Image: Local Creole food is very good but quite expensive. One of the famous dishes is Octopus salad.

Octopus SaladOctopus Salad If you want to try out many different Creole dishes, we really enjoyed the sunset dinner at Snack Bellevue. We had to reserve it in advance and costed about 40€ pp including transfer to the top by a taxi. It was worth the price not only because of the food but also amazing view.

La Digue sunset dinnerLa Digue sunset dinner La-Digue sunset dinnerLa-Digue sunset dinner Praslin

We stayed on Praslin in Villas des Alizes. It has a nice pool and well located next to the beach and a shop. We didn’t like the extra charge of 20€ for a Wifi, and we also didn’t take an additional breakfast for 17€ pp per day.
The rooms are spacious and colorful and it was overall a nice place to stay.

Villa des Alizes roomVilla des Alizes room Villa des Alizes beachVilla des Alizes beach Praslin is a bit bigger island then La Digue and you need to rent a car to go around. We rented a convertible Mini Moke for 75€ per day and it was so much fun! Riding around the island with the roof down was one of our most amazing experiences in Seychelles!


We stayed in Mahe only one day but we really enjoyed our time there. We stayed in Chez Batista and were upgraded to the Superior Suite which has an amazing view on Takamaka beach.

Chez Batista beachChez Batista beach Image: On our last evening we went to the Maria’s Rock Cafeteria on Mahe. We really enjoyed hot stone cooked seafood! The price was also quite ok.

Make dinner CafeMake dinner Cafe Just before leaving to the airport we took our last view at the Sunrise from the balcony of our hotel in Mahe. It was really amazing holiday!

Chez Batista SunriseChez Batista Sunrise
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