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by Christina

A Trip to Remember

Me and my aunt wanted to find a holiday destination where we could do a little bit of everything; go snorkeling, hike, or just walk around – that is why we chose the Seychelles. After searching the internet for good accommodations and prices, I came by Seyvillas, which had great information about the destination as well as prices on each hotel/ resort. So having all my bookings in one place just made it so easy.


We started off on Praslin, taking a small plane from Mahe where we arrived from Stockholm, Sweden.
We had chosen a quiet destination called Cap Jean Marie Beach Villas, which is found on the west side of the island. We had our own little villa, and shared the beach with only two other couples. Enjoying our first island sunset was truly magnificent.

Cap Jean Marie Villas, PraslinCap Jean Marie Villas, Praslin To be able to visit other parts of the island you can rent a car but we found the local bus to be just as sufficient. For only 7 rupees it takes you where you want to go and we met a lot of other tourists this way. Taking the bus to both Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette was a breeze, and then we hiked the last bit, having the turquoise ocean as a view wasn’t bad at all! This picture below was taken on Anze Lazio beach. I have never seen water that clear before. (Picture IMG_4540.JPG) Praslin, which we later on found out is pronounced ‘’Pralin’’ was a calm start to our holiday, which was just perfect for me and my aunt, having time to get into vacation mode and sip wine on the terrace at night. We also had time to do different day trips seeing other islands which was great!

La Digue

After five days on Praslin we took the boat Cat Rose that is the inner island ferry to La Digue.
The minute we stepped off that boat we were in paradise, yet again! This island had a totally different vibe than Praslin.
We stayed at Le Repaire Boutique Hotel that also is set on the west side on the island.
Without thinking about it when I book our accommodation, every location was on the west side of each island, having the perfect view of the sunset every night! I did thank myself afterwards!
Our hotel was so nice, again right on the beach and great Italian food restaurant. They also have partnered up taking you up to Snack Bellevue (cafeteria/ restaurant up on the hill of the island) transfer and buffet included from our hotel for €50.

La Digue, Belle VueLa Digue, Belle Vue Of all pictures taken on my trip this is my favorite. Having dinner watching the sunset is something I will never get tired of.
La Digue island was the perfect size for renting bikes and just stroll around the island by yourself. Me and my aunt visited almost every beach possible, starting with Anse Patates

La Digue, Anse PatatesLa Digue, Anse Patates A beautiful beach with white sand and crystal clear water. But the currents of the water is strong so be careful.
There is so much to see on La Digue, everything from just a new beach to the vanilla plantation situated around Anse Source d'Argent.
On our last night on La Digue I was able to catch what I know is the most gorgeous sunset I have ever seen, and I could say that almost everyday! But the sky was on fire here. Everyday on the Seychelles just kept getting better and better.

Le Repaire Hotel, La DigueLe Repaire Hotel, La Digue Mahe

Not wanting to leave La Digue for Mahe, the day came where we took the boat Cat Cocos to the main island. The boat took about 90 min, having time to watch the scenery along the way was perfect.
We did not think it could get any better and when arriving at our hotel called Bliss Hotel, we were just that!

Mahe, Bliss HotelMahe, Bliss HotelImage: Bliss hotel was really cool in the way you could walk on the sand even getting your toast during breakfast. Having a restaurant called Barefoot, this was a really nice experience!
On Mahe we did some hiking as well as snorkeling, but also just laying on a sunbed watching the ocean, and doing some back-flips in the pool.
Taking the bus to Beau Vallon for lunch was the perfect outing, taking around 20 minutes from Bliss Hotel, where you could get grilled fresh fish and a great mango salad right on the beach! We went back several times here since if felt so genuine.

Image: The last day on our trip we tried to soak up the experience we have had over the past two weeks.
The culture, food and people of these islands are just incredible.
This was such a great trip, seeing paradise over and over again every day, no matter where you were. This is a place I will definitely visit again.

Mahe, Bliss HotelMahe, Bliss Hotel
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