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Imrich & Reni
by Imrich & Reni

Honeymoon Seychelles

Our arrival was warmly welcomed by the local people. As soon as we left the plane we felt the hot tropical weather. The bus was already waiting for us, which took us to our “Katamaran” Cat Cocos, in a few minutes we set course to the second biggest island, our first stop, Praslin.


We were accommodated in Chalets Cote-Mer for 5 nights, which was situated close to the harbor.

During our stay we enjoyed the beautiful garden and the cleanliness of the building. Everyone around was really kinds to us. They served either meat or fish for dinner; we always ate fish and we didn’t regret our choice. The waiters were kind to us.

We rented a car for personal travels around the island. My experience is that a smaller car can get you everywhere on the island.

Anse Lazio – the most amazing coast on the island; we spent the whole day there and we came back once more.

Praslin, Anse LazioPraslin, Anse Lazio Praslin, Anse LazioPraslin, Anse Lazio

Anse Georgette – Another gorgeous coast on Praslin; you can get there through Lemuria Resort’s golf course. All you have to do is ask the security nicely and tell them you want to see that amazing coast and they will let you in.

Praslin, Anse Georgette – Lemuria ResortPraslin, Anse Georgette – Lemuria Resort

Praslin National Park – This thick palm forest is a sight to behold; there are many palm trees that grow only in this region, the best-known is the uniquely-shaped palm tree known as the Coco de Mer.

Praslin, National ParkPraslin, National Park

La Digue

Our accommodation on the smallest island was Etole Labrine. Our host gave us the best of everything: welcome, food ( fish), staff and their cooperation, the land itself and the garden. We rented bicycles to go on a trip around the whole island.

Anse Patates – The coast there was wonderful; it is often used as a place for weddings, we actually saw one, one can only dream about weddings like that one was.

La Digue, Anse PatatesLa Digue, Anse Patates

Cafeteria Belle Vue – Even though this café is on a high hill it is worth climbing it, because the sunset is a priceless sight while having a cocktail (mango was the best one we had there).

LaDigue, Cafeteria Belle Vue - SunsetLaDigue, Cafeteria Belle Vue - Sunset

Grand Anse/ Petite Anse/ Anse Cocos – These beautiful coasts are situated next to each other. You can get to those places after a short walk through the forest and rocks. We visited these places multiple times.

La Digue, Grand AnseLa Digue, Grand Anse

Coco island – We were on a day-long boat trip to a small island; the experience of what we saw underwater will remain within us for a lifetime. We were lucky to have seen turtles as well as rays.

La Digue, Cocos IslandLa Digue, Cocos Island La Digue, Cocos IslandLa Digue, Cocos Island

Anse Source d'Argent – The most romantic coast can be seen here together with vanilla estates, coconut oil factory, and tall palm trees and so called giant turtles. We saw these turtles in the open, too. The coast is really long, but it is separated into smaller beaches; we couldn’t resist the fresh-made juices.

Simply put: wonderful. La Digue, Anse Source d`ArgentLa Digue, Anse Source d`Argent


We were accommodated in Lazare Picault; the building was nice and clean, breakfast delicious and diverse, the room was spacious and the view was fantastic.

Petite Anse – we visited Four Season’s coast. We had to ask the security to let us pass nicely and they did so as well; they were so nice and they brought us to the coast via golf carts. We were heard that Petite Anse is one of the most beautiful of coasts and we can only recommend it.

Mahé, Petite Anse – Four Season ResortMahé, Petite Anse – Four Season Resort

Anse Soleil – this coast is public and easy to approach, we went the multiple times, too.

Mahé, Anse SoleilMahé, Anse Soleil

We did another one-day trip around the island with a few stops, including the capital Victoria.

Victoria – Very traffic-heavy and colorful small city. The market, small shops and the shopping mall on Eden Island are our most fond memories. If you like shopping, definitely consider going there.

Mahé, Victoria – Capital CityMahé, Victoria – Capital City Mahé, Victoria – Capital CityMahé, Victoria – Capital City

Jardin Du Roi Spice Garden – We saw a wide variety of spices in Jardin Du Roi Spice Garden as well as the biggest bamboo I have ever seen in my life.

Mahé, Jardin Du Roi Spice GardenMahé, Jardin Du Roi Spice Garden

Mission – Our next stop was this view point, where the whole southwestern side of the island is visible.

Mahé, MissionMahé, Mission

Tea Factory – We couldn’t afford to miss the tea factory, since The Seychelles are known for it. We were lead through the whole process of making tea, we learned a lot. In the nearby small shop we bought various teas and lemongrass.

Mahé, Tea FactoryMahé, Tea Factory

Anse Intendance – The last day we visited this coast, too and It was beautiful.

Mahé, Anse IntendanceMahé, Anse Intendance

We had an opportunity to buy fresh fish, which we prepared by ourselves with a local recipe, it was delicious, we liked it there.


The Seychelles Islands are called paradise for a reason; coasts and beaches, the clear water itself, flora and fauna, the local gastronomy and people; a world incomparable to any other. Our memories will never fade and we would definitely like to relive our experiences once more.

P.S.: Fans of alcohol should definitely try their local specialty called Takamaka rum, I like the dark one the most.

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