Vanessa Parwus

At SeyVillas since: 2022


Vanessa's Top 3 Seychellen Highlights

Breathtaking beaches on La Digue

image - Breathtaking beaches on La Digue
One of my highlights because…

… there are so many of them here that you can visit a different beach on every day!

… each beach offers something a little different!

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The impressive variety of the islands

image - The impressive variety of the islands
I like it because…

… it’s not only beach fans who’ll get their money’s worth here! The Seychelles are also ideal for active holidaymakers.

… each island has something unique to offer and is worth visiting!

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Island-hopping between islands

image - Island-hopping between islands
Highly recommended because…

… you can get to see the full variety of the Seychelles and see different islands.

… the ferry trips to the different islands can almost feel like small excursions, so you always have that holiday feeling!

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Vanessa's favourite experience in the Seychelles

My favourite experience so far was the breathtaking sunset views at Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue. In the evening, the beach isn’t quite as busy as it is during the day, and it offers a stunning sunset view. Definitely a must-do on La Digue.


Vanessa's Insider Tip

Holidays in the Seychelles allow you to directly experience paradise for yourself. Visit the different islands and types of islands, as each island has its own feel and offers all kinds of attractions. Meanwhile, the flair of the islands and the colourful lifestyle of the locals are both equally impressive. PS: It’s always a good idea to have some cash on you to buy a fresh coconut whenever you can!

“We can dream of travelling or we can do it.” (Oscar Wilde) We’ll find your Seychelles holiday together so that your dream can become a reality!
— Vanessa, SeyVillas

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