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Walter's Top 3 Seychellen Highlights

Sailing holiday with the Sea Bird

image - Sailing holiday with the Sea Bird
One of my highlights because...

...the views of the islands from the water is simply stunning.’re always ready to jump in the water and go snorkelling!

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Discover giant tortoises

image - Discover giant tortoises
I love this because...

...they can live to be 200 years old!

...they are absolutely huge! PS: they love eating fruit (especially bananas).

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Beautiful beaches

image - Beautiful beaches
Spectacular because...

...the Seychelles has the best beaches in the world.

...most of the Seychelles’ beaches are free of people!

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Walter's favourite experience in the Seychelles

The barbeque on the day tour with the tour guide Jonathan! The meal is prepared on the beach and consists of grilled fish and Creole salad. It was really one of the best meals I’ve had in my life! If you’re staying on La Digue then I highly recommend booking Jonathan as a guide and enjoying a wonderful day!


Walter's Insider Tip

An excursion to the uninhabited island of Moyenne. This small island is at the heart of the Sainte Anne Marine Park and you can explore the whole island in around 40 minutes on-foot. On the way, you’ll find a small museum, the graves of the old owners of the island, numerous giant tortoises, and two somewhat wild beaches.

Even after visiting the Seychelles as many times as I have, I’m still always impressed by the beauty of these incredible islands.
— Walter, SeyVillas

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