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Thank you for your interest in SeyVillas! We are a German tour operator specialised in the Seychelles and our strongest focus is putting together absolutely tailor-made personal island-hopping packages for our European customer base. We started as a small team in 2011, and since the beginning we have been growing steadily by working very closely with the owners of the hotels and our local partners. We now have more than 300 accommodations online, and we are looking forward to welcoming more to our portfolio, ranging from typical bungalows, apartments, guesthouses, small hotels as well as resorts and independent villas.

What are the advantages of working with us?

  • High volume of European clients: average of 300 nights per property per year
  • Payment in advance and no payment fees for you
  • Quality clients & long-stay bookings: they know where they are going and what to expect
  • High-end quality presentation of your property: exclusive pictures, videos and detailed descriptions
  • Marketing & promotion: we advertise your accommodation through various media: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google Ads and newsletters

Our on-site partner agency

One of our trusted partners in the Seychelles is Connect Seychelles: Seychelles European Reservation. This agency has over 35 years of experience in marketing and promoting the Seychelles and make a valuable contribution to our company. Together with Creole Travel Services, Connect Seychelles provides local assistance, transfer, tours and excursions to our guests.


We, the SeyVillas Team, achieved a full knowledge of the destination thanks to personal visits, certifications, local contacts and constant updates about the Seychelles. We do our best to consult our clients, to answer them quickly and to build a holiday that matches their preferences.

Julian Grupp
Julian Grupp Managing Director
Francesca Ruggero
Francesca Ruggero Managing Director
Walter Cuccarano
Walter Cuccarano Managing Director
Rebecca Harst
Rebecca Harst Team Leader Product & Account Management
Maddalena Pradal
Maddalena Pradal Product & Acquisition Manager
Evelyn Müller
Evelyn Müller Product & Account Manager
Maria Lange
Maria Lange Product & Account Manager
Sabrina Gentile
Sabrina Gentile Product & Acquisition Manager
Vincent Hofmann
Vincent Hofmann Produkt & Account Manager


Cote d'Or Chalets Team - Praslin

“It is a privilege to work with SeyVillas”

“Super team. Always been a pleasure to work with. It is a privilege to work with SeyVillas. Really professional and communication is indeed excellent. We will continue to give and improve our services and in keeping the clientele happy and willing to come back.”

Delta (L'Habitation) - Cerf island

“It has been a great pleasure to work with a group of people who actually know their products”

“We have been privileged to work with SeyVillas for the last two years and it has been a great pleasure to work with a group of people who actually know their products. It makes such a difference when clients arrive at L’Habitation being well briefed by a professional team who have sampled our products and clients know exactly what to expect and thus make our job easier and results in very happy customers. There are odd little problems every now and then but nothing that cannot be sorted out and the end result is very satisfied customers.”

Miette (Islander) - Praslin

“Keep up the good work because Seychelles and its people need you”

“For one year now the Islander hotel is working with SeyVillas, we have found this travel agent to be really professional. communication with all the workers are so easy and efficient and really know what they are doing. Our occupancy with SeyVillas has really climbed the ladder. We are so satisfied because it is generating more income which we shall be able to upgrade our rooms and have a swimming pool in the near future. more facilities will be available to all our guests in general. As for the payment, this is top. even if you have forgotten to send in your invoice, you will find Walter or Michael who has sent the payment through the bank and this is really cool. keep up the good work because Seychelles and its people need you. From the Islander Villa”

David (Fleur de Lys) - La Digue

“We are very happy to work with SeyVillas!”

“We have been working with SeyVillas for the last 6 years. The cooperation is good because if there is any issues it is dealt with promptly.They are different from other platforms because with their system it is almost impossible to have double bookings or over bookings.
We are very happy to work with SeyVillas!”

Imtiaz (Acquario Villa) - Praslin

“The finest professional team of specialist travel agents”

“Acquario Villa has been working with the SeyVillas team for about 3 years now. We have found SeyVillas to be really professional and well organised. SeyVillas really know what they are doing and will communicate each customers special requirements to us ahead of their arrival.This best practice has ensured so many satisfied guests. What most impresses us about SeyVillas team, is that they are very knowledgeable about the Seychelles. It makes such a difference when the clients arrive at Acquario Villa being well informed by the professional SeyVillas´s team. All emails are swiftly answered to. Our occupancy with SeyVillas has really developed well. We look forward to many more years filled with bookings from the finest professional team of specialist travel agents."

Pierre (Les Villas d’Or) - Praslin

“The best thing about this cooperation is communication!”

“The cooperation between SeyVillas and Les Villas D’or date back in July 2012, thus over 6 great and fruitful years. The best thing about this cooperation is communication: this aspect of the business is extremely important and it makes work much simpler especially in the domain of reservations.Generally we are very satisfied with SeyVillas and we only look forward to greater mutual ties between you and us!”

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