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Juan Jose
by Juan Jose

A Unique Honeymoon in a Unique Country


We stayed for 4 nights in Valmer Resort and its amazing pool villa.
It was such an experience to enjoy it! Our first visit to one beach in the Seychelles could be better in Baie Lazare, which is nearby the Resort.

Huge beach to walk, to do snorkeling, to see the typical Seychellois landscape… It had everything, and completely empty!
We were astonished for the first time here in Seychelles. After a long day travelling, we enjoyed the facilities of the hotel as well as an amazing food from the ValMer Resort.
Highly recommended to have half board and try the specialties from the country.

In our second day we decided to visit Sainte Anne Marine National Park by doing a trip in catamaran.
During the day we did some fish feeding, saw for our first time the famous tortoises in Moyenne Island and did a short hiking around it.
Afterwards, the first of much snorkeling sessions, a great lunch in the catamaran, and afterwards some sailing and more snorkeling.
A great day and such a nice experience our first day in Seychelles!

Moyenne Island in the St.Anne Marine ParkMoyenne Island in the St.Anne Marine Park Tortoises in MoyenneTortoises in Moyenne The following days we rented a car and went on our own doing thing such as:
Walking around Anse Intendance, a beautiful beach although its strong tide.

Spot in Anse IntendanceSpot in Anse Intendance We visited Victoria and its tiny but beautiful market, and had a walking around the smallest capital on Earth.
We finished the evening doing jet ski in Beau Vallon, highly recommended!! Awesome views combined with an adrenaline shot.
Hiking in Morne Blanc trail and having the luck to see fauna such as bats eating jack fruits, hedgehogs, snakes, and even the tiniest frog on Earth! Only 13 mm!!

Lucky us finding a hedgehog while hikingLucky us finding a hedgehog while hiking This tiny frog! Only 12 mmThis tiny frog! Only 12 mm Snorkeling in Port Launay North Beach, so far where we were luckier! We watched reef and tons of species over here.
And of course, unique sunsets on the beach...

Sunset in MaheSunset in Mahe La Digue

In the small La Digue we were accommodated on Patatran, which has a beautiful beach just down the hotel. In this island we rented bikes and visited Fond de l'Anse (Grand Anse) in the afternoon our first day.
The following days we explored the island and spend half a day in Anse Source d'Argent, not only the beach but also in the park, where you can feed the tortoises (please note you would have to pay in order to visit the beach!).

Anse Source D’Argent…no wordsAnse Source D’Argent…no words We had dinner in Domaine Le Orangerie, highly recommended its fusion of typical creole cuisine and high cuisine.

In Praslin we stayed in Chalets Cote Mer and was a great decision! Awesome views, staff and the food was amazing!
We also rented a car in order to move around. Our first destination was Anse Lazio, which actually visited two times since it was awesome. In here we did some snorkeling (best area is right or left, depending how strong the tide is).
And of course, we visited Vallée de Mai and did some hiking to explore the endemic flora and to see the famous Coco de Mer.

The famous Coco De Mer in Valle De MaiThe famous Coco De Mer in Valle De Mai Highly recommended to have a look in Anse Gouvernement, a small beach really quiet and with beautiful views.
To finish our trip, we decided to take a taki boat bound to Curieuse Island, so to have a proper farewell seeing again tortoises and snorkeling around St. Pierre.

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