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Dear visitor to the Seychelles

We at SeyVillas are a specialised agent for the Seychelles whose strong point is putting together absolutely tailor-made personal island-hopping packages.
Our long association with the country and our close contacts with its people has equipped us with a wide-ranging and often exclusive range of accommodation on all the populated islands.
In order to ensure that our insistence on high quality is respected, we regularly check our accommodation personally and keep in constant contact with local hoteliers. This puts us in a position to provide a particularly complete travel advisory service based around your individual journey to the Seychelles.

Julian Grupp, Francesca Ruggero, Walter Cuccarano
(Board of Directors)

Certified Seychelles Experts

SeyVillas - Our Company Philosophy

A holiday spent in a family-run guesthouse in the Seychelles. It’s almost impossible to get closer to these islands and their wonderful residents than that. We know these people. They are our partners. We have a close, long-standing friendship with many of them. Our trusted and fair cooperation with them is the foundation of our success. Therefore, we can maintain the social, cultural, and economic sustainability of the islands and their people. With that and our active engagement in carefully-chosen nature and social projects, we are helping to protect the wonderful variety of this small paradise. We are just as varied. We look out for each other and care for our colleagues. Despite all of our differences, one thing unifies us: our passion and affinity for our product. Paired with a distinct attention-to-detail and a service-oriented mentality, we offer incomparable quality in the travel industry to our global customer base.

Travel Consulting & Sales

Isabelle Bentrup
Isabelle Bentrup Travel Consultant DE / EN contact@seyvillas.com +49 (0)521-44818616
Julia Flaming
Julia Flaming Travel Consultant DE / EN contact@seyvillas.com +49 (0)521-44818616
Jelena Jovanovic
Jelena Jovanovic Travel Consultant FR / IT / EN contact@seyvillas.com +49 (0)521-44818616
Gessica Stella
Gessica Stella Travel Consultant IT / EN / DE contact@seyvillas.com +49 (0)521-44818616
Valeria Cippitelli
Valeria Cippitelli Travel Consultant IT / EN / DE contact@seyvillas.com +49 (0)521-44818616
Danielle Djomo
Danielle Djomo Travel Consultant FR / EN / DE contact@seyvillas.com +49 (0)521-44818616
Antonella Carluccio
Antonella Carluccio Travel Consultant FR / IT contact@seyvillas.com +49 (0)521-44818616
Philipp Bergmann
Philipp Bergmann Travel Consultant DE / EN contact@seyvillas.com +49 (0)521-44818616
Janina Jürging
Janina Jürging Travel Consultant DE / EN contact@seyvillas.com +49 (0)521-44818616
Nicolas Sorrent
Nicolas Sorrento Travel Consultant FR / EN contact@seyvillas.com +49 (0)521-44818616

Product & Account Management

Rebecca Harst
Rebecca Harst Team Leader Product & Account Management info@seyvillas.com +49 (0)521 44 81 83 16
Jessica Beye-Edzang
Jessica Beye-Edzang Product & Account Manager info@seyvillas.com +49 (0)521-44818316
Gioia Traquandi
Gioia Traquandi Product & Account Manager info@seyvillas.com +49 (0)521-44818316
Evelyn Müller
Evelyn Müller Product & Account Manager info@seyvillas.com +49 (0)521-44818316
Diandra Eichelmann
Diandra Eichelmann Product & Account Manager info@seyvillas.com +49 (0)521-44818316
Maria Lange
Maria Lange Product & Account Manager info@seyvillas.com +49 (0)521-44818316
Maria Lange
Miguel Colbert Product & Account Manager info@seyvillas.com +49 (0)521-44818316
Marjolaine Kientz
Marjolaine Kientz Product & Account Manager info@seyvillas.com +49 (0)521-44818316
Maddalena Pradal
Maddalena Pradal Product & Acquisition Manager info@seyvillas.com +49 (0)521-44818316


Mira Schermann
Mira Schermann Team Leader Marketing marketing@seyvillas.com +49 (0)521-44818318
Gloria Regonesi
Gloria Regonesi Video & Content Manager marketing@seyvillas.com +49 (0)521-44818318
Lau Fong Sung
Lau Fong Sung Video Editor marketing@seyvillas.com +49 (0)521-44818318
Lau Fong Sung
Marie-Theres Schätzky Social Media & Content Manager marketing@seyvillas.com +49 (0)521-44818318

Finance & Accounting

Michael Keller
Michael Keller Team Leader Finance & Administration accounting@seyvillas.com
Janina Fabian
Janina Fabian Financial Accountant accounting@seyvillas.com

IT & Software Development

Falko Matthies
Falko Matthies Team Leader IT
Roland Geng
Roland Geng Software Developer
Miroslav Koula
Miroslav Koula Software Developer
Therese Jatko
Therese Jatko Frontend Developer
Morteza Sepehri Niya
Morteza Sepehri Niya Software Developer

Board of Directors

Julian Grupp
Julian Grupp Managing Director
Francesca Ruggero
Francesca Ruggero Managing Director
Walter Cuccarano
Walter Cuccarano Managing Director

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