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The untouched nature of the island, combined with the extensive facilities of the resort, make for a truly unique, incredible beach experience. Whatever your tastes, you will certainly find something to enjoy about the beautiful beaches of Denis Island.


  • Beaches of various sizes on a small coral island
  • Beautiful shallow water surrounding the island
  • Coral reef protects the island from the open ocean
  • Stunning beaches with incredible scenery
  • Numerous activities possible, including scuba diving


At a Glance:

  • Small island surrounded by small, beautiful beaches of different sizes.
  • The island is one of the Seychelles’ coral islands, so the water that surrounds Denis is shallow and protected from the open ocean.
  • Most of the beaches are usually deserted, as the island has only 25 small villas to rent in its private resort.
  • Denis Island can be reached by plane from Mahé in about 30 minutes.
  • Great for romantic holidays or families.
  • Guests of the resort can enjoy numerous activities on the island’s beaches, including snorkelling, scuba diving, and kayaking.


Denis Island is one of the Seychelles’ smaller, coral islands. Located about 50km (30 miles) north of Praslin, it is the second-northernmost island of the Seychelles archipelago, beaten only by Bird Island. The island is now a private luxury resort, and, as you can expect, the beaches here are truly spectacular thanks to their untouched nature and pristine beauty. Getting to the island is simple enough, with daily charter flights between Mahé and Denis operated by Air Seychelles, as well as helicopter charters available on request. Even from the air, the beaches on Denis Island will take your breath away thanks to their mixture of white sandy, turquoise water, and beautiful greenery. Thankfully, due to the island’s small size, all of the beaches can be reached on foot with no problems in just a few minutes from the island’s accommodation. In terms of beach activities, the island has you well-covered. Guests can enjoy swimming in the coral lagoon, go snorkelling or scuba diving in the coral reef, kayak around the island, sunbathe on the sand under the sun, and much more. Children are welcome on the island too, with various non-motorised watersports and activities available for young travellers too! Besides that, visitors who simply want to walk around the island, enjoying the sand between their toes and the uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean can do so with ease. Denis Island offers stunning beaches and excellent facilities thanks to the resort, including spa, restaurant, bar, and more. The isolated location of the island also gives the beaches a nice, peaceful atmosphere that can be hard to find on the busier main islands of the Seychelles, making Denis Island’s beaches a real gem for any Seychelles holidaymaker lucky enough to see them first-hand.

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