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Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve

Although the Vallée de Mai is, of course, the main attraction on Praslin, an exciting alternative that is well-worth visiting is the Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve. Only opened in 2013, the park is naturally not yet very widely-known. The starting point can be found thanks to a small, red/white sign in the car park at Anse Marie-Louise, which can be reached by bus or rental car. The road leading there is rather wide, with steep twists. The visitor's centre at the reserve is rather simple, but the staff are always happy to see new people!

ImageThe small red arrow next to Anse Marie-Louise is quite easy to miss!

The entrance fee here is much cheaper than at the Vallée de Mai, and a personal guide is always included. Visitors to Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve should aim to arrive in the morning as there no more tours from about 13.00 onwards. With an area of 122 hectares, Fond Ferdinand is more than six times larger than Vallée de Mai, and is even richer in terms of endemic plant and animal species, including roughly as many Coco de Mer palms as the Vallée de Mai.


Besides the winding path through the valley, the two or three-hour journey up to the viewpoint is well-worth a trip too. From this point you can enjoy a beautiful view of Praslin itself, as well as the other inner islands of the Seychelles. In one direction you can see Curieuse, Sister Island, Coco Island, Round Island, Felicité, and La Digue, while in the other direction you can spot Frégate, Mahé, and Silhouette. If the weather is clear, you may even be able to spot Denis Island on the horizon.

ImageThis climb to the viewing point is certainly worth it... Image... because from up here you can enjoy this wonderful view of then surrounding islands! (© Simone Schwerdtner)

There is an equally-breathtaking panoramic view from Zimbabwe point. This spot in the north-west of the island is particularly nice at sunset. From Anse Boudin, drive up the road towards Zimbabwe until you reach the gates of a transmitting station. From here, you can head north to Aride, look west at Cousin and Cousine island, and east to Curieuse. La Digue and its surrounding islands can be seen to the south.

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