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Baie Sainte Anne

The port (Praslin Ferry Terminal) containing the jetty for boats from Mahé and shuttle ferries between Praslin and La Digue is located centrally in the village of Baie Sainte Anne. It is named after the patron saint of the first Catholic Church on the island, St. Anne.

Extensive land reclamation efforts were conducted in this bay in the past, something that was also carried out on Mahé. The artificially-reclaimed island was, in this case, named "Eve Island", and was connected by bridges to Praslin. The island contains offices and shops, a marina, and a few residential areas.

The aim of these measures was to ensure that the mainland remains undeveloped, but in reality it was a means of creating new space for offices, shops, and profitable tourist accommodation. Nowadays, there is only a narrow passage to the sea, giving the bay an almost natural lake feeling. Hundreds of tourists flock ashore from the jetty each day to spend a day out or manage their property for a longer stay. While the hills on either side of Baie Ste. Anne offer some very fine holiday addresses, it is very hard to find a beautiful, pristine beach here. However, built overlooking the bay are the Colibri and Côté de Mer Guesthouse which offer incomparable sea views. Travelling along the large bay of Sainte Anne, it is then possible to travel in a southerly direction.

Image: The beautiful Colibri Guest House is located right on the sea in Baie Ste. Anne Image: Baie St. Anne, Praslin
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