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A Private Island Luxury Hideaway

50 km to the east of Mahé lies the island of Frégate, 2 km long, 1.5 km wide, made of granite, and standing 125 metres above sea level through the imposing Mont Signal.


In 1744, French explorer Lazare Picault gave the easternmost Seychelles island the name 'Frigate' after the frigate birds that he encountered there. Incedentally, the first visitors to Frégate were probably pirates who were headed for the waters around Madagascar before retreating and finding refuge here. When it comes to treasure, many stories circulate but none has ever been found here. Unfortunately, Frégate has not been spared the ecological problems of the Seychelles' history, including destruction of nature and exploitation of the land in terms of coconut plantations and copra production. However, after the Second World War, fruits, vegetables, coffee, and spices were grown, as well as poulty being bred to sell in the market in Mahé.

In the 1990s, greater development was permitted on the island. A German industrialist leased Frégate, and started comprehensive restoration measures. In 1998, the island's only resort opened, which now belongs to the Oetker Collection, undoubtedly one of the finest hotel chains in the world. The island, however, remains almost untouched by tourism, offering sandy beaches, lively jungle areas, fruit and vegetable plantations, and rare plant and animal species.

Image: Fregate Private Island Resort, Seychelles

The guests who stay in the sixteen luxurious villas that were built here share the peace and quiet of the island with over 2,000 tortoises who roam the island, as well as hundreds of thousands of birds. The world's largest population of endangered Seychelles white-rumped shamas can also be found here. Anyone who wishes to experience this natural atmosphere for themselves can get to Frégate via a small aircraft or helicopter from the airport on Mahé, with the flight taking around twenty minutes. 150 members of staff at the resort meet their fifty guests' every demand, who in turn pay four-figure nightly costs. Claudia Schiffer, Michael Douglas, Julia Roberts, and other celebrities have all stayed here. The revenue of the resort serves as an example for other nature conservation projects, proving that luxury and environmental responsibility can live together in harmony.

Nowadays, it is said that the island is approximately 80% recovered back to how it looked before colonisation, with two trees planted on the island for each guest who stays there. The seven beaches and bays on the island are all incredible, especially Anse Victorin. Several paths lead to the island's beaches, with golf carts serving as the island's means of transportation. Hiking on Frégate is a simple affair thanks to the small inclines and shaded paths. Purer 'hiking' trips across the island, however, are inaccessible. North of Frégate, towards La Digue, lie the Chimney Rocks which rank among the Seychelles' best diving spots when the ocean is calm.


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