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The North-East of Praslin

Sights And Activities On The North-East Coast Of Praslin

Côte d'Or & Anse Volbert

The north-east coast, which also goes by the name Côte d’Or (Golden Coast), has some extremely attractive beaches on offer, protected by coral and the the south-east peninsula at Morne. The area is ideal before the local monsoon season, whose winds blow from May to October, bringing with them a lot of seaweed.

Not least thanks to the pleasant swimming conditions, this region has increasingly become Praslin's tourist centre, offering simple guesthouses, apartments for self-catering, classic and modern luxury hotels and resorts, a wide range of holiday villas, and an inviting selection of restaurants and cafés, as well as boutiques, shops, galleries, diving centres, car hire, and bicycle hire. Along with Beau Vallon Bay on Mahé, the "Golden Coast" of Praslin, can be designated as a more developed region of the Seychelles with versatile infrastructure. Nevertheless, the land does not seem over-developed or overly-frequented by tourists.

Running almost parallel to this centre, the town of Anse Volbert, lies a long stretch of coastline. With no dangerous coral reefs or cliffs, motorised water sports are quite popular here! Anse Volbert instead offers gently sloping sandy shores and perfect conditions for relaxing, bathing, and swimming. Others may decide to walk all 4 km of the coast here, taking in the sights. You can also find the starting point for many bus tours to points of interest or other beaches on the island. In the small exhibition at the Musée de Praslin, you can find information about the nature, culture, and history of Praslin. The museum can be found near the Côte d'Or Footprints in a historic building (open daily: 9.00 - 16.00, fee approx. €5/SCR 180, tel. 524 618, website). Meanwhile, the “Gallery & Art Café des Arts” exhibits and sells paintings and sculptures by local artists as well as individually-produced crafts (open Mon - Sat: 10.00 - 21.00, tel. +248 429 4800).

The Côte d'Or stretches all the way up to the bay of Anse Volbert to the north-west.

Image: Côte d’Or (Anse Volbert), Praslin

Anse Gouvernement

Anse Gouvernement, located in the east of the island, contains the beautiful l'Archipel Hotel, surrounded by a lush green garden. In 1984, the Polanski adventure film "Pirates" was filmed on Anse Gouvernement. Moreover, at the eastern edge of the bay, visitors can find a trail that leads to Anse Matelot, which is located about fifteen minutes away.

Image: Anse Gouvernement, Praslin

Anse La Blague

Between Anse Volbert and Baie Ste Anne lies the seldom-visited and sparsely-populated Anse La Blague. Despite its relative solitude, it is still well-worth a visit. You can reach this relaxing location by travelling about 1 km down a narrow street behind Anse Volbert, which leads to the north-east coast. At the southern tip of the island lies Anse La Farine, in French literally "flour beach" due to its fine sand resembling flour. Upstream lies the tiny world-of-its-own Round Island, not to be confused with its identically-named sister in the Sainte Anne Marine National Park), with four small luxury villas (maximum of sixteen guests), making it a really unique Robinson Crusoe-idyll.

Image: Anse La Blague, Praslin
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