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Marianne: A World-Class Diving Venue

The island of Marianne, located south-east of Félicité, has a beautiful beach on its west side. Otherwise, the island is surrounded by a rugged coast. Marianne's vegetation is characterised by dense palms, which can be found on its entire 1,900-metre long and 800-metre wide outline. Not even 1 square kilometre in size, the island is also relatively flat, with its highest point reaching around 130 metres above sea level. The islanders once tried to grow corn on the island, but, unfortunately, the presence of the Marianne White Eye killed off the crop.

The island was also used for copra production at one point. The former plantation employed at least 60 people who lived in the small settlement of 'La Cour' at the time. After the coconut plantation was disbanded, the island's inhabitants also left, leaving the island deserted.

The waters that surround the island rank among the most popular diving spots in the world, with mantas, grey reef sharks, and even whale sharks visible here. The La Digue Island Lodge diving centre offers boats that will take you to Marianne, while it is also possible to find excursions to the area on Praslin.