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Seven beaches on one small island! The variety and number of beaches here ensures that you will always find your own spot of paradise to enjoy, whether you wish to snorkel, swim, birdwatch, or simply relax.


  • 5km of beaches on the island - often deserted
  • Seven beautiful beaches surround the island
  • All beaches offer fine, white sand
  • Some beaches are protected by the offshore coral reef
  • Good for various activities, including snorkelling


At a Glance:

  • Sooty Tern Beach: the northernmost beach in the Seychelles.
  • Hirondelle Beach: named after a French boat which wrecked off the island in 1808.
  • Marie France’s Beach: named after the owner’s late wife.
  • Passe Coco Beach: great spot for snorkelling and swimming.
  • Crested Tern Beach: named after the crested tern birds which can be found on the island.
  • West Beach: voted one of the top ten beaches in the world by The Scotsman.
  • Hawksbill Beach: the best place to spot hawksbill turtles, especially during breeding season, between October and February.


Bird Island is home to a total of seven beautiful beaches, each offering stunning white sand and incredible views of the surrounding Indian Ocean. Each beach offers its own unique features and atmosphere, with some ideal for snorkelling and swimming, and other perfect for spotting wildlife, including the birds that give the island its name, or even hawksbill turtles, who come to the island to breed. Sooty Tern Beach, on the northernmost tip of Bird Island, is also the northernmost beach of the entire Seychelles archipelago. Described by the African Geographic Magazine as “a sight never forgotten”, the beach is beautiful all year round, especially from June to October, when the sand shifts, increasing the size of the beach. This is also near to the Sooty Tern Reserve, so you can often spot birds when they fly overhead. Hirondelle Beach, just along the coast, is named after the French ship ‘Hirondelle’ which was shipwrecked off the coast of Bird Island in 1808. The survivors managed to live on Bird Island for 22 days before heading to Mahé on a makeshift raft. Further along the coast is Marie France’s Beach, recently renamed by the island’s owner after his late wife, who was co-owner and manager of Bird Island. This beach is opposite what used to be her house. Passe Coco Beach is located in the south-east of the island, and is a great spot for snorkelling and swimming. There are also some juvenile green turtles who have made their home here, great for fans of nature. Further south is the Crested Tern Beach, named after the crested tern birds that can be found nearby. The beach is also protected by a coral reef, and is a great spot for snorkelling. West Beach is a fine sandy beach, ideal for swimming, although there is no coral reef here, so there is little protection from the open ocean. However, the beach was voted one of the top ten in the world by The Scotsman, so you can imagine its beauty. Finally, back round to the north-west of the island, you will find Hawksbill beach, named after the hawksbill turtles who come here in October-February to breed. This is also a great spot for swimming.

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