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The shallow, turquoise water here is beautiful, and the offshore lagoon protects this small bay from the open ocean, making it an ideal prospect for families with children.


  • 180m x 12m - often deserted
  • Very shallow, calm water
  • Protected by the offshore lagoon
  • Beautiful beach near the jetty on Frégate
  • Ideal for families and children thanks to the shallow water


At a Glance:

  • Shallow, calm water makes Marina Beach ideal for children and families.
  • Protected from the open ocean by the island’s lagoon.
  • Located near the island’s jetty, along the coast from the landing strip.
  • Great for beach games and sandcastles, as well as for children to try out watersports in a safe environment.
  • Often used as part of the island’s specially-designed Kids’ Programme.


Marina Beach is a small strip of sand situated on the east coast of Frégate Island, a luxury private island resort just over 50km (30 miles) from the main Seychelles island, Mahé. Thanks to the offshore lagoon, Marina Beach is protected from the open ocean, making the water here extremely shallow and calm, ideal for children and unconfident swimmers to bathe in the beautiful turquoise water. The beach itself is ideal for families with children, and is possibly the most family-friendly of the island’s beaches. The beautiful sand here can be shaped into sandcastles and used for various beach games, and is often used as part of the resort’s specially-designed Kids’ Programme. As with all of the island’s beaches, sometimes, between November and January, guests may be lucky enough to experience the breeding season of the sea turtles, who lay their eggs on the beaches of the island before the baby turtles hatch and make their way back to the ocean.

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