Seychelles Holidays in Covid-19 Times

Why is it still worth taking a Seychelles holiday at the moment?


Enjoy the most beautiful beaches in the world all to yourself!

Although there have been holidaymakers back in the Seychelles for a while now, the beaches are still almost completely empty, allowing you to enjoy them to yourself. With a bit of luck, you might encounter a sea turtle or two!


Save money and take advantage of savings!

Many accommodations are currently offering discounts and extraordinarily good room prices to get tourism going again and welcome guests back to the Seychelles. Use these offers in Autumn or Winter to get a great deal!


The largest selection of dream holiday accommodation!

If there is a specific hotel where you’d like to stay or a particular beach you’d like to visit then now is the time to book! Some accommodations only offer a few rooms and are usually fully-booked, but that’s not the case right now, with more free capacity than normal!


Get away from it all!

Where better than in the Seychelles? Enjoy the beauty of the islands, Creole cuisine, and leave the thoughts and stress of daily life far behind you.

Flexibility and personal travel advice for your trip!

To keep things as flexible and safe as possible in uncertain times such as these, we’ve changed our cancellation policy. You can cancel your travel package up to 15 days before departure free of charge, or change your booking to another date free of charge up to 4 days before departure. You can also benefit from the personal and individual advice of our team, who will be glad to help you with any questions that you might have an help out with their expertise.

No financial risk: cancel your trip free of charge up to 15 days before departure!

Thanks to our hassle-free cancellation policy, you can cancel your trip up to 15 days before departure, completely free of charge.

Change your booking at the last minute: move your trip to another date up to 4 days before departure, free of charge.

Things can always get in the way, even at the last minute, so you can change your booking to another date up to 4 days before your departure flight.

Personal advice from our Seychelles experts

Do you have questions about your accommodation, the current situation, or other topics around your trip? With our personal advice, you will always be well-informed and up-to-date.

Lots of experience in individual Seychelles holidays.

Even in times such as these, we can make your Seychelles dreams come true. We offer expert knowledge to make your trip perfect!


How do holidays work at the moment?

Of course, there are some things you need to pay attention to at the moment when travelling to the Seychelles in order to reduce the chances of infection for other tourists as well as the local Seychellois people. You can only book accommodations which are certified by the local health authorities as following the Covid-19 guidelines. Besides that, you have to wear masks at various points, such as in buildings or when you are riding bikes on La Digue.

But these small things don’t stand in the way of your dream holiday, and you can still enjoy a wonderful trip to the Seychelles.

If something does get in the way before you depart, or the pandemic situation changes at short notice, you can re-book your trip to another time period free of charge up to 4 days before departure.


What do our customers say?

Reviews from customers who travelled in 2021

February - March 2021

How was your Seychelles holiday?

We booked an island-hopping package (Silhouette, Praslin, Round Island, Mahe) as well as a wedding in the Seychelles. My husband and I were lucky enough to spend 5 weeks in paradise. It was a little bit uncertain before the trip, as the regulations changed numerous times, but SeyVillas was always there to help and support us. We had the option to change our booking or cancel our trip multiple times, and were finally lucky that we were able to go on the trip in the end. We were well looked after by Creole Travel Service on-site, and felt like everything was well organised and good hygiene concepts. We were also lucky that there weren’t many people travelling at this time and we found the islands to be mostly empty ♡

Would you recommend a trip at the moment?

Yes, the Seychellois have good concepts of hygiene and the hotels have good procedures in place - we felt safe all the time.

Was your trip affected by corona restrictions?

No, the small number of tourists made it even better. The beaches were completely empty.

May/June 2021

How was your Seychelles holiday?

We were on La Digue. The atmosphere was one-of-a-kind, with very few tourists or day-trippers, it felt like it did 20 years ago. We were made to feel very welcome and had a lot of contact with the locals. The last few years felt more like mass tourism and hopefully it won’t go back to that.

Would you recommend a trip at the moment?

Yes, the atmosphere was unique thanks to fewer tourists, it felt like 20 years ago. The locals were very vigilant when it came to the hygiene regulations in place, and we felt safe at all times. Any exceptions were usually on the side of other tourists, unfortunately.

Was your trip affected by corona restrictions?

Only positively, as there were fewer tourists and cruise guests than normal.

June 2021

How was your Seychelles holiday?

We spent 5 days on La Digue in a beautiful apartment. Then we went to Mahe. The beaches on La Digue and Mahe were incredible! We had the beaches almost to ourselves and made the most of this incredible atmosphere, which is ideal for relaxing thanks to the peace and quiet. The locals were very friendly too, while the delicious food and excellent weather also rounded off the trip nicely.

Would you recommend a trip at the moment?

Yes, definitely go at the moment. There are corona restrictions in place such as wearing a mask in public places, but you can do that with a simple medical mask, and it’s no problem. As soon as you are in the car, at the beach, or hiking, you can put it away. In the evenings in restaurants it was also simple; you just register and have your temperature taken, and this became routine. The wonderful surroundings and great atmosphere more than make up for the restrictions.

Was your trip affected by corona restrictions?

You have to wear masks in public places, which is similar to most of Europe. You need to have your temperature taken and a valid PCR test before you depart, but that’s not a problem as it’s the same back home. We didn’t find it to be restrictive but rather well-considered corona protective policies.


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