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How to get there

Flights to the Seychelles

Most visitors to the Seychelles arrive by airplane. Flights from the UK take between 9 and 14 hours, and there are direct flights available from London, as well as flights with layovers from all larger British airports.

The International Airport of the Seychelles (Abbreviation: SEZ) is located on Mahé, around 10 km south of the capital city, Victoria. All international flights land here, and the airport has regular scheduled flights to Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Image: Welcome to Paradise! Landing in Mahé
Image: International Airport Mahé

Which Airlines fly to the Seychelles?

Many different airlines fly to the Seychelles. Direct flights to the Seychelles from the UK are offered by British Airways. Direct flights to the Seychelles from Russia are offered by Aeroflot. If you travel with a layover then there are of course many other airline options, including Etihad Airways (via Abu Dhabi), Emirates (via Dubai), Ethiopian Airlines (via Addis Abeba), Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul), and Qatar Airways (via Doha).

Direct Flights

  • Aeroflot from Moscow, Outbound: Fridays, Return: Fridays

Flights with Layovers

  • Ethiad Airways: Layover in Abu Dhabi
  • Emirates: Layover in Dubai
  • Turkish Airlines: Layover in Istanbul
  • Ethiopian Airlines: Layover in Addis Abeba
  • Qatar: Layover in Doha

Direct Flights from other European Cities

  • from Paris with Air France
  • from Frankfurt with Condor
  • from Zurich with Edelweiss Air

Should I book a direct flight or one with a layover?

With a direct flight, you can reach the Seychelles in approximately 9 - 10 hours. These are usually nighttime flights, so you will arrive on Mahé in the morning and can start your holiday straight away.

Some travellers prefer to have a layover along the way in order to stretch their legs for a few hours during the flight. If you book an indirect route then you can also discover other wonderful destinations such as Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or Doha. You could even spend a few days there before starting the second half of your holiday in the Seychelles. From the airports in the Middle East, you will reach the Seychelles in around 5 hours.

We will also gladly organise accommodation for you if you book a layover in one of these destinations. 

Which flight you take may also depend on where you will be departing from, how much the flights cost, and what connections are available. We will also gladly help you to find the best-possible flight for your holiday to the Seychelles!

How much do flights to the Seychelles cost?
The price of a flight to Mahé depends on different factors including the time of year, the airline, or how far in advance you book. It is possible to fly from the UK to the Seychelles from around €460. However, in general, flights cost between €500 and €900 per person for a return ticket.
How long does it take to fly to the Seychelles?
Direct flights from the UK to the Seychelles take around 10 hours. Flights with a layover usually take at least 12 hours.
How much luggage can I take to the Seychelles?
Luggage allowances vary from airline to airline. In general, if you book economy class, you can take 20 - 23 kg of checked luggage and 5 - 10 kg of hand luggage. Business and First Class tickets usually have different luggage allowances. Depending on your booked option, you may have 25 - 50 kg of luggage allowance. We recommend checking your luggage allowance with your airline in advance of travelling. You should also check how much luggage you are allowed to take on domestic flights once you are in the Seychelles.

Domestic Flights in the Seychelles

The airport on Mahé is also the domestic airport for the island, and acts as a hub for internal flights in the Seychelles.

If you get seasick easily then the domestic transfer from Mahé to Praslin is a good alternative to the ferry, which can be relatively rough from May to October as the south-east trade winds blow across the island. At the same time, this flight can be a real highlight of your holiday as you can enjoy aerial views of beautiful sights, including smaller islands and the Sainte Anne Marine Park.

From Mahé, you can reach other beautiful islands of the Seychelles including Bird Island or Denis Island. Domestic flights in the Seychelles are run by Air Seychelles, the national airline of the Seychelles.

More information about domestic flights and transfers in the Seychelles

Payanke CIP Lounge by Avani

If you are staying at the Seychelles International Airport on Mahé for a longer period of time, you can also book access to the Payanke CIP Lounge by Avani.

The airport on Mahé is small and there are very few possibilities to spend a longer period of time there. Thankfully, the lounge, which was opened in 2018, is a good alternative, allowing you to spend time waiting comfortably.

In addition to an open bar, you will be offered a selection of individually portioned dishes between 06:30 and 21:30. Thanks to the kids area is also provided for the well-being of the little guests.


When booking the lounge, you can also store your luggage during opening hours at no extra cost. For non-lounge guests, this service is subject to a charge.

In addition to an open bar, you will be offered a selection of individually portioned dishes between 06:30 and 21:30. Thanks to the kids area is also provided for the well-being of the little guests.


The lounge is located before security check in the Domestic Terminal, above the counter on the first floor, and just 1 minute away from the International Terminal.

The Payanke CIP Lounge by Avani is open every day from 06.00 until 22.00. For booking requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Image: Bar and Lounge
Image: Restaurant

The Seychelles from Above

Long flights are often a necessary evil of travelling, but above the Seychelles and coming in to land at Mahé, you can experience some of the most beautiful views of the island possible, on both international and domestic flights.