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Sailing Holiday

Why is the Seychelles perfect for a sailing trip?

The islands of the Seychelles offer everything you need for the perfect holiday. To explore the full beauty of this archipelago and its breathtaking underwater world, we recommend combining an island holiday with a sailing trip. It is probably impossible to discover all of the 115 Seychelles islands, but from the water you can admire the entire diversity of the Seychelles from completely different and new perspectives.

What are the advantages of a sailing trip around the Seychelles?

  • Another way to island hop: In addition to classic island hopping, a sailing trip or catamaran tour gives you the opportunity to discover a variety of beaches and islands without having to actually “travel". No carrying your luggage back and forth, no constant changes of plane, ferry or bus - just sit back, relax and discover new parts of the wonderful Seychelles every day.

  • Discover the islands from the water: The Seychelles are world-famous for their beautiful beaches and turquoise waters. On a sailing trip, you can admire the waters of the Indian Ocean up close - spend your day in wonderful peace and quiet, jump into the crystal-clear water before breakfast, discover beaches that can only be reached by boat and sleep under the open sky looking up at the stars of the southern hemisphere.

  • Meals included: Enjoy a delicious menu prepared for you by the ship's chef in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening. Of course, this also often includes fish caught during your tour and prepared especially for you - there’s no better way to enjoy sustainable fishing!

  • Great views: Experience fantastic, 360-degree panoramic views that let you see the Seychelles from a completely different perspective!

  • The fascinating underwater world: You won’t find anywhere else where you can enjoy such diversity. From parrotfish and hawksbill turtles to whale sharks - the fauna of the Indian Ocean is sure to delight you as you snorkel directly from the boat!

  • Affordable holiday: A sailing trip or catamaran tour is cheaper than you might think! Of course, there are different price categories to suit different needs, but you can explore the Seychelles from the water for as little as €280/night for two people, including full board. This price includes meals as well as a fascinating programme with various stops along the way!

You can find the full range of sailing trips and catamaran tours here.


Which sailing trip is right for you?

Our overview page of all sailing tours in the Seychelles has a selection of different sailing tours. But which one is best for you? In this table you can find an overview of the different options.


Historic Sailing Boats:

Explore the main islands of the Seychelles on board a historic yet completely restored sailing boat. On board the Sea Star, Sea Bird or Sea Pearl, you’ll never get bored thanks to the numerous activities such as snorkelling, bottom fishing, kayaking and paddle boarding!

Suitable for: Adventurers, families with children, newcomers to the Seychelles


Modern Catamaran:

Discover the most beautiful spots of the main islands on board a comfortable, modern catamaran. On the VPM Yacht Charter or Dream Yacht Charter sailing catamarans you can discover a number of places to relax as well as snorkelling equipment & paddle boards.

Suitable for: Couples, Seychelles newbies, sailing holiday newbies


Sailing tours away from the main islands:

Are you already familiar with the main islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue? Then how about something a bit different such as whale watching or a tour of the outer islands of the Seychelles?

Suitable for: Adventurers, returning holidaymakers to the Seychelles


Cabin charter or a complete sailing boat?

While you can rent a single cabin on a sailboat, we also offer the rental of entire sailboats. How about a holiday with your friends or family, for example? A sailing trip as a group is perfect for experiencing new things together and having a great time! Contact us and we will be happy to discuss options for your group sailing trip!

What is the best time to go sailing in the Seychelles?

The temperatures in the Seychelles are tropically warm all year round, so you can always go on a sailing trip. However, as the climate is not the same all year round due to the trade winds, there are some months that may be more suitable.

The most popular months for sailing are March to May and September to November. It rarely rains during these months and therefore the humidity isn’t quite as high. In addition, the sea is nice and calm during these periods due to the lack of wind, so it’s not rocky on board and there is good visibility underwater. However, these advantages also mean that, due to the lack of wind, it isn’t possible to exclusively sail as the motor must also be used.

In the months of June to August, the south-east trade wind brings a lot of wind, so that you can really sail during these months (especially in July and August). If you get seasick easily, we recommend a catamaran rather than a classic sailing boat, especially during these months.


What should you bring on a sailing trip?

In addition to our general packing list for your Seychelles holiday here are a few things that are particularly important on a sailing trip:

  • Headwear
  • Sunglasses & Sunglasses Strap
  • Factor 50+ Suncream
  • Swimwear
  • Snorkelling Equipment
  • Hand Towel/Bath Towel
  • Casual/Comfortable Clothing
  • Camera/Underwater Camera
  • Shirt with UV Protection
  • Earplugs
  • Sea Sickness Tablets