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Many who think of the Seychelles only imagine expensive luxury resorts. However, that is only one side. The Seychelles actually offers accommodation for any budget, from large resorts and hotels to small, authentic guesthouses and self-catering villas, everything is possible. Besides that, yachts and catamarans are also available as overnight accommodation for holidaymakers, allowing for a special experience on the water. The Seychelles do not offer, however, bunk bed dorms or cheaper hostels. No buildings are allowed to rise above palm tree height, so you will also not be able to see many lodgings between the many palm trees and rocks.


Large Resorts & Hotels

In recent years, more and more major hotels and resorts have set up establishments in the Seychelles. These include some of the largest chains in the world, such as Hilton or Kempinski. The presence of these large resorts however does not cause the destination to lose its charm, as they are often hidden on slopes or built between palm trees, so you can often never even see them. Discerning luxury travellers will, thanks to these resorts, find a trip to the Seychelles well worthwhile. You can find large resorts on the three main islands: Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, as well as private islands such as Denis Island.

Some prominent examples of large hotels or resorts include the Kempinski Resort or the Hilton Northolme Resort & Spa on Mahé, the Constance Lémuria on Praslin, or Le Domaine de l'Orangeraie on La Digue.

Image: Le Domaine de L'Orangeraie, La Digue
Image: Four Seasons Resort, Mahé

Small Hotels

In addition to these large resorts, there are also numerous small, family-run hotels, sometimes called boutique hotels. These are an excellent choice for those looking for a certain level of comfort, but who still want a family atmosphere. These establishments usually have fewer than fifty rooms, and sometimes even fewer than ten.

Examples of small hotels include the Le Repaire Boutique Hotel on La Digue or the Hotel l'Archipel.

Image: Le Repaire, La Digue
Image: Coco De Mer & Black Parrot Suites, Praslin


The most authentic way to spend a holiday in the Seychelles is by staying in one of the so-called guesthouses. These are mostly run by Seychellois families, and offer a very special insight into the life of the Seychellois. Often, they have their own small restaurant where you can enjoy breakfast or half board. Of course, you do not have to eat there, as the rooms sometimes have their own kitchen for self-catering.

Image: Villa Mille Etoile, Praslin
Image: Beau Vallon Beach House, Mahé


If you want ultimate independence for your stay, with a little less comfort, you can prepare your own meals. Here, you can decide what you eat and don't have to stick to set meal times. That said, don't expect European standards of supermarkets in the Seychelles. These shops are often small, and only offer essential products. On the main islands there are, however, a few well-stocked shops.

Image: Oceane Self Catering, La Digue
Image: Eden Hills Residence, Mahé


You can also discover the Seychelles by boat. This is, for some, the perfect combination of land and water, the two most impressive Seychelles elements. From the ocean, you can see the unique beauty of the islands in a completely different way. Thickly-forested mountains rise up above the Indian Ocean, and even the most remote beaches can easily be visited. A stay on a catamaran or yacht is definitely one of the best ways to discover the Seychelles, and can also be combined with an island stay for the ultimate holiday.

Image: Sea Pearl