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Scuba Diving in the Seychelles

The Seychelles are a veritable paradise for scuba diving fans. The breathtaking underwater scenery with its beautiful coral reefs invites you to explore and discover various animal and plant species. Dive into the depths of the Indian Ocean and see colourful displays underwater, which will make your diving experience in the Seychelles truly unforgettable. Plan a scuba-diving holiday in the Seychelles with our information and useful tips.

Scuba diving in the Seychelles: a unique experience

Crystal-clear water and wonderful underwater scenery make the Seychelles one of the best places to go scuba diving anywhere in the world. Discover more than just the blue ocean surface by exploring shimmering coral reefs and the colourful fish that swim there, as well as octopuses and crabs, among other species. Whitefishes and reef sharks can also be found as part of a scuba dive in the Seychelles, and you can watch them from right up close.

Another highlight to each diving trip in the Seychelles are the stunning sea turtles that you can see from up close. Hawksbill turtles are particularly common, as are green sea turtles. It’s even possible to see both species laying their eggs on the beach. However, if you do then it is important to be careful not to disturb this natural process by remaining quiet.

There are also other underwater species that you can discover as part of a scuba dive in the Seychelles:

Image: Scuba Diving in the Seychelles: Infographic above fish and other ocean species in the Seychelles

Hint: Many of these unique underwater species can also be seen by snorkelling. This underwater activity will see you remain on the surface and watch the plant and animal species from above. You can find out more about this on our page about snorkelling in the Seychelles.

The unique thing about scuba diving and snorkelling in the Seychelles is that you can see something different with every dive. The natural landscape and efforts to support sustainable tourism on the islands ensure that you will likely be undisturbed on your diving tour, which is far from guaranteed these days. Therefore, you can discover undisturbed diving spots all to yourself.

Hints for scuba divers: those looking for something adventurous can usually book diving tours to numerous shipwrecks or nighttime dives. Besides that, some of the Outer Islands of the Seychelles offer the chance to get to know the various ravines in the granite boulders, as well as explore the breathtaking coral reefs nearby.

Image: Diving in the Seychelles: red fire fish in the ocean (© Seychelles Tourism Board)
Image: Scuba diving in the Seychelles: hawksbill turtle next (© Silhouette Cruises)

Planning your scuba diving holiday: the best time to travel to the Seychelles

Scuba diving is possible in the Seychelles all year round. However, the best time to go on a scuba diving holiday is between March and May, and from September to November. The ocean is very still in these times due to the lack of wind, so you can enjoy visibility of up to 30 metres.
The best places to go scuba diving are found around the three largest islands in the Seychelles, Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue. If you want to discover the underwater world around these three islands then you can find specific articles about each of them here, as well as information about the various diving centres and other hints for each island:

Mahé: For an overview of diving centres on Mahé, as well as general information about diving and snorkelling around the island, see here.
Praslin: For an overview of diving centres on Praslin, as well as general information about diving and snorkelling around the island, see here.
La Digue: For an overview of diving centres on La Digue, as well as general information about diving and snorkelling around the island, see here.

Guided scuba diving tours offer the chance to get to know the best places in the Seychelles to go scuba diving. Numerous centres offer such excursions to both the inner and outer islands, ensuring that your diving tour will be the highlight of your trip. For experienced divers, there are also tours available where you will go up to 40 metres deep into the ocean, providing yet another view of the Seychelles’ underwater world for you to discover.
The prices for diving courses in the Seychelles vary. Depending on the diving centre, a simple diving tour may start at around 70 euros per person. Multiple-day tours or diving lessons (for example a PADI certification or similar) can cost around 350 euros per person. However, every tour is well worth the money for the numerous unforgettable moments you will take with you, as well as the various skills you will learn that may turn scuba diving into your new favourite hobby.
Here, we’ll show you just how breathtaking the underwater world of the Seychelles can be:

Scuba diving in the Seychelles: the right equipment

Whether you are a seasoned underwater explorer with your own gear or you are brand new to this wonderful hobby, the Seychelles offers something for everyone. The various diving centres in the Seychelles are well-equipped with snorkelling and scuba diving equipment, allowing anyone to try it out during their stay.
In any case, we will give you some hints and tips about the equipment you will need to make your holiday unforgettable.

Image: Snorkelling in the Seychelles: a man diving into the water (© Denis Private Island)
Image: Couple in the water before a diving tour (© Denis Private Island)

Equipment for scuba diving in the Seychelles

In order to make things safe and simple as you are scuba diving, the equipment you need is rather comprehensive. If you are gaining your first scuba diving experiences in the Seychelles, you can take part in diving classes and even try to pass the PADI diving certificate. The equipment you need for this course will be provided by the centre. If you’d like to go off on your own however, then you will likely be able to rent the necessary equipment upon presentation of a valid diving certificate.

Scuba diving equipment consists of the following:

  • Diving mask with snorkel
  • Diving flippers
  • Wetsuit
  • Buoyancy control device
  • Diving tank with scuba regulator and hose
  • Diving computer

In addition, you should take a torch/flashlight and a dive knife. If you are unsure what equipment is right for you then the experts at your diving centre will be glad to help out.

Image: Diving in the Seychelles: an instructor explains the equipment (© Silhouette Cruises)
Image: Scuba equipment: a woman prepares herself for a dive (© Denis Private Island)

Hints and tips for scuba divers: staying safe underwater

In order to explore the underwater world of the Seychelles to its fullest, you should pay attention to some safety tips during your dive. Here are our top 8 tips for staying safe while scuba diving in the Seychelles.

  • Get to know your dive site up front: where is it? Are there currents there? What will the weather be like?
  • If possible, don’t go snorkelling or scuba diving alone, but rather always with a partner or in a small group.
  • Stay within sight of your partner and stick to your diving plan.
  • Check your equipment and the equipment of your partner before the dive. The four-eyes principle is safer than a quick check by yourself.
  • Only go into the water if you are feeling up to it. Older scuba divers can get a health checkup before they go from their doctor to ensure they are fit for scuba diving.
  • Drink plenty of water beforehand.
  • Before surfacing, check the ocean above you to avoid collisions.
  • Do not disturb the underwater world and stick to the rules of sustainable diving and snorkelling that we will list afterwards.
Image: Scuba diving holiday: koran angelfish (© Seychelles Tourism Board)
Image: Scuba diving: manta ray by a coral reef (© Seychelles Tourism Board)

Sustainable scuba diving in the Seychelles

Environmental protection is important in the Seychelles in order to maintain the stunning nature that can be found around these islands. This will allow future generations to also discover the breathtaking underwater world of the Seychelles. With that in mind, you should stick to some rules while scuba diving in the Seychelles to help protect the environment.

  • Inform yourself in advance about restricted zones and protected areas. Snorkelling and scuba diving is not permitted in these areas.
  • Make sure you use sunscreen that is not harmful to the fish species, and which doesn’t contain micro plastics.
  • Do not leave any rubbish behind. If you discover rubbish on the beach or in the water then please collect it to help protect nature.
  • Do not throw food away and do not feed the animals.
  • Take care around plants and animals underwater. Avoid disturbing coral reefs, plants, or animals, and keep your distance from coral reefs.
  • Move carefully in the water. Try not to kick up any sediment or break any coral reef.
  • Only take equipment that you really need. This will make you lighter and disturb the animals in the water less.
  • Anchors should never be dropped above coral reefs.

If all scuba diving fans stick to these rules, they will be actively helping to protect the environment of the Seychelles. That way, everyone can do their part to protect the wonderful nature of these islands.
Hints for scuba divers: you can find more information about scuba diving in the Seychelles in our travel journals by our customers. They will tell you about some of their personal diving highlights and the best parts of their Seychelles holidays.