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Return travel date: 3 Tips for your Return travel date

Most international flights take off from the Seychelles in the late evening. Usually, check-out times from hotels or yachts are in the morning, and the ferry timings do not give you any freedom to spend the rest of the day anywhere except for Mahe.
Therefore, many people might ask the question of what they should do on their day of travel. We have three tips for you!

1. Late check-out or book another night

We’ll gladly check if your accommodation will let you book a late check-out. Alternatively, you can always book an extra night, allowing you to spend more time in the room during the day and be a little more relaxed before your return flight.

2. Discover the island with a rental car

How about a tour of the island? Discover Mahe’s best beaches, go hiking to a viewing point, or drive to the smallest capital city in the world. We can arrange a rental car for you on request that you can pick up at your accommodation or accommodation on Mahe, before giving it back at the airport in the evening.

3. Book a day room

Some accommodations also offer so-called ‘day rooms’ which you can book. We will gladly inform you about these options if they are available, and they’ll give you a space to spend the day after leaving your main accommodation or yacht tour.


Shower before the flight?

Payanke CIP Lounge by Avani:

The lounge is located in the airport before the security check on the first floor. Besides an a-la-carte menu, buffet and bar, there is a wellness area where you can relax, as well as showers. Towels, soap and shampoo are all made available for you. Meanwhile, there is also a kids area for your children to enjoy. Even if you don’t want to go to the lounge, you can store luggage here if you wish (from €10 per item). Contact us to book the lounge if you wish!

Image: Payanke CIP Lounge
Image: Payanke CIP Lounge

Public Showers:

Between the international and national terminals, there is a WC where there is also a shower. However, you will need to bring your own towels and soap to use it.


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