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All-Inclusive Holiday

Looking for an all-inclusive holiday in the Seychelles? You can find all the information you need on all-inclusive holidays and what to expect here:


Can I get an all-inclusive holiday in the Seychelles?

The Seychelles aren’t your typical all-inclusive holiday destination. There are a few accommodations that offer these types of packages, but they are rather uncommon to find. The number of accommodations that offer all-inclusive options is significantly smaller than in other holiday destinations and they are exclusive to higher-priced accommodations.


What are the differences between all-inclusive holidays in the Seychelles and other typical all-inclusive holidays around the world?

All-inclusive holidays have the reputation of being particularly cheap in many countries around the world, but this isn’t the case in the Seychelles. These types of holidays in the Seychelles can’t be compared with the same in Europe or other tropical destinations. This means that although some resorts offer these kinds of packages, they are mostly exclusive 5-star accommodations where the quality of service isn’t comparable to typical "all-inclusive holidays" in Spain or Turkey. Furthermore, they are usually not located on the main islands. Recently, however, there are also a few resorts on Mahé that now offer all-inclusive options.


Who is an all-inclusive holiday in the Seychelles suitable for?

This type of holiday is perfect for anyone who wants to sit back completely and enjoy the benefits of a luxurious holiday with everything included in a tropical paradise setting. In addition to first-class food and drink, the package also includes all activities that the resort has to offer. This type of holiday is particularly suitable for families who would like to take advantage of a wide range of activities and services (childcare, sports activities, wellness and relaxation, etc.).

An all-inclusive holiday would make sense to those who would prefer to find everything on site and are content with the range of activities offered by the resort in question.


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