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Four Important Security Tips for Your Seychelles Holiday

The Seychelles in general are very safe. Nevertheless, the following points should be observed in order to avoid possible dangers.

Crime Rate

When comparing the Seychelles with other destinations, they are a comparatively safe destination. The country's crime rate is very low, but, according to the Tourism Association, holidaymakers should bear some things in mind when travelling to the Seychelles. Never walk alone on isolated beaches or go swimming; it is not advisable to carry lots of cash or valuables on your person (most accommodations have either a room safe or a reception safe where you can leave the most important items you have, such as your passport, cash etc.).

Image: Most accommodations have either a room safe or a reception safe.

In the Seychelles, as with at home, you should not leave valuables unattended on the beach or in your rental car. That said, you don't generally have to worry about moving around, as the Seychellois are generally open but discreet people, and almost always helpful.


Pay Attention to Warning Signs on Beaches

Time and again you will see travellers who ignore the warning signs that can be found on several Seychelles beaches. If there is a sign that says "swimming prohibited, dangerous currents" then it is there for a reason. As a guest, it is easy to underestimate the power of the monsoon winds, which produce not just high waves, but also very dangerous currents. Even if the sea looks harmless from the beach, you should heed warning signs. In no case should you go far enough into the water to lose the ground from under your feet, and on these beaches it is even better to stay out of the water completely. Unfortunately, almost every year people fail to take notice and often perish. These precautions apply to beaches that do not have an offshore reef, and are usually signposted. These rules generally don't apply to beaches with an offshore reef, where you can likely bathe all year-round without hesitation.


Tide Information

If you decide to explore the islands of the Seychelles alone, you should always make sure to keep an eye on the tides. Many paths lead past the beach, through the sea, or over rocks, and the tide sometimes covers beaches completely, cutting off your return journey.


Book a Guide for Demanding Hikes

There are many fantastic hiking trails in the Seychelles. The official ones are usually signposted, and suitable for anyone who is physically fit. Nevertheless, guests should be careful not to underestimate them. Paths are often partially overgrown, or pass over rocks, which can be very slippery, especially if they run alongside the ocean. Anyone attempting unmarked trails or unofficial trails should always hire a guide to help them.