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Local Transfers

How do you get around the Seychelles?

If you’re thinking of taking a holiday to the Seychelles, it’s likely that you will not visit just one single island. An island-hopping holiday, with stays on two or more islands, is the best way to appreciate all the things that this wonderful destination has to offer. Knowing how to reach the islands, as well as how to move around on each of them, is essential for planning your trip. Find out everything about ferries, internal flights, car and bike rentals, taxis and private transfers to the Seychelles.


How do you reach the different Seychelles islands?

Almost all visitors arrive in the Seychelles by airplane, landing at Mahé International Airport. The main islands of Seychelles (Mahé, Praslin and La Digue) are connected by ferry; there is also a flight connection between Mahé and Praslin. The other islands are usually smaller and home to only one accommodation, which arranges private transfers for their guests by boat, plane or helicopter. Some examples are Silhouette, Bird and Denis Island.

How do you get around each island in the Seychelles?

The best way to get around Mahé and Praslin is with a rental car. You can also get around on public buses. On La Digue, the best way to get around is by bike. On Mahé and Praslin (and to a limited extent on La Digue) you can also get around by taxi. On the other islands, which usually only have one hotel or resort, there are no real roads; people get around on foot or by bike. Sometimes the resorts on these islands are equipped with electric or motor vehicles to transport customers longer distances or on routes that cannot be travelled on foot.

Transfers in the Seychelles


How to reach the islands

Ferry (Mahé - Praslin - La Digue)

Between the three main islands (Mahé, Praslin, La Digue) there are daily ferry connections.

Ferry Mahé <> Praslin: duration approx. 60 minutes, cost approx. €60
Ferry Praslin <> La Digue: duration approx. 15 minutes, cost approx. €20
Ferry Mahé <> La Digue: duration approx. 90 minutes, cost approx. €75

To reach La Digue from Mahé (or vice versa) you need to take a ferry that stops on Praslin. Sometimes, passengers have to change ferries on Praslin. If you are not sure whether you have to change ferry, ask the staff at the harbour.

It is advisable to book your ferry tickets in advance. Those who book a holiday with SeyVillas have the possibility to book a transfer package, which includes ferry tickets as well as all ground transfers from the harbour (or airport) to the different accommodations and vice versa.

Image: The jetty on Praslin
Image: View of La Digue from the ferry

Timetable ferry Cat Cocos: Mahé <> Praslin <> La Digue

Image: Cat Cocos, 01.01.2024 Image: Cat Cocos, 11.04.2024

Timetable ferry Cat Rose: Praslin <> La Digue

Image: Cat Rose, 07.08.2023
All times are subject to unexpected changes. We cannot guarantee the veracity of this information.
On the ferries, how much luggage can I take with me?
Economy Class: 25 kg per person (+ 15 kg for sports baggage) (excess baggage: 3 € per kg)
Business Class: 30 kg per person (+ 15 kg for sports baggage) (excess baggage: 3 € per kg)
In addition, 1 piece of hand luggage per person is allowed (maximum size: 50x30x20 cm)
Where do you take the Cat Cocos ferry on Mahé?
To take the Cat Cocos ferry on Mahé you have to go to the harbour, also known as Cat Cocos Berth. This is located near the capital Victoria. See on Google Maps

Flight Mahé - Praslin

Mahé and Praslin are connected not only by ferries, but also by an internal flight. The flight, operated by Air Seychelles, takes 15-20 minutes and operates several times each day. The cost of the flight depends on the type of fare (e.g. fixed or flexible flight time). The small twin-engined turboprop airplane accommodates up to 19 passengers and offers beautiful ocean views.

Flight Mahé <> Praslin: duration approx. 20 minutes, variable cost

To take the flight from Mahé you need to go to the domestic terminal of the airport, which is just a one or two minute walk from the international one. To take the flight from Praslin you’ll have to go to the small airport on the island, near Grand Anse.

Tickets can be purchased on the Air Seychelles website. Those who book with SeyVillas can also include domestic flights in their booking (as well as ferries, ground transfers and/or car rental).

When booking, please check the maximum weight allowed for your luggage. If the ticket was purchased together with an international flight, the same limits should apply. If the ticket was purchased separately, the maximum weight allowed should be between 20 and 23 kg. We recommend that you check with Air Seychelles in advance about the baggage regulations.

Image: Wonderful view during the flight from Mahé to Praslin
Is it better to reach Praslin by ferry or plane?
To reach Praslin from Mahé you can take a ferry (approx. 1 hour) or a flight (approx. 15 min). To decide which one to take, you should consider the following factors: the cost, the departure and arrival times, the order of the islands in your holiday, the location of your accommodation, the time of year in which you travel (during 'our' summer the sea is rougher), and your tendency to seasickness. SeyVillas can help you choose the most suitable option for you.
What internal flights are there in the Seychelles?
In Seychelles you can take domestic flights from Mahé to Praslin, Bird Island, Denis Island, Alphonse Island and Desroches. However, only the flight to Praslin can be booked independently of the accommodation you are staying at. For the other islands, the flight is included in the accommodation booking and only guests of the resort can take it.

How to reach Cerf Island

Cerf Island is a small island near Mahé. It only takes 5 minutes by boat from the east coast of Mahé, more precisely from Eden Island, to reach Cerf.

Those who have booked a stay on Cerf do not need to book a transfer to get to the island: the short boat transfer is usually arranged by the accommodation.

Boat Mahé <> Cerf: duration approx. 5 minutes, cost between 0 and €30 (available only for guests of a hotel on Cerf)

As an external guest, you can visit Cerf during an excursion to the Ste Anne Marine Park, in which Cerf is located. This tour departs from Mahé and allows you to admire the natural wonders of this protected marine area, such as its underwater world, the mysterious Moyenne Island and, of course, Cerf Island.Excursion to the Ste Anne Marine Park


Reaching the other islands

In addition to the three main islands, you can also spend your holiday (or part of it) on other islands of the Seychelles. These are smaller islands, with only one accommodation, usually a resort. It’s usually the resort that organises the transfer for its guests. Only guests of the resort can reach the island.
Departures are always from Mahé.

Island Accommodation Transfer
Round Island JA Enchanted Island Resort Boat, 10 min
Silhouette La Belle Tortue, Hilton Labriz Resort & Spa Boat, 45 min
Bird Island Bird Island Lodge Flight, 30 min
Denis Island Denis Private Island Flight, 30 min
Desroches Four Seasons Resort Desroches Island Flight, 40 min
Alphonse Alphonse Island Seychelles Flight, 60 min
Fregate Island Fregate Island Private Helicopter (15 min) or boat (90 min)
North Island North Island Lodge Helicopter, 15 min
Felicite Island Six Senses Zil Pasyon Helicopter (20 min) or boat from
La Digue (15 min) or Praslin (25 min)
Cosmoledo Atoll Cosmoledo Atoll 2 flights + boat (4 hours)
Astove Atoll Astove Atoll 2 flights (3 hours)

Private Helicopter Transfer

It is also possible to reach the various Seychelles islands from Mahé by helicopter. On the Zil Air website you can find detailed information about destinations and prices. A helicopter flight can significantly shorten transfer times, especially for those islands that are not optimally connected. However, the costs are much higher than for normal transfers.


How to get around on the islands

How do you get around on Mahé?
The best way to get around Mahé is by rental car. Public buses and taxis are also available.
How do you get around on Praslin?
The best way to move around Praslin is by rental car. Public buses and taxis are also available.
How do you get around on La Digue?
The best way to get around on La Digue is by bicycle. A few taxis are also available on the island.

Car rental in Seychelles

Car rental: from €54 / day

A rental car is the easiest and most practical way to explore Mahé and Praslin (the only islands where this service is available). Renting a car in Seychelles costs about €60 per day and does not require an international driving licence; your national driving licence is sufficient. We recommend renting a car with automatic transmission. It is preferable to rent a small car; however, make sure that it’s big enough for all your luggage.

Although it is possible to rent a car once you get there (at the harbour or airport), we recommend renting a car online, before your holiday, to ensure you get the best price. You can also rent a car on the SeyVillas website at affordable prices: Find out more

Is it hard to drive in the Seychelles?
No. In the Seychelles you drive on the left hand side of the road, something that most visitors get used to pretty quickly if different from their home country. The roads, although a bit narrow in some places, are in good condition. It is important to drive carefully at all times, especially at night or in the rain, keeping to the speed limits and always wearing seatbelts.
On Mahé you may encounter some traffic on the roads leading to Victoria between 7:00 and 8:30 and between 16:00 and 17:30 (Source: Wolkenweit).

Public buses in the Seychelles

Public buses:cost of a single ride €0,85 - €1,06

The inexpensive but somewhat adventurous way of exploring the Seychelles islands is to take a journey on one of the public buses. These operate on Mahé and Praslin, and have no fixed stops. In fact, buses only stop at marked areas if the driver is made aware that someone wishes to alight, or if someone wants to get on. As a rule of thumb, the buses run at half-hour or hourly intervals. If you would like to explore Mahé and Praslin by bus, it will take more time than using a rental car, as it can sometimes be more difficult to get directly from A to B.

Image: SPTC Visitors Travel Card
Image: SPTC Visitors Travel Card

A bus ride costs 12 to 15 Seychelles Rupees, which is about €0.85 to €1.06. If you want to travel by public bus, you will need a reloadable ticket. You can buy one from 250 Seychelles Rupees and it includes a corresponding number of journeys. Cash payment or payment by credit card directly on the bus is not possible. The reloadable ticket can be booked via the SPTC website and collected from your accommodation or the SPTC offices. The card is not available at the airport. The current bus schedule can be found on the Seychelles Public Transport Corporation website.


Cycling on La Digue

The vast majority of people who live on La Digue or visit it as tourists move around the island by bike. This is possible thanks to the island’s small size, which means you can reach any place with just a short bike ride. You can rent bicycles at the harbour; the cost of renting a bike for a day is about €10. This daily rate is reduced if the bike is rented for several consecutive days.

Bike rental: €10 / day

Although La Digue is small, cycling can be tiring, both because of the heat and humidity and the steep roads. The bike’s conditions can make cycling harder. When you rent your bike, you should check that the bike is in good condition and above all that the gears and brakes are working well. On La Digue it is not necessary to lock your bike.

Tips for cycling in La Digue

  • At the time of rental, check that the bike is in good condition, especially the brakes and gears.
  • Carry a powerful flashlight or headlamp for biking safely after dark
  • Keep left
  • Take enough water with you

Taxi in the Seychelles

You can take a taxi on Mahé and Praslin, and there are also a couple on La Digue. Taxis are an expensive way of getting around the islands, but they can still be the best option in some situations. For example, if you go out to dinner and want to treat yourself to a few glasses of wine, the taxi will take you back to your accommodation safely. Taxis are also a good option for those who opt for a "static" holiday, e.g. in a large resort, and only want to move around during one or two days of their holiday. Those who want to explore the islands far and wide, however, should use the rental car on Mahé and Praslin, and the bike on La Digue. If you need to reach your hotel from the harbour or airport, it is usually cheaper to book a transfer in advance than to hop in a taxi.

How much does a taxi cost in the Seychelles?
A 20-minute taxi ride to the Seychelles costs around 20 euros (e.g. from the airport to the harbour of Mahé). If the taxi is not metered, you should discuss the price in advance with the driver. You can pay in rupees or euros.
How can I call a taxi in the Seychelles?
You can find taxis at the harbour, airport and other locations on the islands. There is not just one phone number for taxis; below are some of them. You can also book a taxi through the staff of your accommodation or the restaurant where you are having dinner.
Mahé Cab Services: Tel. 2526038
Seychelles Taxi Touring: Tel. 2535694
Sey Discovery Tours: Tel. 2630481

How to get around on the other Seychelles islands

If you spend part of your Seychelles holiday on islands other than Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, you're likely to be walking most of the time, as all beaches and attractions can be reached on foot there. On some islands, such as Alphonse Island, Denis Island and North Island, bikes are provided.

Electric golf carts are usually available for certain needs, for example on longer routes that cannot be made on foot or with suitcases. However, these are usually driven by hotel staff and only in some cases can they be driven by guests.