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Biking on La Digue

La Digue is not only the smallest of the three main islands, but also one of the most idyllic. This is mainly because there are hardly any cars on the island, with cycling being the main mode of transport. Lots of fun and in keeping with the island flair, there’s not a more leisurely way to get from A to B.

The beautiful coastal roads are a particular highlight on La Digue. Here it’s great for cycling, and you can enjoy the magnificent view of the ocean. Along the way you can discover countless beaches, often deserted so you can have the beach all to yourself.

Image: The bicycle is the main means of transportation on La Digue

How can I rent a bike?

Many accommodations on La Digue offer bicycles to rent - usually it’s easy enough to simply turn up and rent a bike. If your accommodation doesn’t offer bikes, you can rent them at one of the official bike rental shops located around the port.

What should I do if there is a problem with the bike?

If you have a problem with your bike or if something is broken, you can just take the bike back to the bike rental or ask in your accommodation. This is usually very straightforward and you’ll be given a new bike.

Are there bikes for children or child seats?

Yes, there are also children's bikes and child seats. Generally, this is arranged on request at the bike rental or your accommodation. However, feel free to ask us and we can contact your accommodation in advance to arrange.

Do I have to lock my bike?

Often it isn’t necessary to lock your bike up. However, if you receive a lock from your bike rental, we recommend that you use it.

Image: There are several bicycle rental shops, especially in the small town of La Passe.

Tips for safe cycling on La Digue


  • Check that the bike is safe for the road before cycling.
  • Since there’s very few streetlights on La Digue, we advise bringing a torch or headlamp.
  • Ride responsibly and be considerate of other traffic.


  • Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol should be avoided at all costs.
  • Particularly in the small town of La Passe, you may find the roads to be busier and more difficult to navigate. In comparison to the UK, there are fewer rules on the road. It is important to keep to the left, to be attentive, and above all to remain calm if things become complicated.
  • Do not speed. Since there are some free-living Aldabra giant tortoises on La Digue, you should always drive attentively and not speed.

Bike rental stations on La Digue

Bernard Camille Bicycle Rental, Tel: 248 255 67 68
Chez Michelin, Tel: 248 423 40 43
Lionel Bicycle Rental, Tel: 248 25 65 77
Tatis Bicyle Rental, Tel: 248 429 54 00

The Most Beautiful Bike Routes on La Digue

1. Breathtaking Beach & Jungle: A Bike Tour to Grand Anse

Image: From La Passe to Grand Anse

For a bike tour to the southeast of La Digue, you should plan about half a day. Start from your accommodation with enough water, sun cream and a hat or cap and ride south along the coast (towards L'Union Estate or Anse Source d'Argent). Here you’ll have the chance to buy anything else you need at the various shops. At the end of the road, shortly after the helipad, turn left and follow the road to the end. At this point you will have already climbed higher in altitude, so make sure to take a short drink break when you reach the top.

Then continue up the hill to the right - on the way you will pass several small bars that offer fresh juices. Follow the road further into the jungle until you finally reach the highest point of the trail. From here on it's downhill and you can enjoy the descent and the refreshing breeze! Make sure to always ride on the left side! When you reach the bottom, turn right onto the small dirt track that will lead to Grand Anse after a few minutes. Park your bike and enjoy the wonderful beach. Here you’ll also find a restaurant! On your way back, you take almost exactly the same route. However, instead of turning left towards L'Union Estate, simply follow the mountain road to the end and here you will arrive directly in La Passe at the harbor. You’ll also be able to admire the beautiful stone chapel on the way!

Image: Grand Anse
Image: The Grand Anse from above

2. 2. Smoothies & Cocktails with Local Fruit: A Bike Ride to the Fruit Bar ‘Chez Jules’.

Image: Biking tour to Chez Jules

For a bike tour to the northeast of La Digue and thus to the famous fruit bar ‘Chez Jules’, you should plan about 2-4 hours - depending on whether you want to stop and go for a swim on the way. This route is especially recommended in the afternoon, because then you can enjoy the sunset at Anse Severe on the way back. Start from your accommodation and head north (towards Anse Severe). Be sure to take your swimsuits and sun cream as well as plenty of water! Drive past the hotel Domaine de L'Orangeraie and then up the mountain.

Shortly after you will reach Anse Severe - please watch out for giant tortoises on the road. Continue along the coast, uphill and downhill, and simply enjoy the panoramic view of the sea! Shortly after, you will come to Anse Patates, one of the top beaches on the island. Stop here for a swim before continuing along the road towards ‘Chez Jules’. Arrive at the bar and try one of the many fruit juices! Maybe even a cocktail with Takamaka rum if you wish. The relaxed atmosphere and the light sea breeze makes it perfect!

On the way back, you can stop at one of the small beaches and enjoy the cool water again before heading back to Anse Severe, where you can watch the beautiful sunset!

Image: Fresh drinks at Chez Jules
Image: Anse Patates

3. Giant Tortoises, Beautiful Nature & Dreamy Beach: A Bike Tour Through L'Union Estate Park

Image: Tour through L'Union Estate Park

L'Union Estate Park is located in the southwest of the island and offers access to the world famous beach, Anse Source d'Argent, as well as many other highlights all worth a visit. Once you arrive at the park, pay the entrance fee and you can start your tour. Drive along the dirt track, past numerous palm trees, and soon you’ll come to the first cemetery of La Digue. Here you’ll find the graves of the first settlers of the island - a mystical place!

Then continue to the coconut copra mill - here copra was once made from the shells of coconuts. Occasionally, you can still watch the whole thing live today. Continue to the giant tortoises that wallow in the mud on a huge granite rock. They are especially happy to see visitors who bring bananas or other fruit!

Diagonally across from here you’ll find the historic Plantation House - the park as well as large parts of the island and other islands were once plantations for vanilla and coconuts! Remnants of this can still be found here today! You can buy fresh coconut oil as a souvenir in the Rapunzel store, which is also located in the park. After you have ridden along all the paths, you’ll arrive at Anse Source d'Argent - one of the most spectacular beaches in the world awaits you!

Image: Anse Source d'Argent
Image: L'Union Estate Park

Travelling by bike on La Digue