Beach "Anse Matelot"

Anse Matelot, Praslin


The secluded atmosphere of this beach is unique, largely due to the difficulty of access. The beautiful granite boulders are another highlight.


  • 200m x 5m - empty at all times
  • Fairly deep water - seaweed present all year-round
  • Tide changes quickly - small waves
  • Unique, isolated beach that can only be reached by boat
  • Good for swimming and snorkelling


At a Glance:

  • A strange beach, in that it can only really be accessed by boat.
  • It is possible to reach it by land, but this route is dangerous and should only be attempted by experienced rock climbers.
  • Water can be deep, but there is no sharp drop off so it is safe for swimming.
  • Beautiful rock formations line the beach, however the sand is almost always covered in seaweed due to the currents.
  • Shade provides protection from the sun.


Anse Matelot is a strange, unique beach on Praslin. It is extremely isolated due to the general difficulty of access to the beach, so visitors to the beach are few and far between. This means that anyone who does reach Anse Matelot will likely find themselves the only people there, great for anyone who wants to get away from it all and relax, swim, or snorkel in peace and quiet. Getting to the beach is problematic. While it is possible to reach Anse Matelot on land, this way is dangerous, and requires some rock climbing. We would strongly advise against attempting this route unless you are an experienced rock climber and you are accompanied by a guide. Getting to the beach via the sea is easier, with arrival possible by boat or canoe. Anse Volbert is just 10 minutes away by boat, so it is perfectly possible to take a detour to Anse Matelot if you wish. At the beach there is, as you can imagine, very little. The water here is fairly deep, but is still safe for swimming as there is no sharp drop-off. The sand itself is lined with beautiful rock formations, but there is also a constant presence of seaweed on the beach due to the currents that pass by the bay. In addition, the tide can change quite quickly, so visitors should be careful to stay vigilant. While it may seem more trouble than it’s worth, Anse Matelot does have plenty to offer, especially the prospect of being the only visitors to this quiet, secluded beach. The beautiful scenery here can be slightly ruined by the near-constant presence of seaweed, but in fact this adds to the natural, secluded atmosphere of the beach.

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