Beach "Baie Lazare"

Baie Lazare, Mahé
Coral reef
Bus stop


The history of this beach is really interesting; it is named after French explorer Lazare Picault, and it is also the site where some Seychelles locals once discovered some buried pirate treasure.


  • 1000m x 20m - lots of visitors
  • Relatively shallow water - seaweed June to September
  • Normal tide - small waves
  • Famous bay named after French explorer Lazare Picault
  • Good for swimming and windsurfing


At a Glance:

  • Long, curved bay in the south-west of Mahé, named after French explorer Lazare Picault.
  • Easily-accessible thanks to the nearby parking and bus stop.
  • In close proximity to some resorts and hotels.
  • Plentiful shade provides protection from the sun.
  • A good beach for swimming, snorkelling, and windsurfing.


In 1742, French explorer Lazare Picault landed on Mahé and claimed the island for France and its empire. These days, Baie Lazare is named for this historic moment and its protagonist. This popular, half-moon bay offers beautiful scenery and incredible turquoise water, as well as other staples of the Seychelles, such as pristine white sand and beautiful granite boulders, all of which combine to create a stunning beach environment for your visit. Getting to the beach is simple, especially if you decide to spend part of your Seychelles holiday in one of the nearby resorts, including the Valmer Resort and the Kempinski Seychelles resort, both of which reside in this bay. Otherwise, there is a bus stop nearby, and parking available close to the beach, ensuring that arrival by car, taxi, or bus is simple and hassle-free. Once at the beach, you may be struck by the beautiful colours of the sand and the ocean here. The water is pristine and turquoise, while the sand is a gorgeous bright shade that contrasts the ocean brilliantly. This interplay of colours means that the bay is excellent for photographs, with the impressive granite formations rounding off the scenery nicely. The water here is not very deep at all, so swimming is usually no problem. Other activities that Baie Lazare lends itself well to include snorkelling and windsurfing. The intrigue surrounding Baie Lazare is well-founded thanks to its history. As mentioned, it is named after the French explorer Lazare Picault, but Baie Lazare is also well-known as the location where some locals once found some buried pirate treasure. These days, this treasure can be seen in the national museum.

Nearby restaurants

Nearby accommodation:

Grann Kaz

Guesthouse · Mahé · Anse Boileau
4.6 of 5 79 Reviews
Close video
Distance: 2.59 km
Rooms: 6
Pers.: 1 - 3
Beach: 400 m
Standard Apartment
For 2 people / night
€ 104 - € 115
Service: B

Kempinski Seychelles Resort Baie Lazare

Resort · Mahé · Baie Lazare
4.5 of 5 2467 Reviews
Distance: 0.60 km
Rooms: 147
Pers.: 1 - 3
Beach: 10 m
Hill View Room
For 2 people / night
€ 265 - € 735
Service: B&B

Ixora Villa

Villa · Mahé · Anse Royale
4.5 of 5 13 Reviews
Close video
Distance: 3.19 km
Rooms: 1
Pers.: 4
Beach: 1000 m
For 4 people / night
€ 140
Service: B

Coco Blanche

Apartement · Mahé · Anse Royale
5.0 of 5 80 Reviews
Distance: 3.82 km
Rooms: 7
Pers.: 2 - 4
Beach: 50 m
Ocean View Villa
For 2 people / night
€ 120
Service: B

La Résidence

Apartement · Mahé
4.5 of 5 163 Reviews
Close video
Distance: 1.86 km
Rooms: 8
Pers.: 2 - 4
Beach: 50 m
Studio upper floor
For 2 people / night
€ 90 - € 110
Service: B

Valmer Resort

Hotel · Mahé · Baie Lazare
4.0 of 5 403 Reviews
Distance: 0.77 km
Rooms: 29
Pers.: 1 - 4
Beach: 200 m
Garden Studio
For 2 people / night
€ 192 - € 256
Service: B&B

South Point Chalets

Apartement · Mahé · Takamaka
3.4 of 5 56 Reviews
Distance: 3.20 km
Rooms: 6
Pers.: 2 - 5
Beach: 1500 m
For 2 people / night
€ 100 - € 120
Service: B

Evergreen Seychelles

Apartement · Mahé · Anse Boileau
4.6 of 5 18 Reviews
Distance: 2.93 km
Rooms: 4
Pers.: 2
Beach: 2000 m
For 2 people / night
€ 94
Service: B

Lialdo Maison

Villa · Mahé · Takamaka
5.0 of 5 5 Reviews
Distance: 1.89 km
Rooms: 3
Pers.: 2 - 8
Beach: 1000 m
Garden View Suite
For 2 people / night
€ 213 - € 250
Service: B&B

Maison Soleil

Apartement · Mahé · Baie Lazare
4.5 of 5 137 Reviews
Close video
Distance: 1.46 km
Rooms: 4
Pers.: 1 - 3
Beach: 750 m
Cinnamon Mini Suite
For 2 people / night
€ 140 - € 165
Service: B

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