Beach "Anse la Farine"

Anse la Farine, Praslin
Coral reef


The scenery here is quite unique. This area has been affected by erosion over the years, causing a number of trees to fall over, which can be quite impressive. Additionally, the granite formations at one end of the beach are great for photographs.


  • 800m x 200m - few visitors, mostly from the Emerald Cove Hotel
  • Shallow, calm water - seaweed depends on the weather
  • At low tide the beach is larger and at high tide the beach can disappear
  • Calm, tranquil beach next to the Emerald Cove Hotel
  • Good for swimming, snorkelling, and kayaking


At a Glance:

  • Calm, shallow-watered bay on the south-east coast of Praslin.
  • The beach is located in front of the Emerald Cove Hotel, and is almost exclusively visited by patrons of this hotel.
  • The beach can only be reached by boat, with the hotel running a service between the beach and Baie St. Anne a few times each day.
  • Shade provides protection from the sun, while rocky formations make for a scenic location.
  • Good beach for snorkelling, swimming, kayaking, and windsurfing.


Anse la Farine is a smallish, calm, tranquil bay on the south-east coast of Praslin, near the island’s hub around the Baie St. Anne region. The water here is protected by a coral reef, ensuring relatively calm, shallow water that is safe for holidaymakers of all ages and swimming abilities. The tides here can be rather strong, with the beach disappearing at high tide, and the sand extending at low tide, so timing your visit correctly is key to making the most of Anse la Farine. Arriving at the beach can be tricky unless you are a guest of the nearby hotel, the Emerald Cove. The vast majority of the visitors to Anse la Farine will be guests of this hotel, as the only way to reach the beach from elsewhere on the island is by boat. The hotel runs a service a few times each day between Anse la Farine and Baie St. Anne, but visitors will need permission from the hotel to use this service. It is, of course, possible to make your own way to this beach by boat, but it is courteous to ask permission from the hotel beforehand. At the beach, visitors will be met by shallow, calm water and impressive rocky formations at one end of the beach. The water here is good for numerous watersports, including snorkelling, swimming, windsurfing, and kayaking, and there is snorkelling and kayaking equipment available for rental at the hotel. Due to the isolation of the beach, the hotel’s facilities are also the only that are available in the vicinity of the beach. The vast majority of people who make their way to Anse la Farine will be guests of the Emerald Cove Hotel, who are lucky to have such a beautiful, well-rounded beach on their doorstep. For those coming from further afield, there is plenty on offer here, but the difficulty of access via boat may put some people off. That said, the impressive scenery, especially the granite formations, make this a really good spot for photographers, and the general lack of patrons means that it is possible to find a quiet spot here to relax and enjoy the sunshine, away from the island’s busier tourist spots.

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