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St. James Church, Cerf Island

St. James Church

This small, 60 square-metre chapel was supposedly built on Cerf Island's Takamaka Beach by the grandfather of local Seychellois fisherman Harold de la Fontaine, who still lives on Cerf today. These days, it serves the islanders for weddings and funerals. Thanks to donations, the glass mosaic of a peace dove was restored in recent years.

Location: Takamaka Beach, Cerf Island (-4.633099, 55.499786)
Opening hours: Subject to permission

Helipad Viewpoint, Cerf Island

Helipad Viewpoint

The Cerf Island Resort has its own helicopter landing pad. In fact, the Seychellois created a large hill, the second-highest on the island, to accommodate it. This small, flat plain serves not only as the island's landing pad, but also as a lookout point for all guests of Cerf Island, offering a wonderful view of the Sainte Anne Marine Park. To gain entrance, simply as at the Cerf Island Resort reception, before walking to the top, which takes between 15 and 20 minutes.

Location: Cerf Island Resort, Cerf Island (-4.631144, 55.494781)
Opening hours: Subject to permission

Ile Cachée, Cerf Island

Nature Reserve
Ile Cachée

To the south of Cerf Island lies the tiny islet of Ile Cachée (Hidden Island in English). At low tide, it is even possible to walk to the island in just one minute along the sandbanks. Once on the island, you can enjoy the feeling of being all alone, having left civilisation far behind. This feeling is hard to find anywhere else in the Seychelles, so enjoy it while you can! The island also attracts treasure hunters, as it is rumoured that there is buried treasure here, dating back to French sailors 200 years ago who hid the French fleet's treasure here. This is probably just a legend, however, that is often recounted by the residents of Cerf Island.

Location: Ile Cachée, Sainte Anne Marine Park (-4.641111, 55.505901)

Moyenne Island, Cerf Island

Nature Reserve
Moyenne Island

Moyenne Island neighbours Cerf Island, and also belongs to the Sainte Anne Marine Park. This uninhabited island is full of incredible beauty, which you can see while traversing its 1.5 km (1 mile) circumference. This trail leads past old sailor graves, a small church, old ruins left by the island's first settlers, and two beautiful beaches, Coral Cove and Pirate's Cove. There are also around 100 giant tortoises living on the island, and, until 2012, world-famous hermit Brendon Grimshaw also lived there. The island's rich history certainly makes the paddleboat trip worthwhile!

Location: Moyenne Island, Sainte Anne Marine Park (-4.620481, 55.507019)

Snorkeling Trail, Cerf Island

Nature Reserve
Snorkeling Trail

This is the only signposted snorkelling trail of its kind in the Seychelles. Starting at the beach between the Cerf Island Resort and Takamaka Beach Villas, the trail is indicated by four buoys, which are located in spots where you can find incredible corals or where there are numerous fish swimming around underwater. The small "road" that thes buoys create runs parallel to the beach, and is a must for any snorkelling fans.

Location: Cerf Island, Sainte Anne Marine Park

Night Aquarium, Cerf Island

Nature Reserve
Night Aquarium

The jetty on Cerf Island is lit up at night, ensuring a unique attraction: a night-time aquarium. From the pier, gaze down into the shallow water and discover turtles, small rays, and other colourful fish species. Equipped with a little bread, you can also attract a larger selection of fish and enjoy the swarm of colours underwater.

Location: Cerf Island (-4.634488, 55.492397)
Opening hours: Open daily.