Beach "Anse Volbert (Cote d'Or)"

Anse Volbert (Cote d'Or), Praslin
Scuba diving
Bus stop


The incredible variety of activities that you can do here, including swimming, snorkelling, surfing, windsurfing, scuba diving, fishing, and sailing.


  • 2600m x 6m - lots of visitors
  • Shallow water - some seaweed at the east and west edge of the beach
  • Tide changes quickly - calm waves
  • Arguably Praslin’s most popular beach
  • Wide variety of activities, including rentals


At a Glance:

  • Probably the most popular beach on Praslin, and certainly the longest.
  • There are numerous accommodations located on the beach at various points, and these spots tend to be the busiest on the beach.
  • Excellent for couples and families, with plenty to offer people of all tastes.
  • Great for swimming, snorkelling, surfing, windsurfing, scuba diving, fishing, and sailing.
  • Plenty of shade protects you from the sun.
  • Gorgeous scenery and colours make this a spectacular beach too.


Anse Volbert, also known as Praslin’s very own Cote d’Or, is probably the most popular beach on the island, and certainly the longest. It is so long, in fact, that it passes by many different accommodations, ensuring that there is a steady stream of visitors on the beach, especially in front of these various establishments. Access is likely to be simple for the majority of visitors, most of whom will be staying in one of the accommodations that lie on the beach itself. However, for those who are coming from further afield, it is possible to reach Anse Volbert by car, bus, or even boat. There are parking spaces all over the adjacent road, and the bus also stops along this coastal route, ensuring easy-access for all. Please beware - while there are no restrictions in place regarding access to the beach, certain sections contain sun loungers etc. which are intended for the guests of certain hotels, so please avoid using the equipment of a hotel unless you are a guest there or have obtained prior permission. As you can expect, with such a large beach comes a huge variety of different activities that visitors can enjoy. Besides swimming or snorkelling in the shallow, safe water, guests can enjoy surfing, windsurfing, scuba diving, fishing, and sailing, with plenty of rentals and excursions available. Please note: some vendors will approach you to offer boat tours and excursions, but be sure to only use those with an official license, for your security. Anse Volbert has plenty of restaurants and shops to suit visitors of all ages. This is one of the rare beaches in the Seychelles that is equally well-suited to families and couples, with safe, shallow water for children, and plenty of space for couples to find a quiet spot to sunbathe or enjoy each others’ company under the shade of a palm tree. Undoubtedly the most popular beach on Praslin, the Cote d’Or will likely be your first stop if you decide to spend part of your Seychelles holiday on this fantastic island. Thankfully, it won’t disappoint, with an incredible variety of different attractions along with beautiful scenery, there are an incredible number of reasons to recommend Anse Volbert to any Seychelles holidaymaker.

Nearby restaurants

Nearby accommodation:

Paradise Sun Hotel

Hotel · Praslin · South-East
4.5 of 5 1887 Reviews
Close video
Distance: 0.58 km
Rooms: 80
Pers.: 1 - 3
Beach: 10 m
Superior Room
For 2 people / night
€ 515 - € 806
Service: HB

Acquario Villa

Guesthouse · Praslin · North-East
4.4 of 5 330 Reviews
Close video
Distance: 1.01 km
Rooms: 7
Pers.: 1 - 4
Beach: 90 m
Standard 1-Bedroom Apartment
For 2 people / night
€ 135
Service: B

Le Domaine de La Reserve

Hotel · Praslin · South-East
4.5 of 5 1398 Reviews
Distance: 1.32 km
Rooms: 40
Pers.: 1 - 3
Beach: 10 m
Colonial Room
For 2 people / night
€ 226 - € 306
Service: B&B

Villa Deckenia

Villa · Praslin · South-East
Distance: 1.78 km
Rooms: 1
Pers.: 2 - 10
Beach: 1 m
For 2 people / night
€ 4,300 - € 5,300
Service: FB

Berjaya Praslin Resort

Hotel · Praslin · North-East
3.1 of 5 1095 Reviews
Distance: 0.39 km
Rooms: 64
Pers.: 1 - 2
Beach: 30 m
Standard Room
For 2 people / night
€ 99 - € 180
Service: B&B

Cote d'Or Footprints

Apartement · Praslin · South-East
5.0 of 5 140 Reviews
Close video
Distance: 0.40 km
Rooms: 12
Pers.: 1 - 4
Beach: 10 m
Single Chalet
For 2 people / night
€ 259 - € 323
Service: B

Villa Bananier

Guesthouse · Praslin · South-East
4.0 of 5 235 Reviews
Distance: 0.49 km
Rooms: 12
Pers.: 1 - 2
Beach: 250 m
Standard Room
For 2 people / night
€ 113
Service: B&B

Acajou Beach Resort

Hotel · Praslin · South-East
4.0 of 5 631 Reviews
Close video
Distance: 0.75 km
Rooms: 52
Pers.: 1 - 4
Beach: 20 m
One-bedroom Self-catering Apartment
For 2 people / night
€ 206 - € 374
Service: B&B


Apartement · Praslin · South-East
4.5 of 5 340 Reviews
Distance: 0.12 km
Rooms: 11
Pers.: 2 - 4
Beach: 20 m
Garden View Apartment
For 2 people / night
€ 158
Service: B

Heliconia Grove

Apartement · Praslin · South-East
5.0 of 5 188 Reviews
Distance: 0.49 km
Rooms: 8
Pers.: 2 - 6
Beach: 20 m
1-Bedroom Villa
For 2 people / night
€ 203 - € 265
Service: B

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